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  1. Rakitic putting Seville up with 10 minutes to go. Spain is where the excitement is this season.
  2. I watched the first 4 or 5 because I thought the Scroobius Pip story might get good. But it didn’t and the two leads are so bad it’s almost funny.
  3. A lot of good recommendations in this thread but one that doesn’t get mentioned much and that I love is Josie and The Pussycats.
  4. Silent Runner


    Good final and a good tournament, pleased Selby won it. But that red that Shaun missed was such a tricky shot to take on.
  5. Silent Runner


    A few very wild shots from Mark in this frame so far.
  6. Silent Runner


    Thought Selby was lucky to win that last frame. Played some strange shots on the last few colours and got away with it. Enjoying this match though.
  7. The interface on Simons system is incredible. 3 phone icons into a screen with 10 more phones! My blood pressure shoots up every time he uses it.
  8. Over the weekend I read the new Christopher Brookmyre book The Cut. An elderly woman is released from prison after 25 years for killing her partner but she swears she's innocent. She teams up with a horror obsessed film-student who has his own dark past. Together they travel across Europe to try and solve the murder before some villains catch up with them. This was pretty good but standard Brookmyre stuff. I find I really like the first 150 pages of his books then I quickly lose interest and by the end I just want the story wrapped up. The characters were well written and from the
  9. Watched Sunshine last night for the first time since the cinema. I'd forgotten how great it was and absolutely loved it. The spaceship design, the music, the cast (baby Chris Evans and baby Rose Byrne are so cute), the effects and I even liked when it turned into a slasher film for the last 20 minutes. The 'something goes wrong on a spaceship' genre of sci-fi is my favourite I think. 4.5/5 The Day of The Jackal https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0069947/ A professional assassin codenamed "Jackal" plots to kill Charles de Gaulle, the President of France.
  10. Miguel Delaney said the decision to bin Moo was made on Friday and has nothing to do with the SL. It was all down to results and the losing the players.
  11. Mourinho sacked. The first casualty of the Super League era.
  12. The Super League announcement on the day we scrounge a draw against Fulham. What an operation.
  13. Fulham keeper was down 'injured' for 3+ minutes. There were a few 1+ minute stoppages for legit injuries as well. 7 minutes was probably right.
  14. Does any other league use VAR for these microscopic infringements?
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