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  1. Yes it's downloaded, was very slow though
  2. Very tempted to get the fast food costume, I've always wanted to play a game as some chips.
  3. I almost always lose at the team game sections, so looking forward to having a little tipple and playing this in a group
  4. It's up on PSN if you do a search, it shows as 14.99 but once added to basket its discount is applied (ps+) https://store.playstation.com/en-gb/product/EP3643-CUSA17714_00-FALLGUYSPS4EU000
  5. SW Battlepod is absolutely glorious with a HOTAS stick.
  6. interesting, they recently added Mei to their MOBA, Heroes of the Storm, and she is exactly that, a Tank, she also does have the Icing skill allowing her to slide in/out of trouble. https://heroesofthestorm.com/en-us/heroes/mei/
  7. I love just wandering around in this, admiring the environmental effects and all the little details and stories told by your surroundings if you stop looking at stats and gear and murdering for a while. Game plays great still, totally loving it again right now.
  8. Well behind on this but finished the WONY campaign off this week, been playing once a week (Xbox) for years with friends so its been slow but fun progress, really enjoyed the DLC story and missions, slightly overwelmed with "all the things" to do now
  9. Strong disagree, have you done the tall tales without spoilers, or maxed out a faction, fought off all comers to your loot or held a fort vs insane odds, retrieved stolen booty from an enemy, rode a megaloden or soloed a kraken, made new friends or had a kareoke boat? I feel like I achieved every session personally
  10. If on Xbox use the LFG feature. If on PC the official Discord is good and has a LFG section. You can do anything at any level really, level is no advantage, it's all about experience. you just need someone able to put a higher rank mission down on the table
  11. Console Wars are over, Gabe has spoken (3:07)
  12. We had a 4 person party, I think thats the limit currently Not at the moment but In an interview I read earlier they said "And we’re exploring all the possible multiplayer options, split-screen, on your couch, you name it.""
  13. I have bought one game this year. Fall Guys on PC, next day its given away lols.
  14. nope, in lockdown I've become an absolute pisshead gamer unfortunately sometimes this this a good thing like this weekend playing the Fall Guys in a group usually its just annoying for anyone else.
  15. Played an absolute ton of this over the beta weekend, absolutely hilarious and insta-bought. A few drinks and a party with like minded mates and it's lodged itself as a firm favourite and some of the funniest play sessions I've ever had. Even solo it's still wonderful and utterly charming, really just genuinely a joy to play. Utterly brilliant.
  16. Played through this yesterday, an absolute delight. was a bit annoyed that I saved after the point of no return so missed a couple of achievements so to save anyone that headache make a separate save after you finish “The Bunker” and you’ll be fine. its pretty short anyway so will replay one rainy afternoon again
  17. This is exactly what I want, a beautiful environment to care about, not just breeze through and different piriories than kill all the things, I know Rare themselves aren't sure what to actually do with it but for me this #1 on the list of games I want to be a part of. I said to a friend during the presentation I got lost in SoT for a couple of years, not sure Ill come out of this one.
  18. Ladies and Gentlemen the Internet and the state of discussion 2020.
  19. is that a bad thing though? back to basics, bit of nostalgia? I guess we won't know till we see some more
  20. Got a feeling this will be a classic Sea of Thieves style release, barebones as f*ck on release, amazing after umm some time.
  21. But its not saying that though is it, its saying ANY of our customers can enjoy this
  22. But is it though? The last two werent exactly heralded at all time classics. Is it still THE title any more? I think the days of pinning your mast on one release is well and truly over.
  23. I loved how it all looked back to basics but smooth as a babys bum in motion, but that Brute running animation made me howl laughing. We still know almost nothing about how it works so very hopeful (and to be honest aching for some more Halo so giving it the benefit of the doubt right now) Also very aware this has to still work on a base model Xbox which isnt doing any favours right now with people expecting Next Gen amazement.
  24. Carrion is available to play now, absolutely loved the first half hour I've played so far
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