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  1. Films being longer today is mostly bollocks. Gone With the Wind came out 81 years ago and ran 233 mins. No one appears to have cared. Same goes for Ben-Hur, released twenty years later and 222 mins long. The 2016 remake of Ben-Hur is 97 mins shorter...
  2. The Infiltrator (2016) Probably the most boring film about money laundering that I've ever seen. Bryan Cranston acts rings around everyone, but that's not saying much. If you haven't seen American Made with Tom Cruise, don't watch this before it. 2/5
  3. Back to The Future Trilogy's out today, mine should be waiting for me at home.
  4. Tell me you've found the little hidden compartment, in the inner spine of the slipbox.
  5. Predestination (2014) Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. 5/5
  6. The sort of shit I'd expect to read from a Toy Story villain.
  7. Loving this, currently playing on Xbox with controller. I would advise anyone having a brain-fart over the control scheme, to look at the remap options. I have all Pitch and Yaw controls on the left stick, with Roll and Throttle on the right. Makes sense for me, you might find something else to your liking.
  8. They've been fucking about with the audio for years, but yes, the new 2020 remix is awful:
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