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  1. Struggling for time here, work busier than ever at the moment and the wife isn’t keen on me isolating her further to play games on an evening
  2. Will add you later. who saw this coming? No one, a Sea of Thieves crossover (also they are adding Bleeding Edge sails into SoT)
  3. Whats your gamertag @Revival?
  4. There is so much stuff now Boothjan it's wildly different, they all just add extra layers though, you'd be fine! Thowables (blunderbomb, firebomb) New TT's x 2 Gajillions of cosmetics and emotes (I might start back and grind for the athena wheel, cannons, capstan) Duke's voyages New cannonball the chainshot which takes down rigging etc easily Reaper chests (make you visible to the server) Rage chests Reapers hideout (you'd need to read a story recap to find out about this but that will probably spoil the Tall Tales for you) and loads more!
  5. You can me both, I would buy a remake in an instant! Gamertag is "Mechamonkey Mk2" definately up for group play! Edit this is fully cross play by the way so it doesnt matter if you're PC or Xbox
  6. I’ve been playing on Xbox, but have Gamepass Ultimate so will grab it on PC today. achievements are very easy on this as info if that’s your thing too. if you get two teams that are actually playing properly this is ace fun. Im favouring supports heavily on this at the moment, may dip into tanks next
  7. I really do have a soft spot for this, having a great time with it.
  8. Free if you have Gamepass ultimate <3
  9. Popped this on for a quick poke about today, not played it since launch where I found it too depressing, then had another stab that lasted a couple of hours and went onto something else I’m at old Yarnham, utterly lost and terrified I think it’s about time I gave this a proper go again.
  10. Still loving this, have an Amara up to 35 now with the gang I’ve played all them with, but enjoyed it so much I’ve run two other characters up to the same point (just finished Eden). as I won’t go past that point I’ve played a ton of the multiplayer events (the quick dungeons and Slaughter zone so my zane is actually 53 and flack 40ish, and farmed Hammerlock hunts and named enemies like Borman Nate’s galore (they scale) I’m gagging to get to TVHM and start to properly farm, I still absolutely love this to be honest it’s exactly what I wanted
  11. Absolutely tons in this patch, I just saw the athena ship parts Cannons, Wheel and Capstan, they look awesome.
  12. Puppeteer on the ps3 still looks absolutely lovely, was watching a play through a friend was streaming and was surprised how great it still looked, this is on another level though
  13. tried a full shutdown a couple of times, this is how it plays for me. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/mechamonkey-mk2/video/90178589
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