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  1. wallzy

    Moto Gp 3

    *cough cough* am i in the right place here thats right people wallzy is back (for those of u who remember me) just thought id drop in and see what is what as soon as i get my internet connection back in my room il be showin some of u lot how to ride a bike so when is the best time to be on wallzy
  2. hello slags havnt posted in a while if u need me to play elmo i should be able to drag my self away from my busy life for one night wallzy
  3. Elmo i thught u would have put this up me and elmo was playin on midtown madness and i think it was a cruise when some random american joins the room and starts playin "driving around in my automaobile" then blames Elmo for playing it and tellin me as the host to kick him wallzy
  4. elmo watch ur language kids in the room wallzy
  5. why the fuck does every one think im a criminal wallzy
  6. all the people who are saying there gonna buy a new xbox because there drives wont read certain games why not just buy a new drive that would work out a bit cheaper im sure wallzy
  7. bollocks that rules me out then
  8. wallzy

    Camping it up!

    R6:3 a slow game i must be playing the wrong game wallzy
  9. if they scan the harddisk then wont it only show as a normal hard disk due to the partition i thought thats how we was all accsesing live already wallzy
  10. well mate im not in work 2day cause of "the weather" so most probably yes unless i decide to go sledgin or sumet but i should be up for a bit of R6 if u want wallzy
  11. yeah ok m8 no worries i think i sent u a txt wiv my new nember if not then drop us a PM and ill send it ya its good to see ur finally gettin every think sorted now and i work about 2 minutes up the road but it took us nearly 30 min to get home wiv my brother messing about pulling every body out who got stuck. i recomend that u get ur self out and buy rainbow6 3 and project goham racing thats all any body seems to be playin wallzy
  12. villenium m8 we aint spoke in ages u havnt even dropped me a txt good to hear from u m8 i havnt been on live in ages not properally any way the goodold days eh!! and elmo what u mean i let the side down man im the only thing keepin ur head above water and as for all u other ass suckin bitch's im gonna go off line for a while see if i get this treatment villenium the king, hale villenium just kiddin good to have u back m8 hurry up and come back on live and get ur self some credit and drop me a txt u stingy bastard wallzy
  13. wallzy

    Great Live Meet 2

    put me down for a may be ill check my diary wallzy
  14. wallzy

    Amped 2 Meet

    ur xbox live account is stored on ur H/D so if u put a memory card in couldnt u just copy the data over like copying a saved file over wallzy
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