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  1. As I'd not done it before, I did the Heart of Fire tall tale solo this morning (for anyone wanting to do it, its really suited to soloing). Took me about 3 hours to work out and finish. I started on a brig (even solo I usually use a brig rather than a sloop) and it didnt seem to make it any harder. It's an easy one to figure out and very action packed, I'd recommend as ALWAYS with these no spoilers or solutions, it just ruins the fun. NOW Im ready or next week! (although I will be doing it twice more for the rewards)
  2. Had a little session of this tonight to get some practice and my sea legs back for next week. Ended up really fun, two lovely people were doing the Brigsy TT, I joined in we got absolutely hammered by two reapers mid Brigsy fight but managed to come back and kill one, explained we had feck all loot to no avail but the other reaper got eaten by a timely Kracken. Had a load of lols over voice comms, died spectacularly loads of times by forgetting how everything worked and made two new friends. Not a particularly lucrative evening but priceless as always in the fun department.
  3. Doesnt help that good archers have also discovered that their short sword is an absolute monster so you're not even safe up close. Seriously try it!
  4. I found this really confusing. Basically each of the 4 base classes also have subclasses which you open up by playing the base class. Youo also open up weapon types for all of them by playing. For instance I just reached lvl9 as a Raider (Vanguard Sub Class) and unlocked 2 handed hammers. Basically just keep playing to open things. You can change these classes in game by pressing the menu button and selecting change class, use your bumpers to move between them and the d-pad to move through the weapon options available. I've no idea if buying a weapon with actual mone
  5. I did set a chicken on fire and thew it at someone if that counts?
  6. Holy shiiiiiiit! actual Disney tie in happening! Pirates of the Carribean content just shown on The Xbox E3 conference!
  7. Took a punt on this (xbox) as I fancied something multiplayer I could just join in and faff about. What an absolute gem, spent a good few hours just pissing myself laughing at the chaos and having the greatest time as part of a wave of medieval hooligans. Utterly brilliant, glad I took the risk
  8. 17 Hours into AC:Valhalla I just saw the opening credits. (Sorry if this has been mentioned previously have not read all the thread) I have 0% chance of finishing this.
  9. I've only got a 970, ran fine, looked lovely.
  10. Just finished it, it's short (as it says up front) but lovely and relaxing. Enjoyed the conversations immensely and the atmosphere was bang on. Money well spent, play with a sandwich, Jaffa Cakes and a flask on hand to enrich that experience
  11. I can't wait for this even though I am sure it will be bobbins. massive fan of the source material, I've been waiting for a game with these heroes for 20 years. It will be nothing like the Baldurs Gate games of old but Im fine with that, looks more like the pretty cack but fun coop 360 beat em up LOTR: War in the North.
  12. Worth mentioning too, when you play private matches you can play in 3 modes Standard is up to 16 on a single board, this is brilliant madness. Grand Prix (sorry no idea what this is, some sort of team mode) Batlle 64 - up to 64 players as in the quick match mode, divided into 4 player boards, you can play with less. It's a bit annoying to set up as you have to open "slots" to get people in and they must all be filled before you can start (so you need to close empty slots before you begin) A but of a faff but easy enough to manage
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