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  1. GTA London is still a more convincing recreation of the city of London, than the attempt made by the dumbfucks responsible for this shit.
  2. The pilot is legendary for being shit, and not representing the show as a whole.
  3. The Wolverine is the highest rated thing I've found on there, (16+). Couldn't be arsed checking to see if it was the extended cut.
  4. It's a go, folks. And yes, you can change your email address in the settings menu.
  5. Birds of Prey (2020) There's a scene where Ewan McGregor's Roman Sionis aka Black Mask says to Harley Quinn, "You’re so tiresome!" That sums up this silly try-hard bollocks, perfectly. Back in the day, everyone involved in this would be blacklisted and not allowed within a mile of Hollywood. Makes Tank Girl look like Akira. 0/5
  6. All signed up for the year. Also managed to install the app early on my telly, by changing the region to Netherlands.
  7. It amuses me that Hardy's portrayal of Bane has carried across to other iterations of the character, and purely for comedic purposes.
  8. Begins is my favourite Nolan Batman outing, the suit is also one of my favs. I still get chills watching the bit where Gordon think he's fucked, stuck on Arkham island when the bridges are raised and then VOOOOM! The fucking Batmobile jumps the gap.
  9. Fail, should have been Vic and Bob.
  10. Plus, MGM themselves don't give a fuck.
  11. Thankfully, this doesn't have the usual burnt-in Korean subs.
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