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  1. Surf Nazis Must Die https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0094077/ Post-apoc, Troma film about intergang violence on a California beach. An Earthquake has wiped out part of the California coast. There's not enough cops to keep the peace (lol - as if) so gangs fight for supremacy. This was pretty poor but I knew what I was getting when I went in - I mean, it's a Troma picture that runs for about 80 minutes. But while this was not a great film there were certainly bits that were a cut above the usual standard for this type of film; a great 80's synth soundtrack, some really nice shots and it was very funny in places. 2/5
  2. American pace. 4x10. Last episode of this season
  3. Finished The Last Day this morning. It was all right and there were some nice sections and twists in the last section but overall it dragged a little. I'd say Andrew Hunter Murray could be a good writer and I'll keep an eye out for future books. But I wouldn't recommend it except for real dystopia-fiction fiends.
  4. I'm about half way through The Last Day by Andrew Hunter Murray. A decent, if slow-paced, dystopian thriller set in a near-future London. The World has stopped turning so half the planet live in permanent darkness and the other half live in permanent sunshine. The UK is in the goldilocks-zone where the sun shines all the time but people can still live and function. The book follows an oceanographer who works on an oil-rig tracking tidal patterns - she gets a call from her old college professor who tells her he needs to speak to her before he dies. She flies to London and is soon on the run from various government types as she tries to learn what her old prof. wanted to tell her. This is a nice mix of Children of Men and The Drowned World but it's very slow. I'm over 50% into it and the plot has barely moved, I am enjoying it though. The world building is better than the story telling but the characters are good and I will stick with it to get to the reveal.
  5. Aye, quality game. Dortmund really should be winning.
  6. That looks amazing - I'll buy it for several dollars. Doesn't looks like they have a release date yet.
  7. ^ That is legit amazing news. T+B is so good.
  8. Trailer for the new Spike Lee film out next month. Hopefully not the standard 'American soldiers go to a country and kill loads of people, but years later it makes them sad' film. I have faith in Spike though. (Normal -trailer gives the whole film away- warning)
  9. Never Rarely Sometimes Always The new film from the director of the excellent Beach Rats, that came out a few years ago. It's about a young girl traveling from her home state into New York to get an abortion because it's not allowed where she's from. I thought this was really impressive but a pretty tough watch. It's about a teenage girl trying to get an abortion but in reality it's about the difficulties women face in every aspect of their day to day existence. The acting from the two leads is excellent, it has a great naturalist filming style and a real heart. 4.5/5
  10. Come To Daddy was excellent. Funny and violent with some nice twists and great performances. Nice use of an Aphex Twin song as well - and not the one I'd expected. Recommended for sure.
  11. 1-0 Dortmund. Nice finish from Haland. The whole thing feels so flat and the pace of the match is almost at pre-season speeds.
  12. Anyone seen Come To Daddy? The Elijah Wood film. They spoke about it on the Empire Podcast this week and it sounds pretty good. I only watched half the trailer because it looked like it was going to give the whole plot away.
  13. Do ITV show a TV edit or something? I'm sure the ED-209 in the boardroom scene was much more violent than the one they've just shown. Like, 100's of squibs popping.
  14. We might have done this before but I thought I'd start this and see how it goes - maybe like the Movie Watchers Blog or the Rate Your Last Watched Film thread. If you're watching something on TV - terrestrial, satellite, streaming, pirated - but it's maybe not worth it's own thread post about it here. I'll start. These are a couple of shows I'm watching that are decent. Betty - HBO There was a film out a few years ago called Skate Kitchen about a group of teenage girls skateboarding in New York. This is a show based on it. It's filmed in a kind-of documentary style and follows the girls as they board around New York and have adventures. It's nicely filmed and the kids are pretty cool. It's an easy 25 minute watch. Run - HBO Another HBO show. This is a comedy/drama/romance/*something* about two friends from college who made an agreement when they were younger. They can text the other the word 'Run' at any time and if the other person replies with 'Run' inside 24 hours, they will drop what they're doing and meet at Central Station in New York and get on a cross-country train. And leave their old lives behind - at least for a while. This is hard to sell but it's good fun. The two leads, Domhnall Gleeson and Merritt Wever, are great. And have a real spark between them. It's funny but there are some nice thriller elements in there too. Phoebe Waller-Bridge is involved as well. I'm also watching Solar Opposites but I've shilled that enough in the Rick and Morty thread so I'll say nothing here. So what shows are ye all watching?
  15. Yes, it’s almost too chaotic at times. I wish they’d slow down and let the stories breath sometimes. The wall stuff is incredible though. So dark.
  16. Yeah, that was quality.
  17. I've watched the first 5 of this and it's really good. Funny and violent with some nice SF ideas. I think any Rick and Morty fans would definitely like it.
  18. The first season of Justin Roilands new animated, scifi comedy Solar Opposites is out. It's about a family of aliens who crash land on Earth and try to adapt to their new surroundings. I watched the first one and it was pretty good. Like a less cynical Rick and Morty with some good scifi jokes. Anyone watching?
  19. I watched a Korean heist move called Time to Hunt on Netflix earlier tonight. A guy is released from prison and decides to do one last job (zzzzzzz) to fund his dream of escaping to a tropical island. Him and his mates knock off an illegal casino - the gangsters who own it send their top hitman after them. This didn't land at all for me. It's too long, there's not enough plot and it's all just a bit flat. It looks nice enough but I was bored after an hour and started watching Tik-Toks on my phone. 2/5
  20. Anyone seen The Wretched? Kermode gave it good review and it looks pretty decent.
  21. The book is very conscious of HPLs racism. One of the characters in the book has written a book about safe places black people can go to eat and stay, where they won't get hassle.
  22. New episode is amazing. Gonna watch it again from the start.
  23. I think they had fuzzy versions of the future they could see.
  24. The Craft Teenage girl moves to a new school and falls in with some wanna-be witches. Turns out she has real witch powers and when they all team up they make a pretty powerful coven. Man, I love this film, it hits right in that 'Buffy/Heathers/90's' sweetspot. Great cast, decent soundtrack, some laughs and some trash CGI. Great stuff. 3.5/5
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