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  1. 9 minutes ago, KartoffelKopf said:


    I'm part of a pretty big clan, Division UK, but haven't had the time or inclination to get in to the new raid yet. I'm also on various Discord servers that have regular noob runs. There's a YouTuber called GCRock who seems to have a pretty healthy community.


    The raid looks great but I don't get on until late most night so will likely just procrastinate about doing it forever. I used to love running the Destiny raids with a regular team but when you're hooking up with randoms it just gets stressful.

    Cheers, I actually joined GRocks Discord just yesterday! 
    I burned myself out on the first raid, 25ish attempts to get a (crap) Eagle Bearer :) Im ready to go again I think.

  2. If you've played Div 2, you'll know about a certain twist and that a certain character has been an important part of it.
    If you've played recently you'll also know about the Manhunt activities which have been time gated and drip fed over months and months.
    If you've finished them like I did last night with my group that have been playing since the D1 beta then you will also know the crushing disappointment of an anti climax that was, sheesh, talk about a low effort ending!

    Still love this game though, plays like a dream on the Series X now (60fps) and still seems to have a never ending list of stuff for us to do each week :)
    WoNY hunter masks next.
    I don't suppose anyone has a clan that does the Iron Horse raid at all on Xbox?

  3. 5 minutes ago, therearerules said:

    Arrrgh, just missed out again- still full crews by the time I join. Wish crews could go over 4 and you didn't have to start again with a smaller ship. Should probably arrange something proper, rather than just ad hoc.

    You can do this with a little work.
    1. Everyone gets in a party (lets say 8 people)
    2. Everyone goes off and starts a game with closed crew, pick a galleon.
    3. Everyone goes straight to the crows nest and puts up the reapers flag. This allows everyone on a server to see the ship.
    4. If anyone sees a reapers flag mark at another outpost immediately verify its one of your party (e.g. "I am at Crooked Masts"), if not, everyone starts a new game and repeats 2-4
    5. Everyone else apart from those people on the same server joins their crews - Then you can just sail to each other and form an alliance.

  4. 1 minute ago, spanx said:

    Noticed this is on Game Pass PC too. Does it do cross play with Xbox? I’m sort of intrigued to play it with some other simpletons who are shit at online games. 

    Yes you can cross play, and limit servers to controllers only. In the old days PC users would obliterate xbox players, then they also added M&K support to console and finally have added the option of controller only.

  5. 10 minutes ago, Boothjan said:

    I've realised that although my TV *says* it's 4k, it really isn't any different from my old one.  I haven't a bloody clue about frame rates etc but I'm definitely going to invest in a new TV (max 55 inches) and need to ensure it'll make a Series X purchase worthwhile.


    I can't wait to see what this looks like in 60fps in 4k (I very much doubt I can afford a TV that runs 120FPS!)

    With SoT I'd MUCH rather have it at 4k and HDR at 60 than faster, the whole game is so gorgeous it needs showing off at its best! Even if it is bloody dark :)


  6. Edit: This info is now the first post of the thread.

    I have now set up an Xbox club for this.

    "We Shall Fail Together"

    If we all join then it will be easy to set up a session in the chat or check the Roster to see who is on and pop them a message.

    To Join
    On the Xbox:

    Press the Xbox Button to open the guide then then select People > Clubs > Discover clubs > Find a Club and search for "We Shall Fail Together"

    On the Xbox Console Companion App (Win 10)
    Click the Clubs icon on the left side
    Click find a club at the top and search for "We Shall Fail Together"

    Once you have requested an invite an admin will send you the invite to the club which you need to accept.


  7. Had a little dip in last night to refresh myself, I'm not a fan of the button combinations needed to navigate the emote menus, quests and thowables etc now, I play with a friend who is disabled and has real trouble with button combinations, he now finds it very difficult to select these.
    So much to do! Didnt know where to start so I just joined a random crew and we did some skeleton ship hunting.
    What I wouldnt pay for a "cabin boy" DLC to automatically ferry loot to the vendors lol :)

    Well up for a night on this again but I will need a bit of notice for a planned night sorry, generally play later on at night uk time.

  8. On 26/01/2021 at 18:56, Popo said:

    Quick question - is there any need to raise the sails? Dropping anchor brings you to a complete stop, so when I get alongside an island I tend to do that then swim ashore. 

    I don't think anyone explained this further up so apologies if they have.
    The main reason for not dropping anchor is that you can make a quick getaway if needed, if a ship approaches you, the crew definitely do not want to be wasting time raising anchor (especially on larger ships) in order to turn the ship to angle the cannons etc You're a sitting duck with lowered anchor. 
    The second reason is that if your server is underpopulated then you will sometimes see a "The World is changing" message appear, this means you are being merged into a another server, which obviously may be full of bloodthirsty swines etc. By dropping the anchor it will activate this so if you have a nice quiet server youre enjoying while going about your business  you may not want to be merged.

    If you're moored up in the middle of a storm you generally do drop the anchor though as your ship may end up moving about and being damaged.

  9. 29 minutes ago, LaveDisco said:

    We've got an X and an S, but only one account has Gold/GamePass.


    Could my wife and I play at the same time with just one Gold/GamePass account? We've often enjoyed split-screen FPS games like CoD, but I know this doesn't have that.



    Absolutely look up Game Sharing.
    Video spoilered for being a bit OT




  10. 3 hours ago, Boothjan said:

    When my house move is finally sorted, the extra reception room means I can finally return to this - sounds like it'll be a good time to come back.


    @mechamonkeywhen did you last play on this?  Would be great to check out the new content, Tall Tales etc with an old shipmate.....

    Only a few sessions here and there, nothing of any substance so happy to pick up again when you're free. I've just logged in every now and then to have a sail around and look at things :)
    I've done The Seabound Soul which is the next Tall Tale after the Shores of Gold (the final TT we did) but haven't done Heart of Fire the latest one.
    Not a clue how any of the new stuff works either, all the more fun!

  11. Part of the fun was always trying to recognize that ship full of swines and getting revenge or working out if they have changed their regalia, has someone cannoned over to your ship, is someone lurking? spotting that dot on the horizon and working out if its headed for you etc Maybe things have changed since I played regularly but the rivalries and camaraderie you built up (often recognizing names from previous sessions etc) was all part of the fun, sure often you'd lose the lot and think well that was pointless I've gained nothing, but you have, you gain experience and learn from your defeats and one day it might be you taking all the booty from an encounter! 
    As everyone is on an even keel (i.e. no better weapons or skills or items) it's precisely learning those skills like keeping watch, parking sneakily while you go ashore, learning how to sink a ship effectively, hide from others  or repair your own ship in battle as quickly and minimally as needed etc that make you a better pirate, keep at it! 


  12. 3 hours ago, Popo said:

    I started playing this today in anticipation of playing with a friend and on the first mission I arrived at, there were a couple of guys laying in wait who proceeded to kill me over and over. Completely spoiled what was an otherwise interesting and fun experience. 

    Is there any way to play this without PvP? It seems griefing is an issue - the game even says don’t grief first time players! 

    If you're getting repeatedly ganked, just quit and restart, you'll end up on another server which may not be so hostile.

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