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  1. ooh great, was going to buy this and that link has saved me a tenner at least , nice one.
  2. To be honest after playing to completion Castlevanias (SoTN, AoS, CoM, HoD), Metroid Fusion and Prime all fairly recently I'm all out of love for the format I think. You're right, I didn't watch them all , but the ones I saw (crossover sections I'm guessing from your descriptions) turned me off so much I stopped, pining for a breath of fresh air. I shall go back to those links tonight (bloody firewall at work) and eat my words I expect
  3. Been playing Everquest for over 4 years now and it continually gets deeper and deeper more content, expansions, tweaking and updating than anything else on the market, I'd still reccommend it over anything else in a heartbeat.
  4. Sadly and to my complete horror those videos have made me simply go "I've already played this several times, why on earth would I pay 30 quid to do it again" Not what I was hoping
  5. Smartphone version would be better
  6. Add me do : Metroid Prime (Hard) Zelda : WW Viewtiful Joe KoToR Mario and Luigi
  7. Ive been having a top time with it so far, tried Doom, Quake, NES emu, GBA emu and some ropey Java games. love it and I highly reccommend the SPV e200 , battery life is slightly suspect tho after a days hammering but really thats a minor whinge.
  8. I picked MP back up over Xmas and finished it in an 'omgwhyonearthdidIputthisdownbeforethisgamefeckingowns' stylee so I am absolutely gagging to see how butterfingers Samus loses all her abilities at the start of this game ;p
  9. My parents bought me an Atari 2600 when it came out , Space Invaders and Combat did it for me.
  10. Id love to play something with the depth of say, PC Baldurs Gate storywise but with characters that you directly control in a Return of the King stylee. Yes, that would be heaven. One thing I always adore in games is having companions alongside AI or human, e.g Playing Gimle in RoTK and having Aragorn and Legolas fighting alongside you. Same thing with Halo and your marine chums. so - A decent story - Lots of interactive scenery - Allies (co-op or AI) - Huge amount of upgradeable moves/character classes/styles.
  11. Metroid Prime, played it this time last year at the same time as playing Halo (no comments needed) , played it this year and I'm just immersed.
  12. First Christmas I've got no games at all either, havent even got anything from the sales (yet !) but I have totally rediscovered Metroid Prime which this time around I'm loving to bits, so there you go seasonal hypocrasy
  13. Everquests DING ! signalling a level up. Also anything Mario and Luigi say in Superstar Adventure.
  14. mechamonkey


    You can set it to not pause during combat ~ real time combat.
  15. Hurrah then ! roll on 25th and thanks for the advise.
  16. Anyone know if there's any emulator goodness available for smartphones ? I'm getting an SPV E200 for chimbo and want to put something fun on it.
  17. yay! Its not an rpg at all tho , its more like Gauntlet with stats. Beautifuil game tho and terrific in co-op mode.
  18. Mario and Luigi's sountrack has had me grinning like a loon
  19. No you didn't. You can't have done. That's just bad taste if nothing else. Plus you just got them off the list already gathered. No I just used to buy _a lot_ of PSOne games, just gave my friends kid a box of stuff to play with his new PS2 christmas day. Its not like I've used them in 3+ years and have a monster mountain of new gubbins to get through. I've still got these oddities not seen them anywhere since I bought them The Unholy War Incredible Crisis Bishi Bashi Special Poy Poy more when I've been though them. Edit : I've asked my friend for SoTN back ;p
  20. The EA Lord of the Rings beat em ups got this spot on, the transitions from/to FMV are superb.
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