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  1. My copy of the game was dispatched yesterday (from shopto) and post has been and it wasn't delivered.
  2. I thought they'd hired Rob Smedley to do the pit voice?
  3. New Simcity? please please please please please please
  4. SIMS 3 SET IN ANCIENT GREECE. I'd give Zeus a slap.
  5. The reason why people think something is going to happen at midnight is because the system time is in GMT whereas the OS time can be set I thought?
  6. I've got exclusive footage of the Playstation Offices.
  7. Just a warning if anybody has made something from BTCC/thinking of it. http://btcc.net/forum/showthread.php?p=164818#post164818 Apparently you get threatened.
  8. Does it take time for the website to update with an uploaded video? I made one earlier and it said it was uploaded but it's not there.
  9. CovFan

    FIFA 10

    Not to brag but... I can score from outside the penalty box B) Here
  10. I have my Kratos unlock code in my hand right now.
  11. 9/10 from the OPM Says that FIFA feels more like football, PES09 is more fun, but both games are outstanding.
  12. Anyone else found the level "TheNextBigThing" by Mik2121? Brilliant.
  13. I love the first bit with the pictures of the people who worked on the game. Nice touch.
  14. Nothing says thank you more than LBP createage
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