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  1. I have a soft spot for Chicago, that has nothing whatsoever to do with Catherine Zeta Jones...
  2. Campbell's been knocking out competent action thrillers for years, this looks no different.
  3. Plot twist: There is no pilot, plane, wife, child, or terrorists. The entire thing exists on the page of some shit author's notebook, hashing out ideas for his next novel.
  4. 04/04/2024, calling it now. America ruins the joke by having April 4th 2024 on all marketing materials...
  5. I adore it. It makes Bohemian Rhapsody look like an even bigger load of sanitised shite.
  6. Yeah, I found out after I ordered it. It's possible it'll play fine on my player, as it's still in the post, but at least Arrow are aware of it and will no doubt issue a replacement. Should also mention that I bought it from Hive.co.uk, who currently have a code for 5% off any spend over a tenner. Brings it down to £31.97 delivered. Code: VCHIVESUMMER20
  7. The Panasonic DP-UB450EB is sub-£200 and DV compatible.
  8. It's fine when he's playing it serious, but Evans looks like a tit anytime he smiles.
  9. This is also an industry that has a habit of releasing nothing for months and then dropping everything within weeks of each other.
  10. Quite happy to wait for the inevitable price drops, or 2nd hand in the usual places.
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