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  1. No, I haven't. I've been watching a lot of Italian movies of late, mostly crime thrillers, but some have crossed into horror/mystery territory. Decided to give this ago, as I've heard it's was an underrated thriller and fuck all like Argento's later movies.
  2. Recent acquisitions: BTW, I recommend Rarewaves.com for Arrow titles. The Bird With The Crystal Plumage cost just under £25 shipped, as they tend to price Arrow titles lower than elsewhere, once they've actually been released and are always running promo codes. You just have to be creative with your email addresses. Waiting on the standard editions of Demons 1 + 2 from them, both under £16 shipped.
  3. If you think that's bad, you should see The Shawshank Redemption's new steelbook: Brace for impact! With the exception of Blade, Beetlejuice and possibly 300, all of Warner Bros' catalogue UHD artwork has been horrendous. So, they're consistent in that regard...
  4. Oh look, another option: Wanky Zavvi exclusive steelbook *yawn*
  5. I assume Michelle Williams was under contract for this one, or she really wants a new house.
  6. My wife was in tears, when he went to say goodbye to his sheep, but they'd already been culled.
  7. There will also be a limited edition of The Thing, which matches the Studio Canal released John Carpenter limited edition sets. Yeah, I know it's weird a studio doing a set to match something released by another studio, but hey... This is NOT up for pre-order as of yet. *EDIT* Now available! I not touching it, personally. I just want the cheapest copy of the UHD I can find, as it's going into my Arrow LE set, ala Waterworld.
  8. I enjoyed this because it's obviously in on the silliness of the entire thing. I've only seen the trailer for Blood Red Sky and that'll do rightly.
  9. Jungle Snooze, more like. It just made me want to watch The Mummy. Whoever edited it, needs their fucking hands removed.
  10. David Harbour has a Masters of The Universe movie poster in the living room of his apartment, just because.
  11. If she or any other kid in it actually wears a proton pack, I'm burning the entire city to the ground.
  12. Picked up Death Stranding again for £12. The PS5 Director's Cut looks worth a go and I don't spending £22 all in for it.
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