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  1. Bugger, last month I gave away shedloads of old PSOne games to a colleagues kid included in those were: Kula World Devil Dice Kurushi SoTN Collectors Edition Tombi Suikoden /gasp.
  2. Nintendo will 'own' me during xmas even though I have piles of stuff off the other consoles to get through. Mario and Luigi , FF:TA, SMB4, Wario Ware are getting ridiculous amounts of all hours playtime during commute/spare 5 mins Monkeyball, Marioparty , Worms3d, MK:DD, FZero, all rule multiplayer nights already and the gorging season will only bring on more drunken rivalry. SMS is just one fun happy festive game , Metroid Prime has me suckered back in (thanks to the post about the soundtrack which I DL'd yesterday) and Majora's Mask (collectors) is seductively winking at me whispering 'go
  3. Ace soundtrack, downloaded those tracks and listened to them at work all yesterday. I went to bed at 3.30am thanks to being sucked back into giving Metroid Prime another go Ho Ho Ho a very nintendo Xmas.
  4. You play a likeness of Mario in a Donkey Kong game in Wario Ware
  5. I bought it on Friday and had an absolutely brilliant nights gaming with it and 3 friends. This version is easily my fave out of the series.
  6. Only when I'm at my desk 'working' and can browse during worktime. Otherwise I play my SP pretty much every day on my 1 Hr each way commute with a console/MMOGtastic 2-5 hours 3-5 nights a week.
  7. Erm pretty much every game I get, guess I'm not so jaded after all Suprise hit of the year..Dance Mat games, drunken hilarity incarnate.
  8. words of wisdom above. SWG != EQ and the reviews are horrible, go read a message board for a more recent opinion.
  9. Duly copied to a handy location ready to be pasted at will, I love that
  10. Most overrated game of the year is... Any game whatsoever. People on this board will say its the best thing since sliced bread then someone will post that its total and utter dog cock.
  11. Totally over the top, spamtastic and possibly criminal. Stuart, for gods sake how many other games share almost exactly the same mechanics, give it a rest. edit : Perhaps I was a bit harsh there sorry, I confess to not actually downloading and comparing the two.
  12. You can cast a spell (Voice Graft) that allows you to talk through your pet , Gonartik is a common pet name Also very worth mentioning is that this is a PVP server, all the people that joined together to kill the Sleeper were mortal enemies and constantly at war which makes this acomplishment all the more special.
  13. Would all of that not be applicable to any game played for 4 hours? I mean why bother? Do you actually like games? That is the most stupid question anyways ever asked me. Do i like games.... I dont mean 4 hours playing a game, but planning to take out this 'unkillerable' monster, it must have taken some planning and what was the reward? You dont get an super duper bonus, or special ending or anything. It just dies. Ther reward is knowing that noone else anywhere ever has killed the creature before (waking the sleeper removes it from the server once it's script has been run) and that noone ca
  14. My mum (60) plays Eyetoy to keep fit - fact.
  15. I'm fine with this pay for extra's scheme, I'm well used to paying for content in MMOGs so this is expected.
  16. mechamonkey


    I just bought Super Puzzle Fighter II for GBA , 2.99 rarr !
  17. What exactly is the problem with PAL Ikaruga frame rate ? I was planning on ordering that myself for some christmas shooty fun. Edit : And VJ is without a doubt one of my fave games in years, i totally 'get' the combo fun
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