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  1. Those Fiennes (sp??) brothers. I know in Schindlers List Ralph was meant to represent some kind of ‘banality of evil’, but he was just so ….. twee. Red Card. Hugh Grant. Obviously. Christopher Walken. OK, it’s not that he’s a bad actor, just totally limited. Low voice, piercing stare, menacing gait. It’s always the same. (That Fatboy Slim video doesn’t count)
  2. A couple of daft questions. ADR? Reel change? Genuine queries, no bearding intended. Great review BTW.
  3. Screw you Sega. We don’t want any news. </Amateur reverse Psychologist>
  4. Not even the presence of the lovely Natalie Casey can redeem it in my eyes. And I *biggest heart ever* Natalie Casey.
  5. No Metal Arms 2? Say it ain't so.
  6. Of the recent episodes the one where Phoebe makes those evil looking sculpture/paintings is my favourite. “Get that evil witch out of here.”
  7. The one where Eddie rambles on about a road trip him and Chandler took to Vegas, Quote from memory “Mr Lucky here wins $800.00, buys me these shoes.” With Chandler in the background looking totally shocked.
  8. It must be hard to get the balance right in trailers. Give away to much and people won’t come, but don’t explain the plot properly and your potential audience is unsure of what your selling. The worst trailer I’ve seen recently was for ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ which showed all the best bits from the film spoiler the oil tanker floating in down town New York, the Statue of Liberty covered in ice. End spoiler The best was for ‘Eternal sunshine of the Spotless Mind’ which got tone of the film just right and revealed enough of the plot to pique interest.
  9. The episode where Hank takes over from Larry as the host of the show and insults everyone from Little Richard to the handicapped is one funniest things I’ve ever seen. God like.
  10. Madden, EA Hockey loads of Megadrive and SNES titles.
  11. Michael Madsen spoke about this in an interview in last weeks Observer.
  12. Is that the one that sounds like ‘American Music Clubs’ Great Western Sky? If it is, good call.
  13. Something by the Tindersticks. ‘Tiny Tears’ maybe or ‘Cherry Blossoms’. Heartbreakers.
  14. Loved this film. My favourite scene was when they're throwing the records at the 2 Zombies in Shaun’s back garden. “No, that was an original pressing of Blue Monday” “Stone Roses?” “No” “Second Coming?” pause “I like it.” Love it
  15. Oh yeah, don't forget the 'Stutter Rap'.
  16. The Full Monty – Take Brassed Off’s premise, remove all the anger, wit and intelligence and replace with Hairy Man Ass.
  17. Hmmm, Morrisseys best vocal, no question. But his best lyrics? I’d rate ‘Back to The Old House’ and ‘Suffer Little Children’ as finer lyrical achievements.
  18. Screamadelica, I’d say. Ah, memories
  19. Here is an interesting article on Foxnews about Disney’s finances. It mentions Comcasts possible takeover bid.
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