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  1. If that’s the second boar, then I cheesed it by going to the nearest town and killing everyone so that 3 or 4 mercenaries turned up. I then kited them all back to the boar pen so that they did most of the dirty work. No idea how you’re meant to kill it on your own!
  2. Wow it turns out that WRC9 is pretty incredible with the PS5 pad. The haptics really add to the immersion and the triggers actually fight back when you’re braking at speed. I’m not much of a racing game fan, but picked it up anyway in the PSN Black Friday sale as I’d heard good things about it. This really does feel next gen.
  3. Fallout 4 - the framerate looks like its locked at 30FPS now from what I can see, even when it gets busy on screen. More importantly though, load times are vastly improved when loading from the SSD. I haven't had a stopwatch out, but I'd say it's probably reduced by 50% or more. I'm at level 22 and as the game goes on you spend a lot of time fast travelling across the map, as well as transitioning between indoor and outdoor locations. It was getting pretty tiresome on PS4 staring at loading screens. This improvement makes the game so much more playable. It's great!
  4. I finished Lumo but there are some awful difficulty spikes. I’m also pretty sure I missed a chunk of it by not going down a certain route. It’s an ode to 8 bit games so your mileage may vary. If you liked those isometric Spectrum games from the 80s you’ll enjoy the nostalgia trip.
  5. I had this problem too. For some reason after downloading all the DLC, only Far Harbor showed as installed in the game menu. Going back into the Store it showed I owned the GOTY edition as well as the standalone after buying the season pass. I deleted the game off my PS4, downloaded the GOTY edition and all the DLC is now showing as installed. Most importantly my save from the standalone edition also worked on the GOTY edition!
  6. This is a lovely thing: https://www.maidenhead-advertiser.co.uk/gallery/maidenhead/162366/liverpool-manager-jurgen-klopp-writes-heartfelt-letter-to-maidenhead-schoolboy.html
  7. I have that Metal Gear PS4 and it’s hidden behind my TV where I can’t see it. Exactly where the white behemoth will go. I’ve wavered about getting a Series X but when I look at this gen objectively and the games I’ve loved, and imagine having missed out on Horizon ZD, Spider-Man, GOW, Uncharted 4 (still to play Last of Us pt2, Days Gone And Bloodborne) the reality is that none of how it looks really matters. I’ll just go where the games are that I like and that’s PS5.
  8. SmythsToys.com RIP Did you get that after entering payment details? I got that error too, but have just got email confirmation that the preorder was placed?
  9. A really great big thanks to all the retailers making the next batch of pre-orders available during school drop off time. Super convenient for parents who want a PS5.
  10. Series X, although I wanted a PS5 digital edition but missed the pre-orders. Game Pass looks awesome and I think that having gone fully digital this gen on PS4, a Netflix style games subscription service is the logical next step for me.
  11. What on earth happened to you so that Liverpool FC ended up living rent free in your head? It’s not just the bizarre reference here btw. I know you like to drop in to the LFC thread periodically and take a dump.
  12. Is Ross Barkley actually asthmatic or was that just a very obvious hit of salbutamol he took via inhaler there before he came on as sub?
  13. I’ve just finished the second DLC after completing the main game. Just a few tales of Greece side quests left to do and I’ve rinsed the whole thing. I’ve loved it. The first DLC is pretty average but the second is probably the best DLC I’ve played for any game. It has three new world maps, new game mechanics, some great codas to storylines in then main game and is probably the same length as a lot of full priced games. I really recommend it.
  14. Well so much for me telling myself I wouldn’t get one of these for the last two weeks! Roll on August 2021!
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