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  1. Yes. But you need to log into your account, digital locker, to get the code. They don’t email it to you.
  2. Oh dear... this will be well received I’m sure ...
  3. Any suggestions on online sites that will get this delivered on the Saturday. Who usually breaks release?
  4. I also have a spare Retro City Rampage: DX - Nintendo 3DS PM me if you want it
  5. Have they changes the internet options? I thought you could only share your levels with friends using a code? To stop people drawing willy's and uploading them for all to see
  6. http://store.nintendo.co.uk/amiibo/kirby-no.11/10993683.html Kirby is back !!!
  7. Worth complaining ?? Might listen and change their packaging in future ??
  8. Good point buy Nintendo store is putting up next wave live at 3pm. Sucks for those at work.
  9. I am officially out. Nintendo can do one. Stop making new waves and fulfil the existing need. Shopto were out of all yoshi as soon I as I got home
  10. Oh chuff off !! I never registered most of my codes as Nintendo would come up with free game deals but you were excluded if you registered the game before offer went live. Add a pile last night, but ended up with two expired and one which had already been claimed !!!! Silver foil in in place ! I now have a keyboard full of silver foil craps and silver fingers !!!! Ended up with over 10,000 so work putting up with that AWFUL website. I will NOT miss those codes .... ever !
  11. Help do I have to register all my codes before the end of today ??? It isn't clear on website?
  12. Possible spoilers on what lies ahead ??? http://mynintendonews.com/2015/03/30/rumour-nintendo-direct-on-april-1st/
  13. I second that ... Save your money
  14. Watched it last night . . . Fantastic highly recommended as something different. Purchased the soundtrack immediately, works so well in the film.
  15. Gutted tried five or six times to get online and failed each time. Just gave up and went to the backlog instead hoping they would fix this one day in the future grrrrr
  16. Shopto order dispatched first class at 10:12 today. Please santa let it arrive for xmas day.
  17. Shopto have just charged my account for this !!! Sometimes they take in advance and wait .... but hoping it shipping early.
  18. Purchased Season Pass ... played one game .... gutted this has been on the shelf and had no love .... TOO many great games this year !!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. Now live on UK store ---- https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/pokemon-tcg-online/id841098932?mt=8 Let's see how well it does and tests the water for further pokemon / nintendo titles ....
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