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  1. Didn't think it was possible to play worse than they did against Everton but that was the worst 90 minutes I can remember. Just dogshit from back to front. At some point did Marteneli and Odegaard not think 'these floated, aimless crosses aren't achieving anything - maybe we should switch it up a bit?'. I know the bench was a bit thin but to bring on that waster Nketiah?
  2. The X-man would have been sent off 3 times so far.
  3. Netflix, MUBI and Shudder. I did the Amazon and Disney trial period but didn't keep them. And I had a one month Now TV sub to watch something - Succession I think.
  4. Very poor from White for that second. Jota got past him so easily.
  5. They're definitely going to drag the arse out of it but I guess that's the nature of these kind of shows.
  6. Real nice action. Shout out to Harsin for writing it all up.
  7. I've read the thread but it's been a while since I bought anything XBox Live related. So is this what I want to get the deal on Series X?
  8. Wordle 213 6/6 I was ready to give up on the day if that last line wasn't all green.
  9. I thought 1x10 was really poor.
  10. I've watched the first 3 and it's all right. Too many dream sequences and characters doings stupid things but I like the main plot and the general vibe. I'll probably watch it to the end.
  11. Anyone watching the new one on Netflix that went up yesterday, Archive 81? It does the same split time-period thing that Yellowjackets does with the story cutting between the 90's and now. It's about a video achieve/restoration expert hired to restore a collection of fire-damaged video tapes. The tapes are a college project, interviews with the residents of an apartment building which subsequently burns down. For plot reasons the archivist has to do his work in an isolated mansion with no internet access and a barely working phone line. I watched the first one and it's OK. There's a lot happening in the contemporary bits and the flashback but there is enough focus on the story to keep it interesting. James Wan is involved and I think it's based on a Podcast. I'll watch a few more for sure.
  12. This is good stuff. The rest of the crew are a bit annoying and the bickering gets old but everything else is quality. What's the deal with Peacemaker? Does he have superpowers or is he a Bruce Wayne type?
  13. Arsenal requesting a postponement of Sundays match. Unsurprising really, a midfield of Arteta and Edu probably wouldn’t cut it.
  14. Ziggy says there’s a 100% chance this gets canceled after 1 season.
  15. For a fella in his 40s John Cena is in some condition.
  16. He should have been gone years ago. Just a waste of a squad place.
  17. First 3 Peacemaker episodes are out. Anyone watched? First one is very funny.
  18. I've green in position 1 and 4 and ruled out a ton of other letters but my brain won't put it together. 3 guesses left. (50+ pos worthy post right there)
  19. It's on ptp. But I think it's due on netflix soon. What did you make of the ending? In particular the
  20. Tonight I watched an Argentinian film called The History of The Occult after it appeared on a few 'best horror films of 2021' lists. I rarely have to google '..ending explained' but this one defeated me. It was hypnotic and captivating though. It's set in 1980, filmed in black and white and in a 4:3 ratio. It's the last episode of a popular current affairs television show, 60 Minutes to Midnight, and for their last broadcast they're going to expose a link between the government and *something* supernatural. This starts off in a fairly conventional fashion - TV host interviews occult expert and a guy who claims to be a Warlock - then takes a MASSIVE swerve into totally wild territory. It looks great - glossy black and white mixed with TV broadcast type pictures and occasionally breaking out of it's 4:3 ratio - the acting is good all round and the production design is quality. But the story is so esoteric that I was pretty lost for a lot of the short running time. And the ending left me totally baffled. I think this was on MUBI for a while but looks like it's gone now. Netflix have bought the rights so hopefully it appears there soon. I pirated it but will get it when it's out to buy. I don't know if I'd recommend it or even what I'd score it. What a trip.
  21. I think there's a few bits left to resolve.
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