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  1. First two episodes should have been cut together into one hour long episode, IMO.
  2. Vox Lux 4/5 "So, Natalie... which accent will you be doing today?" "Yes."
  3. I've been saying this for ages. They keep rebooting it in the wrong genre. But for now, it needs to be left alone.
  4. Yes, main quest only. On my second playthrough, I've probably stayed in Edgewater for 8 hours. That's rinsing any side quests I found. Murderous tendencies crept back in again, as soon as I was on Groundbreaker. Probably because it's crawling with cunts.
  5. Balls, I didn't know that ALL the fucking onscreen text on the UK Scarface disc, was player generated. Fuck that shit!
  6. Probably around eight.
  7. No, it's the theatrical cut. Which wouldn't be an issue for me, as I prefer that version, but the DNR and other encoding shenanigans ruined it. FYI, I've heard various people complain about certain aspects of Fury Road, but being soft isn't one of them. Especially as it's clearly been sharpened. It looked terrible on the first 4K TV I bought, some cheap Samsung shite, the HDR making any of the CG aspects look wildly cartoony. Looks fucking mint on my OLED. T2 did not.
  8. Time for a second play-through. My first was short, as it involved murdering my across the galaxy, just stopping short of mass genocide.
  9. If my wife has no interest, I'll usually go and see something on my own. A nice early Saturday morning showing. I've tried going after work, as there's an Odeon around the corner, but I usually found myself fighting tiredness and not really enjoying the show.
  10. Yeah, the first season was okay and the second complete shite. Best left forgotten.
  11. The Iron-Fisted Monk (1977) Sammo Hung's directorial debut begins in typical late '70s made period martial arts fashion, but then takes a dark turn. The baddies brutally rape a young woman, who then commits suicide. The film attempts to return to a less serious tone, but can't recover from that scene. Then, just to be extra hardcore, they throw in a second rape scene. I had to watch Brandon Farris videos for an hour afterwards, just to get the funk out of my head. 2/5 (purely for the fights)
  12. They're almost certainly on the way, as I spunked money on the US releases this week. Amazon were doing buy two, get a third item free.
  13. Do people seriously have a problem with RDR2's controls?
  14. The rumour is that Feige shut it down, as GR will appear in the MCU sooner, rather than later.
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