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  1. Is Maniac any good? I've watched two and love the look and style of it but the story isn't hooking me and Johan Hill is a bit annoying. Worth sticking with?
  2. It's a great but pretty grim read. Reminded me a lot of The Terror by Dan Simmons.
  3. I enjoyed this. Steve going through some of his favourite roles - plenty of Alan of course.
  4. I needed a break from all this virus panic this week. So what better way to escape than with a Scott Adkins/Jesse V. Johnson double bill? Trick question, these is no better way. First up..... Accident Man https://www.imdb.com/title/tt6237612/ Based on a Pat Mills comic Adkins plays a hitman who specialises in murdering people and making it look like an accident. He works with a colourful crew of murderers and psychopaths and has seemingly cast morality aside for his job. Then his ex-girlfriend gets killed by one of his own crew! Is nothing sacred? So Scott has to use his punching skills to solve this mystery. This was pretty good. Adkins isn't a great actor but he's handsome and charismatic and can do some outrageous stunts. He batters his way through the rest of his squad and there are some decent fight scenes. The rest of the cast are fine, Ray Stevenson is the pick of the bunch, it flies along, there's some laughs, it's well filmed and the violence is crunchy. 3.5/5 Next up we have..... Avengement https://www.imdb.com/title/tt8836988/?ref_=nm_flmg_act_8 Is 'avengement' even a word? That doesn't matter here. This is about two cockney brothers - Adkins and Craig Fairbrass. They have a bit of a falling out and Adkins ends up in prison. He gets out and goes looking for revenge (avengement??). But he's going to have to go through Fairbrasses gang to get to him. You know what you're getting with a Johnson/Adkins colab but this was a cut above the usual fare. The cast are pretty decent - Thomas Turgoose and Nick Moran also star - it flies along and is done inside 85 minutes. It's pretty funny in places and has a soundtrack that rips off both Morricone and Goblin shamelessly. But the real reason to watch these films is to see Scott Adkins batter some punks and we get a LOT of that here. Fights in lifts, prisons, community centres - anywhere you can swing a club/axe or iron bar they have a scrap. The highlight is a 10 minutes sequence in a pub where Adkins takes on all comers. And while it's not The Raid the fights are well choreographed, the action is clearly shot and they have a real weight to them. I really enjoyed this and these two films surely took my mind away from the lockdown this week. 4/5
  5. Up to episode 4 now and I'm really into this. It reminds me a little of Breaking Bad - sometimes not much happens in an episode but it looks so good and the craft of it is proper quality that the running time zips past. Episode 4 constantly wrong-footed me and the ending left me twitching for next week.
  6. Yeah, I can dig that. I rarely go to the cinema these days because it's too easy for your experience to be ruined by some dope in the audience. I saw this at the art cinema here so the crowds are normally well behaved. I think it's a BBC production so it should be on home release soon.
  7. Little Joe A slow-moving and low-key British, horror/sci-fi film. A plant-breeder develops a new breed of plant that can release a drug to make it’s owners happy. She takes one of these plants home to her son but her actions have unexpected consequences. I thought this was really impressive despite it’s flaws. The cast are great (Emily Beecham in particular) it looks superb with a really cold, sci-fi aesthetic and it has a pretty interesting central idea. And like the best films it leaves you thinking about it long after it’s over. The problem is that it feels like an episode of a TV show, Black Mirror or something, stretched out to feature length. I’ll watch out for films from this director in future. 3.5/5
  8. Silent Runner


    Arteta has Covid 19. https://www.arsenal.com/news/club-statement-covid-19
  9. Lloris is trash. At fault for both goals.
  10. 2015 1. Mad Max 2. Carol 3. Spotlight 2016 1. American Honey 2. Paterson 3. Arrival 2017 1. Call me By Your Name 2. Death of Stalin 3. Get Out 2018 1. Sorry to Bother You 2. Hereditary 3. Mandy 2019 1. Parasite 2. Midsomar 3. Us 2017, 2018 and 2019 were the hardest years to reduce to just 3 films.
  11. Villa holding out well against Leicester then Pepe Reina loses his mind and hands them a goal.
  12. Queen and Slim A black couple of a first date get pulled over by a cop. Things go badly and they end up killing the cop and going on the run. We follow them as they head across the American south, trying to escape the man and work out what they’re going to do. I loved this. It looked and sounded amazing – full of beautiful landscapes and run down city environments. It reminded me a bit of the TV show Atlanta in that respect. The two leads are class and the support is excellent. My favourite film so far this year I think. 4.5/5 (I’m not giving it full marks because they slightly fumble the ending) The True History of the Kelly Gang Another film that looks and sounds great. A very loose adaption of the famous Ned Kelly story. Directed by Justin Kurzel who made Snowtown and Macbeth which were both excellent and Assassins Creed. This was fantastic. It had a real noisy energy to it, a fantastic cast (George Mackay, Russell Hoult, Russell Crowe, Thomasin McKenzie), great locations and a killer soundtrack. This was another film with some beautiful landscapes and some scuzzy city locations. And like Queen and Slim it’s a doomed love-story at it’s heart. 4.5/5
  13. Lovely goal from Dybala - left Ashley Young spinning.
  14. Silent Runner


    Watching Arsenal defend a one nil lead has shortened my life by approximately 20 years.
  15. The first two episodes of this new show - written and directed by Alex Garland - are out. It’s a scifi mystery set in a near-future Silicon Valley. A young couple are working for a tech company run by Nick Offerman. One half of the couple gets promoted into a super-secret division of this company, some weird stuff happens to him on his first day and then he disappears. The show then follows his girlfriend as she tries to get to the bottom of what happened. I watched the first episode of this and it was interesting and atmospheric but didn't grab me right away. The cast are quality and I liked the almost-contemporary setting and the little background details were nice. But it was quite slow and a bit humourless. I'll stick with it because I'm a big fan of Garlands previous work. Anyone watching? I think it's on FX.
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