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  1. I imported Moana from Australia, ages ago. In for Mulan, though.
  2. This is my problem with a number of shows on Netflix, etc. Warrior Nun would be a good example. There was no good reason for that shit being 10 episodes.
  3. Yeah, there's some comfort in knowing that they're still ticking along, giving zero fucks.
  4. Was about to start Treadstone, only to find out it had been cancelled.
  5. I can see arguments for both, but I prefer it all at once. Takes less time to realize that something's hit or shit and can be binned or binged accordingly.
  6. I'd be holding fire on Cyber City. Sadly, it appears to have been encoded by monkeys.
  7. Yep and the UK music score.
  8. Cyber City Oedo 808 out on blu-ray on Monday, woohoo!
  9. Yeah, every time I think I'm done in an area, a new '?' will randomly popup. I'm loving the side missions, that's where you see and hear the real Night City. BTW, who else felt no sympathy whatsoever for
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