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  1. The third challenge on the hole in the final level on What the Golf where you have to save your crab friends... I am now thinking its bugged and impossible to finish? It's the one where you are a crab circling round a small island and water pipes are spraying down whilst the water level rises. If the rising water reaches your crab friends before you grab them then you fail the level. I keep getting the FAIL message when I've collected 6 or so crabs even when it looks like the rising water hasn't reached any remaining crabs. Has anyone finished it and what am I doing wrong? It's worse than that fucking banjo level
  2. Wait, what? How far did you get in it? It doesn’t stop throwing new things at you. It’s fantastic. The bit I just got to was an unexpected and brilliant homage to one of my favourite games ever
  3. Is there some way of being able to play podcasts instead of in game audio in all Apple Arcade games (apart from Sayonara obviously)? What the Golf is taking up all my time. Need to try some other games!
  4. Is it possible to switch from a PS4 physical copy to a digital copy? I would rather go digital (which seemingly wasn’t the case back in 2015).
  5. Finally finished this on 98% complete with Ryder at level 62 and about 70 hours on the clock. There are a series of baffling design decisions in the game, like bringing back the inventory system from ME1 which was rubbish back in 2007, pointless planet scanning, a comprehensive and largely useless crafting system (I stuck with my plasma firing, no-reload, head-shot bonus Avenger AR for the vast majority of the game) and a really disjointed mid-section if you are finishing sub-missions as you trawl around different worlds in Heleus. Nonetheless I love the ME world and enjoyed the story and the characters. The combat is great and the worlds you visit are often stunning to look at (just don't linger on the character design and animation). It kept me completely absorbed when I was playing it. Even insatiable sex pest Ryder grew on me by the end. It's a real shame we probably aren't going to see anything else in the ME universe after the reception Andromeda got. I'd have loved to have seen where they would have taken this series.
  6. Congratulations to PSG on winning the FA Cup final.
  7. I think we have more chance of knocking out Barcelona than we do of City dropping points now. They never lose at the Etihad. It’s nuts (and fucking annoying) how many 1-0 victories they have had on this winning streak.
  8. I’m currently playing through Mass Effect Andromeda which got an absolute pasting at launch and had various issues patched afterwards. It still has issues like weird looking character models and your team mates falling out of the sky when you exit the Mako mk2, but despite all that I’m loving it. It reminds me of the first Mass Effect but on a much grander scale.
  9. United are going to need to buy a few players in the transfer window and realistically need to be in the Champions League to attract the best. Otherwise it’s £200k a week salaries on mercenaries who don’t give a shit. I think Wednesday is a massive game for them. Lose and they cement their status as the second best team in Manchester and give up their chance of finishing in the top four.
  10. Agree with this. We’re now seeing the original arcade model of ‘one more go and another 10p’ ramped up with a shit load of data and insight on usage which is used to explicitly drive addictive behaviour and dopamine feedback loops. Publishers have also figured out a way of lowering the barrier to entry by removing any upfront cost. I think there is responsibility on the part of developers and publishers to consider their audience and the impact of this type of game - I heard people at Rare talking about it yesterday on the radio. I don’t think these games should be banned but let’s not kid ourselves that this is the same as playing a C64 game 30 years ago. There wasn’t anything like the same level of social engineering going on in games back then.
  11. Yeah like I only said Gremlins 2 in the worst movie thread so I could post the Key and Peele sketch. It's one of my favourite sketches ever. Gremlins > Gremlins 2 though.
  12. I'll go with Gremlins 2 partly because it is objectively awful and an insult to the wonderful original, but also because its an excuse to post one of my favourite sketches courtesy of Key and Peele:
  13. I’d recommend playing through the uncharted games in order if you haven’t played any of them before. The first one is a bit pump but Bluepoint did a great job on the remasters. You can blitz through 1-3 pretty quickly and it makes 4 more enjoyable when you know the backstory.
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