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  1. I strongly suggest anyone thinking of trying a MMORPG gives this a go first, its by far the easiest to get into, playable in short bursts, non-time sink outright FUN game of its kind. I think the main reason I am totally loving it and many others have said similar is that you dont need groups to be of certain compositions, eg you dont need a tank, a healer, a crowd controller etc to succeed , you can play hapily with any party setup. oh and the game runs sweetly on much lower end pcs then usual for this type of game.
  2. my local pub got the *big sunday footy telly* and hooked the console up to this tonight and it was totally ace. fat blokes singing I believe in a thing called love pwns. Extremelly small longevity but who cares when its this fun.
  3. look there wasnt a thread bitching that pgr2 didnt have enough last week was there? so this is a bonus and in every way extra content so buy it or dont and stop whining.
  4. Play the game for more than five minutes next time, Next.
  5. ahh right, sorry I was just going from the vid
  6. erm most of that is 1st person, whats the problem if its optional ?
  7. Its like a MMOG with all off the faff and clutter taken out so its just non stop fun and action. Its more PSO than SWG. We've got a Supergroup started on Victory F.I.S.T
  8. Been playing the last few nights, what a game, its like Grand Theft Auto meets Diablo 2 in spandex
  9. I just realised that I can buy and download the game rather than gettign it shipped over from the states. I'm playing MeatPuppet - Mutant Tanker - Victory server
  10. oh stop being sour because YOU didnt get anything for free
  11. I <3 VF:Evo but tragically I'm total cack at it. Luckily my friend that I also play it with is equally craptastic, everyone's a winner !
  12. Whats it for? Company firewalls just say NO! to Ebay links.
  13. About a month after US release.
  14. \o/ my lucky day. Got home and I had an email from the City of Heros team telling me how to download the client and that Im in the beta For anyone that hasnt seen CoH yet ,here's a link to a board thread with lots and lots of amusing mock ups. Fun starts on page 2. Apolgies for the total rampant idiocy of the board.
  15. hmm might have to resub for a month to see how it's changed.
  16. I cant wait for City of Heros, spandex me do.
  17. Freedom Force Criminally overlooked golden age superhero game.
  18. but did you go for a date with barret in FF7 ?
  19. www.playerauctions.com That was my crappy account too (65 elemental rogue/SK), I'm still holding onto my main acct. Interestingly the economy is shot to hell again at the moment, there are far too many macroers making millions of platinum and ruining the in game marketplace prices by buying everything up and selling them for sky high prices.
  20. Delorean prs. I sold my EQ Account last week for 300 quid
  21. I love the 'dodge' facility built into UT (double-tap the direction) and the wall jumps etc, I think it makes for a great mechanic. SOF2 and Counter strike (there are undoubtbly others) had the best idea of jumping penalising your movement for a short time afterwards.
  22. I bought MP on PAL release day and couldnt get to grips with the controls as I'd been playing a lot of console FPS's at the time. Sprite Machine gave his excellent 'why metroids controls are perfect ' speech just before christmas and someone posted links to the soundtrack (which is brilliant) on here so I decided to give it another go. This time - fecking brilliant. I completed it on normal and hard back to back over christmas and really only Ridley and the final boss (till I remembered powerbombs) gave me any trouble. I dont see what all the fuss was about in the phazon mines at all. I also
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