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  1. I'm almost finished his new one, The Institute, and it's really good. The setup didn't really interest me at first but the execution, the pacing and the characters are so well written it's a delight to read. I think I've about 100 pages to go, I'm in that classic King moment where I want to fly through the pages to find out what happens but I want to drag it out as much as possible too. The best thing he's done since Revival and one of the best things he has written in a lot of years.
  2. Silent Runner


    The difference in speed and aggression when Wilock and Torreira came on was incredible. That's got to be the end of Xhaka for a while.
  3. Silent Runner


    This fucking team. Just trash.
  4. Silent Runner


    Pepe has been great but otherwise it's the same old shit from last week. Villa passing it through the defence like they're not even there. Absolute clowns.
  5. Aniara - Tarkovsky influenced, existential Swedish sci-fi movie. Ambitious and great looking film, but the time-leap structure made this a pretty frustrating experience. 3/5
  6. Silent Runner


    Manchester City 5 up after 20 minutes to the team we made look like Real Madrid last week.
  7. Beats https://www.imdb.com/title/tt7524414/ Scottish nostalgia-fest for the 90's rave era. Looks good, paper thin characters and slightly aimless. But a nice reminder of the times. 3/5
  8. Finished this up tonight and thought it was superb. The last two episodes are particularly good and tie everything up nicely.
  9. Nice to see Sexy Beast on a few lists - such an amazing film. 2000 1. Memento 2. In The Mood for Love 3. Sexy Beast 2001 1. Ghost World 2. The Others 3. Mulholland Drive 2002 1. 28 Days Later 2. City of God 3. The Ring 2003 1. Elephant 2. Thirteen 3. Big Fish 2004 1. Napolean Dynamite 2. The Life Aquatic 3. Mean Girls
  10. This is a new Amazon Prime animated show from the creators of Bojack Horseman. In the first episode a young woman is involved in a car crash. She then starts having weird time-slips and flashbacks - and then her dead father turns up. Over the rest of the series we follow her as she tries to work out what’s happening. Is she suffering from PTSD from her car accident? Is this repressed grief from the death of her father? Is he a ghost? The animation is a mix of rotoscoping and water-colours that moves between 2D and 3D to create a really unique style. The acting from everyone involved is excellent but especially the two leads played by Rosa Salazar and Bob Odenkirk. I started this over the weekend and I’ve watched the first four and I’m loving it. I’ll finish it over the rest of the week. Anyone watching?
  11. Atlanta in the top 10? Yes, that's a good call.
  12. Silent Runner


    Amazing stat from twitter, Arsenal have faced 96 shots this season, more than any other side in the PL, Serie A, La Liga, Ligue 1 & the Bundesliga. And that clown Emery will do the same thing next week. What a club.
  13. Silent Runner


    This fucking team. That bum Emery has to go.
  14. Side Effects from a few years back fits that brief.
  15. When I’m sick all I want to watch is Next Generation.
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