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  1. Byron has been rubbish since it got bought out by private equity years ago (it was great before then - I remember going regularly to the original one on High Street Kensington when it first opened). GBK has also been awful for years. It was great when it was still owned by the kiwi founders (who robbed the idea from GPK in NZ). The moral of the story is that as soon as any these places get sold to PE or venture capital the quality of the product goes downhill fast as the cost cutting kicks in.
  2. I’m guessing from this thread that no-one ended up getting it? I bought it on a whim in a PS Store sale a few months ago, and finished it a few days ago. It’s the worst game I’ve played in the last 15 years. You’re escaping a city stricken by a series of earthquakes, choosing to help people or act like a prick. It’s a survival third person adventure game that wouldn’t look out of place on a PS2. The decisions they made in the game design are inexplicable, running the gamut from zero signposting, which forces the player to run around in circles hoping to trigger a cut scene to progress the game, to simple stuff like making you shuffle around an insta-fail sneak level at snail speed on your arse. It’s game over and back to the start for another 5 minutes of shuffling if you get seen. It likes that mechanic so much, it makes you do it twice. This is a game obsessed with your character going to the toilet. It’s got loading screens everywhere where the budget couldn’t stretch to animating what is happening. The story is all over the place. It treats women terribly most of the time. I haven’t used an FAQ so much since Tomb Raider 4. In fact, reading an FAQ I have no idea how anyone managed to trigger certain events. Dialogue with NPCs will regularly give you in the region of 10 options to choose from. It’s insane. The only fun thing in it is the outfits and the rucksacks you collect on the way. Avoid this one like a collapsing flyover.
  3. My guess is that at least the PS5 version will be straight to PS Plus on release, cos that pricing strategy is crazy for a game that got upscaled to 60fps on PS5 for free anyway.
  4. I loved that. Also contained some classic Hastings: “If I see a bent copper, I only know one way and that’s full throttle!”
  5. I don’t think this is right. I’ve seen discounted games on the Vita store today (I can’t remember what they were though...). PS3 and Vita discounted games are still showing up on psprices.com as well.
  6. Last of Us Part 2 is incredible and I think probably my game of the last generation. I still think about it months after finishing it. Honestly if you didn’t finish it, or you abandoned it after 10 hours or whatever, I just don’t think you can form a valid opinion on it. You have missed so much.
  7. It is Led Zeppelin, but it's this track:
  8. I guess so yeah. The point being that I don’t think this is the end of interesting Japanese developed games on PlayStation or of Sony funding those games. I wouldn’t be binning off your PS5 just yet.
  9. If you look at Japan Studio's output where they haven't had another studio in to help deliver the game, you can see they have been leaning pretty heavily into partnerships with other studios. Team Gravity went last year, but their last game was Gravity Rush 2 in 2017 which no-one bought (although I did!). The last games Sony Japan Studio produced without any external studios were Knack 2 and LocoRoco Remastered, also in 2017. Asobi team has had the most success with the Astrobot games, so you can see why Sony are keeping them on. Maybe Sony partnering with other studios in Japan is the way forward for them - it probably makes a lot more sense commercially given how much games are costing to make now.
  10. There are still loads of interesting games made by Japanese studios on PlayStation that you can’t get on Xbox. I don’t get why people in this thread think that Sony Studios Japan = all interesting games made in Japan on PlayStation. I thought the creatives who made Last Guardian, SotC and Gravity Rush are long gone anyway?
  11. He needs to get that cable chased into the wall. I'm also concerned that he's mounted his new TV above a radiator. Heads up: 13 Sentinels has just gone on sale on the PS Store for £24.99!
  12. I finished Control and the DLC on PS4 last September and just wish I had waited a few more months for the PS5 version as it was clearly struggling on the old hardware. It's a fantastic game though - a proper weird sci-fi vibe and the combat from the old PS2 game Psi-Ops brought right up to date. Newcomers on PS5 are in for a real treat!
  13. @Nathan Wind just wondering what model that Toshiba is that you're using?
  14. This thread has finally made me buy TheC64. I loved my breadbin C64 back in the day and really fancy a nostalgia blast although I suspect some things are best left remembered rather than experienced again. I can’t justify the outlay on ultimate64 etc much as I’d love that set up. The C64 is currently £92 on Amazon instead of the usual £109 for anyone on the fence.
  15. MS Authenticator is good as has backup/recovery using your O365 account (unlike the Google Authenticator app which has no backup).
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