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  1. Answering my own question: Quickstart: https://rpcs3.net/quickstart Download: https://rpcs3.net/download Firmware: https://www.playstation.com/en-gb/get-help/ps3-system-software/
  2. Any chance of a link to a guide to do this please (PM if dodgy obviously, I do have the discs for US and UK releases still)
  3. Can confirm this, just looked in the app
  4. that only seems to recalibrate the screen orientation not your weapon sadly.
  5. Anyone know how to recalibrate where it thinks your gun is when using PSVR and a dualshock (smooth movement), it currently thinks I have tiny T-rex arms and my gun is always slightly twisted to the left making aiming a ball ache.
  6. v2.0.6 - Dark Relics - Patch Notes
  7. Thread title updated - Dark Relics today!
  8. It's quite the beast now, loads of ways to play, there is also a PvP faction and a dedicated mode (Arena) and within the Adventure Mode you can just do what you did originally (with the Merchant, Order of Souls and Gold hoarders factions), or do these new Tall Tales (story and puzzle driven) or just go fishing for the Hunters call faction, theres a ton of options. Thre is almost always an event running too, like The Black Powder keg runs at that moment which will become something else today, these are special missions for the Bildge Rat faction that generally force players to encounter each other and offer special cosmetic and title rewards.
  9. Just been watching this again, couldn't resist posting the clip. yo ho ho me hearties! Edit: Bonus, we've all been there.
  10. If anyone is interested, and beware total spoilers, this was our session last night for the final Tall Tale. My perspective Boothjan's perspective
  11. What a magnificent climax to the Tall Tales and a truly outstanding adventure, discovery, terror, puzzles galore, stunning scenery, it was incredible. I am absolutely drained today. Edit: In my morning weariness I totally forgot to compliment you on your magnificent screenshots @Boothjan, stunning!
  12. Finishing off all the Sea of Thieves, Tall Tales without a single spoiler or hint with @Boothjan What an absolutely incredible adventure. Terrible screen shot as Xbox hasnt finished uploading them as we just this minute finished..
  13. Well, I know which character I'm playing now
  14. I actually avoided that on this playthrough
  15. Just replayed this again (on Xbox this time) - Still an absolute masterpiece, I'd forgotten most of the puzzles so it was just as excellent the second time through. Roll on their next game.
  16. nowhere near as much difference as the X but is is pretty quiet again, certainly an improvement.
  17. It is much much easier than the PS4 @HarryBizzle, once I'd got the bug I did my OG PS4, Pro and multiple flavours of xbox. The 1x is really easy in comparison to the others it's very modular. The scariest part is getting the X bolt off the back of the motherboard and even that is pretty easy with a decent flathead screwdriver to lever one contact off.
  18. I've used this on several to clean off the old paste, and it's absolutely magic. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B003C2QR4G/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o09_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Edit: In fact this is the kit I bought, with new paste included: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Arctic-Silver-Compound-AS5-3-5G-ArctiClean/dp/B01I74QON2/ref=pd_sbs_229_2/259-4259139-3697007?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B01I74QON2&pd_rd_r=bfa6b37d-19f4-4a82-a63f-4981356c7f10&pd_rd_w=A4FMv&pd_rd_wg=4vr34&pf_rd_p=7f9048ad-9bda-4493-8578-13e4eff8da65&pf_rd_r=JPJTSA6RPA13PC8HS7YR&psc=1&refRID=JPJTSA6RPA13PC8HS7YR Cotton wool buds a must too.
  19. Not specifically a gaming setup (I've a Scorpio and Pro under the 55" TV downstairs) but my home office is where I do most gaming these days and everything is hooked up to be switched between the monitors/projector. The larger monitor does 4k/HDR. Edit: Crappy picture of downstairs. Arcade cab fits neatly behind the door when open in a small alcove, it's quite a narrow cab.
  20. Poor @Boothjan worked his fingers to the bone on the last voyage, looks painful! And that's his good arm!
  21. I am ridiculously excited about this again, last week was utterly superb. The Nautical Sherlock and Watson of rllmuk lolz.
  22. Definately going to be a huge expansion Here are also some more details on how multiplayer is changing
  23. Iceborn is supposed to be as big as the main game, there is significantly better multiplayer, so you can quite easily now play as a group of four and all appear in the new hub together unlike the original hub, cannot wait.
  24. Tiny Metal is very Advance Wars too
  25. That was so good, really great puzzles and continuation of the previous tall tale, brilliant. Really looking forward to the last one.
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