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  1. The only reason I made it through episode 1, was how edible Claudia looked. Absolute shite, otherwise.
  2. Se7en is allegedly being released next year.
  3. Luthen's one stone-cold straight up, badassed motherfucker.
  4. I did the conversation thing initially, but now I just stack codes whenever they're on offer from CDKeys, etc.
  5. The last one was beautiful looking carnage, but ultimately dull as fuck. They ruined it by fleshing out things that didn't need to be fleshed out and removing how feared Wick was supposed to be. Nobody was a million times better.
  6. Bullet Train (2022) I was enjoying this up until... ...showed up as the big bad. While that part needed some clever stunt casting, that wasn't it. 3/5
  7. My missus had to leave the room during episode nine, she was nearly having heart palpitations.
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