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  1. Really poor from a lot of players tonight - Ramsdale, Tomyiasu, Pepe, Odegard, Smith Rowe and Partay at times but Vieira has made Palace into a tidy outfit. I'd start Laca and Martinelli on Friday.
  2. Well, we've been trash since the goal. McArthur should have been sent off surely? No effort to play the ball and just booting Saka up in the air.
  3. Really nice goal. Great little interchange with Pepe and a smart finish. Good start here.
  4. I watched the first episode of Chucky and the first two episodes of the new I Know What You Did Last Summer this evening and they've both nothing to write home about. IKWYDLS is the better of the two, I've always had a soft spot for the film. This has the same basic setup, group of teenagers accidentally kill someone and a year later all kinds of weird stuff starts happening to them. This was decent but like a lot of TV these days take ages to get going - the first episode is 50 minutes long and could easily be cut down to 10 for the amount of story it's telling. It looks decent and there's some interesting kills but it's a bit flat or something. I'll probably watch a few more. The Chucky show is exactly as you'd expect - wisecracking, killer doll starts murdering a bunch of people. I was never crazy about the films so this didn't really land for me. Chucky himself is well done though and the voice acting is decent.
  5. Trailer for the new Scream film. Looks decent. Man I love Scream, Scream 2 and 4. Looking forward to this.
  6. Edit - new page ffs. This is for the similar to Sandman question. I've suggested them before but the 2000AD audio-dramas are really high quality. Great actors (Simon Pegg plays Johnny Alpha), excellent sound design and the stories are a ton of fun.
  7. Starstruck - BBC comedy about a young woman who pulls a guy on New Years Ever, turns out he's a famous actor which complicates their situationship. Written by and starring New Zealand actress Rose Matafeo who was in the decent rom-com Baby Done a couple of years back. I thought this was really sweet. It has that dreamy London vibe to it which I'm sure is a million miles from reality - she works in a cinema but lives in this amazing flat etc. It played out exactly as you think it's going to but it's funny and quite a gentle way to pass blocks of 30 minutes. 4/5 Secret Circle - The Vampire Diaries for witches essentially. Young girl moves in with her grandmother after her mother dies, turns out she's a witch and she's now part of a circles of witches who are being hunted by yadda, yadda, yadda... This was hugely entertaining trash. The cast are all in their mid-20s but are playing 16 and 17 years olds. Every emotion is turned up to 11 and every episode there's a party or a ball or an awards night or a school fund-raiser that means the whole town gathers in the same building so something bad can go down. 3/5, deserved a second season but didn't get one.
  8. This is my favourite TV of the year I think. Ep 7, , was so clever and so well done. I like getting one episode a week.
  9. I thought The Night House was a great piece of work. Kept the jump scares to a minimum and had me properly scared at times.
  10. Gonna get myself unvaccinated after this performance from Calum Robinson aka the real CR7.
  11. Finished up the most recent season, season 12, last night. I enjoyed it but it felt like it was treading water at times. The Jessica Walters stuff in the last episode was pretty sad but it finished on a really nice scene.
  12. Yeah, the new OMITB is great. And says some interesting things about true-crime podcast superfans. Such a good show.
  13. Reservation Dogs - FX Comedy/drama following a bunch of teenagers on a Native American reservation as they get into scrapes and try to get money together to leave for California. Taika Waititi is one of the creators and it has that slightly skewed humour he does. Loved this. A new setting, all native cast, funny and sad. My favourite TV of the year probably along with Mare of Easttown and Its a Sin.
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