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  1. That Rabid remake is being done by the Soska sisters who made the really good American Mary a few years back. So it should be worth a look.
  2. Weather in games, especially rain, adds so much atmosphere. Metroid Prime has been mentioned a lot and a big part of that for me was the wind and lightening and the way the rain fell on Samus' visor. And I can remember so clearly driving around Vice City in the rain, late at night with Kate Bush singing 'Wow', the raindrops on the windscreen, the neon all streaky. I still get a little shiver when I remember that.
  3. Yesterday I started and this morning I finished The Chain by Adrian McKInty. Don Winslow and Stephen King have been raving about this one for a while now on twitter - this isn't always a recommendation though, King has put his name on a few turkeys over the years. A suburban mother gets a phonecall telling her that her daughter has been kidnapped. To get her released she has to pay a ransom and kidnap another child - this keeps the chain going. This was a pretty decent thriller that reminded me early Michael Marshell - The Straw Men, The Intruders etc - where an ordinary person has their life flipped and finds themselves tested. It moves at a fine pace, the characters are well written and there's some clever ideas. Probably not worth the hype but a decent summer read.
  4. Silent Runner


    Imagine big Weng losing out on a player to Spurs. We're in a tailspin now.
  5. Silent Runner


    Is there even an offer in for him from a French team? Or has he just decided he wants to go back to France and that's it.
  6. My Beautiful Launderette https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0091578/ An ambitious Pakistani Briton and his white boyfriend strive for success and hope when they open a glamorous laundromat. I watched a couple of Stephen Frears films a while back and thought they were very impressive. So last night I watched this one which was his follow up to The Hit which I loved. Set in inner-city London the story follows Omar, a young, first generation immigrant to London. He’s dropped out of college and is living an aimless life caring for his depressed, alcoholic father. He gets a job with his Uncle and soon finds himself managing a rundown launderette. As a result his world gets bigger and more exciting. He finds himself getting drawn into a World he never knew existed. For some reason I had always thought this film was from the ‘depressing realism’ school but I was totally wrong. Yes, it is full of conflict (Omars idealistic left-wing father vs. his corrupt Thatcherite uncle, Pakistani culture vs. British culture, ambition vs. cost to society etc) but it also has this dreamy, woozy atmosphere that's really hypnotic. And a trippy, synth soundtrack. It reminded me a bit of The Long Good Friday the way it perfectly captured a snapshot of the time. That period in the 80’s just before everything changed forever. This was really fantastic. The cast are all superb with a young Daniel Day Lewis the breakout performance. It looks incredible and there’s a definite A Clockwork Orange influence in the photography. There’s so much happening but it’s only 90 minutes long and it never feels rushed or over-plotted – every character gets a story that gets told in a really natural way. A beautiful film. 4.5/5
  7. This is so funny, every line is quality. That Taika Waititi In the 3rd episode?
  8. Silent Runner


    I can't believe we're trying the Suarez approach again. Looking forward to our £40M + £1 bid next.
  9. I've read a few Jim Thompsons but not The Grifters. Even though it's set in the 90's it has a very 50's noir feel to it. I think you'd like it.
  10. I had a Stephen Frears double-bill this weekend. Starting with a film I’d heard a lot about but had never seen: The Hit https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0087414/ Ten years later, after ratting on his old mobster friends in exchange for personal immunity, two hit men drive a hardened criminal to Paris for his execution. However, while on the way, whatever can go wrong, does go wrong. This film opens with Terrance Stamp testifying in court against his gangster crew. They get sent to prison he gets sent into exile - living in rural Spain. After a decade in the sun his old gang catch up with him, he’s kidnapped and the gang start a roadtrip across Spain into France where he is to be executed. I don’t know why I let this pass me by for so long because it was amazing. And can stand alongside classics of the British-gangster genre like The Long Good Friday and Get Carter. To start with the cast are uniformly excellent. Terrance Stamp radiates cool but shot through with intelligence and vulnerability. The two hitmen are played by John Hurt, who looks immaculate in his suit and sunglasses, and a baby Tim Roth, all bravado and swagger but we learn early on this is his first job so we can be sure it won’t go smoothly. As their journey across Spain progresses we see the power dynamics between the 3 shift over and over. But it’s done in such a subtle way you almost don’t notice it until you realise two characters are now working against the other but the two allies really shouldn’t be allies. When they kidnap a woman this complicates the dynamic even further. Every scene was a little masterclass in tension and shows the skill of the director. A stop for petrol or a rest break at a roadside cantina turns into an exercise in paranoia that the Coen brothers would be proud off. One of the films this put in my head was No Country for Old Men. The photography and the camera work are really impressive and while there’s a few unorthodox shots it never feels flashy - just the right option for that scene. There’s a bit When the camera goes down the outside of a tower-block while the characters are making their way down the stairs. I can’t praise this enough - every aspect of it is top class. You know how some films try hard to be ‘cool’ but end up just being naff - something like Baby Driver. But some films are just effortlessly cool - well this is one of those. It’s a really superior thriller and I know it’s a cliche but they don’t make films like this any more. 4.5/5 (I thought this essay was really good and summed up why I found this so rewarding https://www.criterion.com/current/posts/1115-the-hit-road-to-nowhere ) The Grifters https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0099703/ A small-time conman has torn loyalties between his estranged mother and new girlfriend--both of whom are high-stakes grifters with their own angles to play. Another film I was aware off but somehow had never seen. John Cusack is a low-level conman running $10 scams in bars - he’s not very successful and takes the occasional beating when he gets caught. He ends up in hospital and his mother comes back into his life. It turns out she runs scams for the mob. This sets up a nice three-way tension between Cusack, his mother and his girlfriend. They’re all scamming in one way or another. I thought this was a really bleak but fantastic film. Based on a Jim Thompson novel but set in the 90’s it has a great, sleazy feel to it. You’re never sure who’s scamming who and it’s constantly surprising. There’s a great tension between the 3 leads and like The Hit the power dynamics are constantly shifting. The acting is excellent - the three leads, John Cusack, Anette Benning and Anjelica Huston are all superb. And there’s a load of great faces in support roles - Steven Tobolowsky, JT Walsh and others. I loved the 90’s-ness of it, the suits and the cars. It looks great, there’s a nice soundtrack and an amazing ending. Another excellent Frears work. 4/5
  11. This season has been really good but the latest one, 10x5, is the best yet. A proper amazing guest voice and great plot.
  12. The bit where he slow-speed rams the scuba-diver is amazing. In fact that whole 6 minutes is just great.
  13. Silent Runner


    ^ That's class. The new jersey looks really nice as well.
  14. Nice, thanks. Gonna buy The Black Dahlia for probably the 5th time.
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