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  1. Yeah fuck it. At least I have deluxe and an Xbox 360 still.
  2. I finished it recently and did really enjoy it tbh, some good missions towards the end. Big improvement on H4 for me
  3. Fake news. Gamepass only gets 7/10 games
  4. I didn't get past the battle.net sign in. Can't believe you still need to do that in 2021.
  5. Can't believe how good some of the features in the gamepass app are. I've been streaming Slay the spire to my phone playing with touch controls, it even worked on 4G while waiting in a car park. I think my Nintendo switch is becoming redundant.
  6. Get PES 2019 (more sim), or 2017 (more arcade-y) second hand cheap disc and enjoy!
  7. I'm pretty glad halo has a clean, readable art-style (obviously the player/enemy models need some work though). The foliage in those other shots looks great but I find it hard to navigate and read situations quickly when it's like that. It took me an hour to find a ladder at the beginning of Bloodborne for similar reasons haha. Really pleased to hear how well this plays mostly though.
  8. There are higher difficulties and they introduce more courses. The main control that isn't obvious that you will need is to pull the stick diagonally down and left to do a sharp left turn and the opposite for right. Very useful!
  9. Not exactly a nuanced summary of things there. 2013 was great. 2017 is the best 'arcadey' pes of all time imo. It's so fast, responsive and you feel like you can anything. 2019 is the best 'sim' one for me, the way you shift the players' weight with the left stick and the ball feels like a real object. It's fab! The newest ones are unresponsive and shit tho.
  10. After getting retroarch on my Xbox, I have been feverishly downloading everything I've ever missed out on on Dreamcast/ GameCube as well as all the old favourites. What's been taking my time mostly though is Wave Race 64! Still so bloody fun and a great challenge. The other game that has gripped me is Cosmic Smash on DC. Had never heard of it but instantly the minimalist style and easy to learn - but hard to master - gameplay gripped me.
  11. Yes this happens to me occasionally. It sometimes fixes itself when you just press the guide button (which switches off HDR I think) but otherwise quickly turning the TV off and on. It's a handshake issue and someone said to try a different hdmi cable. I did that and it's still the same so I dunno.
  12. Got this all up and running this week on my series X. Really straightforward following Archades Games YouTube videos. My only issue so far.. - F zero GX on gamecube. Anyone got this to work? It just goes straight to a black screen and I have to quit out of Retroarch using the Xbox guide button.
  13. Activated Dev mode on my series X yesterday for the first time. When I rebooted into it, I got an error and have had to reset my xbox to factory settings (luckily it kept my games so wasn't too much faff). Now dev mode seems to work ok switching back and forth anyone else experience something like this? Hopefully just a one off bug right?
  14. Seeing as how awful PES 21 is, I bought all the Xbox one PES games to determine which is 'the one'. It's 2019. Having a great time updating kits and playing a master league as Rotherham.
  15. Yeah as detestable as Portugal are, this game just got interesting!
  16. I played some halo 1 online the other night, I didn't realise they'd added in loads of new stuff that wasn't in the original! A flamethrower, loads of new maps, rocket launcher warthogs! I am really impressed and even if Infinite turns out to be a bit naff I don't really care now because this is just wonderful.
  17. My favourite sonic memory was when I visited my cousin (was 'deadly dennis' on here fyi) at Manchester uni. We drank absinthe, got very high, met a random chap who Whitied (sp?) and passed out on my cousin's bed. We then put on a speed run of Sonic 2 really loudly and danced our hearts out for the whole twenty or so minutes. Was really exciting when they got bonuses that made the music change/speed up, or the little extra lives jingle. Much more fun than playing. 10/10. We also used to have regular "world cups" as teenagers on the sonic 2 competitive two player mode. They were intense. I remember winning my first one controversially because my cousin slipped on the stairs and hit his head on a radiator, he was almost certainly concussed. That two player mode is the best thing in any sonic game hands down. Brilliantly designed.
  18. Its lovely that PES5 works on Xbox 360 too. With that, the awful 2008 version, 13 and 17 it feels like I have all the eras covered... Played a bit of 2008 yesterday to just see the England squad, Stuart Downing and Crouchy in the default 11
  19. The stodgyness and lack of progress has led me to seek out older PES games. Apparently PES2013 and 2017 are some of the best recently so I've ordered em cheap. Its all got less responsive and more 'realistic' recently and it's losing the fun because of it.
  20. Did enjoy these on GBA but in a world where Into the Breach exists (and costs about a tenner), I was not at all moved by this announcement. Maybe if it gets reduced I'll jump in again
  21. I should've said a proper, waggle-free, sequel!
  22. Absolutely perfect. I hope everyone that's been clamouring for this exact thing puts their money where their mouth is to hopefully get a proper sequel one day too.
  23. Reasons I still have a 360: Monkey Ball Deluxe London 2012 Blur Please don't fuck it up!
  24. Azul and NMBR9 are my favourite two players (and crokinole which you played here!). Both are puzzly, tetris-y and very satisfying and quick!
  25. January 7 wonders second edition - £30 7 wonders leaders - £16 6 nimmt - £9 Camel up second edition - £30 June My City - £27 Linkee - £6 Total - £118 Really happy with my collection so not buying much at all nowadays.
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