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  1. Cheers, I actually joined GRocks Discord just yesterday! I burned myself out on the first raid, 25ish attempts to get a (crap) Eagle Bearer Im ready to go again I think.
  2. If you've played Div 2, you'll know about a certain twist and that a certain character has been an important part of it. If you've played recently you'll also know about the Manhunt activities which have been time gated and drip fed over months and months. If you've finished them like I did last night with my group that have been playing since the D1 beta then you will also know the crushing disappointment of an anti climax that was, sheesh, talk about a low effort ending! Still love this game though, plays like a dream on the Series X now (60fps) and still seems to have a never ending
  3. You can do this with a little work. 1. Everyone gets in a party (lets say 8 people) 2. Everyone goes off and starts a game with closed crew, pick a galleon. 3. Everyone goes straight to the crows nest and puts up the reapers flag. This allows everyone on a server to see the ship. 4. If anyone sees a reapers flag mark at another outpost immediately verify its one of your party (e.g. "I am at Crooked Masts"), if not, everyone starts a new game and repeats 2-4 5. Everyone else apart from those people on the same server joins their crews - Then you can just sail to each other and form an
  4. Yes you can cross play, and limit servers to controllers only. In the old days PC users would obliterate xbox players, then they also added M&K support to console and finally have added the option of controller only.
  5. Thought I'd share this as it's SoT related. A friend sent this pin badge to me to match my Avatar (here and on xbox)
  6. Glad to see open crews on this are the absolute pits still. Dear God why do people join a game to not play a game....
  7. No idea, I have a monitor that can handle 120 it and I cant tell the difference myself, my eyes are old and fucked though.
  8. With SoT I'd MUCH rather have it at 4k and HDR at 60 than faster, the whole game is so gorgeous it needs showing off at its best! Even if it is bloody dark
  9. I've approved all the applicants to the club so far, If I've missed anyone just give me a poke
  10. I'll change the name once we have a few people in to send invites etc just wanted to get something in place quickly.
  11. Edit: This info is now the first post of the thread. I have now set up an Xbox club for this. "We Shall Fail Together" If we all join then it will be easy to set up a session in the chat or check the Roster to see who is on and pop them a message. To Join On the Xbox: Press the Xbox Button to open the guide then then select People > Clubs > Discover clubs > Find a Club and search for "We Shall Fail Together" On the Xbox Console Companion App (Win 10) Click the Clubs icon on the left side Click find a club at the top and search for "We Shall Fail Together" Once you
  12. Anyone want to set up an Xbox club or something to make arranging easier? Edit: Gimme a few mins I'll set one up Edit: #2 Names! Any suggestions for the club name? We shall fail together? etc
  13. This. It shouldnt work but does. If you are on a sloop and being attacked, square your sails and sail right into the wind, you will out run the big guys
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