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  1. Well this is running at about 10fps on both my xbox one xs. About 20 mins into the game on both consoles performance is horrific (although it looks amazing otherwise), I shall wait a while I think.
  2. It will say group member ineligible if its gated at all (e.g. strongholds) and you will be unable to begin until they have done the required missions. It wont auto complete any missions he's not done if you attempt a later one.
  3. mechamonkey


    Another one off the pile of shame, finished this earlier. I really bought in to the atmosphere and enjoyed the mystery and adventure a lot. I wasn't at all surprised at the ending though, I thought it was pretty much signposted. I'd heard it was supposed to be a bit special so maybe that tempered my expectations and had me overly aware of it, didn't spoil anything for me though. 1000G banked (just under 10Hrs I think) and thoroughly enjoyed myself although I am glad it wasn't any longer.
  4. It’s a tough market, seen a few of these type of game die I was quite invested in Paragon, Monday Night Combat) Battleborn (criminally underrated) Guardians of Middle Earth, all had great small communities but just couldn’t keep them aloft, hope I’ve not doomed this too by being interested
  5. Finished this today too (Original version not the definative), I was probably about 50% through previously when my hdd failed and I swanned off to something else new and shiny, clocked in at a tad under 10 Hours. absolutely loved it, those latter areas were such fun to solve and traverse. I've seen nothing of the sequel so will be heading in totally blind when it arrives, thanks again Gamepass!
  6. I ended up playing quite a lot during the last beta, quietly looking forward to this being honest especially as it’s on Gamepass
  7. They really butchered exotics with this update, pretty much all complete garbage now (regardless of them being capped currently) I really don’t like that they removed holstered talents
  8. Would buy that cosmetic outfit
  9. I've run a few missions today (only in DC, not started WoNY) and the drop rate seems lower, this is no bad thing, the battlefield being littered in loot was a bit silly.
  10. The good news is you can now bank pretty much any attribute, so no need to keep the actual weapon around just for recalibrating, you just go to the recalibration station and hit the re calibration library tab, then you can strip off Core Attributes (SMG Damage, Shotgun damage Critical Hit Chance etc), Attributes (Damage to Armor, Critical Hit damage etc) or Talents (Breakbasket, Fast Hands etc) and it tells you how close a roll is the maximum very clearly (loot now has a bar showing how close a roll is to max etc). Also thankfully it takes your stash into account showing you these so you do
  11. The DLC is playable now by the way, seems to have been unleashed a tad early
  12. That is me done with Dr Who forever, it's been absolutely destroyed.
  13. Patch is up, 56.3gb on my X. My internet is going to be well and truly bombarded today (2x XBoxs and two PS4s to patch....) Can't wait to spent hours deleting obsolete gear later
  14. Two of the guys I play with onTuesdays are welsh and often run round as GLC rapping away I favour a Mr Torgue look on my male character (old pic)
  15. Didn't get any recruit a friend action tonight but I did end up having one hell of a night on this. I sent a request to an LFG group for Operation Dark Hours (the raid) clearly stating my gear was crap and I'd not actually finished it, on a whim as it's something I've got no chance of doing normally. Got invited to a group and clearly stated the above again and I was just looking to give it a whirl and learn as I went along etc with no expectations. Sadly they took a look at my gear and decided it was a bit too below par (which it is), which I replied was totally fine and I was just being
  16. Im popping on now if you're about @BubbleFish (Gamertag: "Mechamonkey Mk2")
  17. Are there any new players on Xbox that have got the game in the last week or that are trying the free weekend? If so please be my friend and do this refer-a-friend thing with me for free stuff
  18. I did a few turf takeovers yesterday and it was pretty much full, classic bedlam
  19. Played this on Xbox today, its absolutely bloody gorgeous. Pretty much GW3 so really enjoyed it, not opened any characters up yet at all but still doing ok with the old school favourites
  20. Had a great day in NQ64 on Saturday, it's based in the Custard Factory in Digbeth - Birmingham. Nice little walk through video here Plenty of arcade machines: Guitar Hero 2p NBA Jam 4p (oddly the surprise hit of the day!) X-Men 4p Simpsons 4p TNMT 4p Star Wars arcade Dance Dance Double Dragon Track and Field SF2 Tekken ACDC Star Wars and cant remember the other pinball a Gamecube with 4 pads (Mario Kart) SNES with an everdrive cartridge so pretty much every game on that (we played this lots, especially Sensi soccer of all things!) Mega Drive with tons of stuf
  21. So does this mean you can keep creating new characters boosting and getting more blueprints or are they a curated set? Also which character do you need to buy the share with, the main or alt?
  22. I rather like this but its a total landslide most games, bloody stupid internet randoms who cannot play as a team to save thier lives as usual, stay silent with thier mics open so you can just hear thier sound effects all game, the usual garbage. Kulev the support guy is my bag.
  23. I absolutely hate the GL levelling/de-levelling grind, its stopped me playing a lot more than I would have, I tend to just look for a high level one and join it now its bloody annoying. New Brachy and Rajang look absolutely terrifying.
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