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  1. tbf I was extremely grumpy last night sorry. Maybe I should actually play it again to prove myself wrong.
  2. Not sure, I think the adventures have all really been terrible but with brilliant cinematics. I won't be arsed with the pvp at all, done it already, Arena was a shithouse, cant see this being much more fun apart from slightly more evenly matched (in theory) I don't really care any more as its all too easily cheesed (private alliance servers) and the tall tales have vanished. You can get Legend in a heartbeat without any of the effort or journey. Noone actually speaks in the game anymore, it's sort of soulless without that, it's just sea of shitheads. Certainly it's utter crap compared to when we played "back in the day" but you cant blame them for that, theres only so much content before you go full on pvp bastard mode. Sad but thats how I feel about it at the mo.
  3. As info this is free to keep as long as you grab it before Nov 7th on Steam. https://store.steampowered.com/sale/vermintide2giveaway Restarted this to play with friends, what a bloody great game. Even better that only one player in the party needs the DLC too!
  4. errr... same here, turned up about 3pm this afternoon...
  5. Same here, found myself in it too so very happy
  6. Modded my Ps5 controller yesterday with back paddles, my Lucio can live again.
  7. Still going strong on this, no money spent 38 proper games done and loads of old emulated stuff. I've really enjoyed it so far, not really missed anything much and had a much more varied year than usual. The closest to new games I've come is playing the SF6 and Darktide betas this month, oh and Overwatch 2 but seeing as that cost nothing and you cant play OW1 any more I'm not counting that.
  8. A lot by the look of the message board on the kickstarter. Loads of people getting non signed copies incorrectly too.
  9. Yep, Identical situation here (not Midlands based are you by any chance?)
  10. Mine's officially been "Lost in transit" so they are sending me a new one.
  11. Well, this is bloody great! I'm totally still playing like vermintide though and melee smashing everything
  12. I put a reshade mod on the PC version earlier, really makes the game look like an old vector monitor, well worth giving a try Reshade: https://reshade.me/ Preset for Tempest 4000: https://sfx.thelazy.net/games/preset/10469/
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