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  1. Yeah, me too. If this is 35 minutes of Mandy and Baby Yoda messing about each week then I'll be delighted.
  2. Going through by winning two penalty shoot-outs would be a perfect microcosm of the second Mick McCarthy era.
  3. So Ireland will have to play and win 2 away games in 5 days to qualify? We've no chance. It's gonna be weird being a host country and not qualifying.
  4. Slight comic spoilers:
  5. That was great - best one yet.
  6. Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World. Brilliantly made and cast. Set during the Napoleonic wars, full of excitement and drama. Beautifully filmed with a real sense of place and time. And a real 'weight' to the sea-battles. It should have been the start of a great franchise but for whatever reason it never happened. 5/5
  7. Stan & Ollie Good turns from the two leads, Coogan especially. In a film that felt made for Sunday night TV but I don't mean that in a bad way. An enjoyable and gentle 90 minutes. 3.5/5.
  8. Switzerland beat Georgia tonight. So I think that means if Ireland beat Denmark 2-0 on Monday (stop laughing) Ireland will qualify.
  9. Good news for big Weng all right but I was looking forward to him winning the champions league.
  10. Yeah, the music is trash all right. But the rest was great. I really liked the painted artwork over the end credits. Looking forward to ep. 2 on Friday.
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