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  1. re: performance, on my xb1x I changed the display mode from 4k to "best performance" and it stopped the fans going mental and defiantely ran smoother.
  2. I finished it this morning, the campaign was great, absolutely loved it. I was pretty under powered at the end especially the final mission was quite tough. I skipped most of the side missions to plough through as I didnt want to do any multiplayer before I'd completed the campaign (thanks to the spoiler warning when you pick it at the main menu). Edit: You can go back to any skipped side missions post campaign as info. You can press up on the d-pad at the wartable to swap modes
  3. Im 11 Hours in, really enjoying it. Not even going to attempt to disuade anyone thats already made up thier mind but I'll basically say this is superhero Anthem. Absolutely love Kamala, was utterly wrong about who I thought I'd like to play and who I actually do like playing. everyone feels very different apart from basic attacks. Combat is quite different from the beta with lots of tactical changes and skill trees changing your version of each hero a lot. It takes ages to unlock anyone via the story but I recommend you do play it as its really quite fun. Dying causes a ridiculously
  4. Had another quick go at lunch, paused it to make a sarnie, came back and bang, 14gb update... thanks
  5. I like loot, I like superheroes, I like beat em ups and I like coop, I'm really enjoying myself to be honest as I thought I would during the beta. I't got a long way to go to compare to similar titles but its scratching that part of my brain that enjoyed such bobbins as Too Human and I'm hugely just enjoying Kamala and her story. It's not going to change your mind if you didn't enjoy the beta but I think for those that like the setting and characters they will get a lot out of it. Note: I went halves with a gameshare friend £46 (cdkeys) I definitely wouldn't have took the plunge full pri
  6. I'm going to ignore the umpteenth time you've had a pop because I liked something and move on with a different angle, what would you like it to do that the beta currently doesn't? Have you left them feedback to let them know (you know the entire reason for betas) , if so what? I already said it's not brilliant I just got some fun out of it. Will it sustain months of gaming? hell no. Am I going to buy it full price - not in a million years. but smashing around with friends was good fun, like a 3D streets of Rage with bolt on loot. Actually it did feel a bit Anthem dare I say... My take:
  7. Im sorry I offended you by enjoying something, I shall remember to be an rllmuk bitter old man in the future.
  8. lll be honest, as a fan of MUA and comics in general, I loved this, just really enjoyed playing as the heroes and smashing stuff up, even moreso with friends. Yes it's not an absolute masterpiece but it was really fun, and that trumps flaws for me. I do think people are just doing the queue up to internet bash yet again.
  9. you can get a code here if you're on Virgin you can buy a code for 1.49 on cdkeys here (it says xbox one but there is a choice of platform when you redeem it at https://avengers.square-enix-games.com/redeem/code
  10. Haha so you did, great minds Just gave it a go on an OG Ps4, not as smooth but still really fun. Also I was some chips, I am part of the problem
  11. Yes it's downloaded, was very slow though
  12. Very tempted to get the fast food costume, I've always wanted to play a game as some chips.
  13. I almost always lose at the team game sections, so looking forward to having a little tipple and playing this in a group
  14. It's up on PSN if you do a search, it shows as 14.99 but once added to basket its discount is applied (ps+) https://store.playstation.com/en-gb/product/EP3643-CUSA17714_00-FALLGUYSPS4EU000
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