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  1. It was pure fan service, loved that bit. Maybe you were expecting this to take the piss out of the Eurovision instead of celebrating it? (That's not a slight, I bet that's how a lot of people felt going into it).
  2. Superhot VR - first time dodging a bullet like Neo Rocket League bringing back the whole same couch co op online multiplayer experience for me and my friends that I've missed since Halo 3. Ultimately getting involved in a local doubles tournament and scraping through to the semi finals Breath of the Wild - the first sandbox game (that I've played) to truly get the idea of emergent gameplay and freedom. The moment that sunk in, was when I got off the plateau and made it my personal quest to get all dem towers. Mario Odyssey - new donk city's climax
  3. Selling: 878 Vikings, played once (mint) - £55 delivered Champion of the wild 2e (mint) - £17 delivered Buying: X wing ships - Tie Strikers, Tie Reaper, Alpha Class Star Wings, Ghost, Phantom, Saw's Renegades
  4. Jackson

    Xbox Game Pass

    I appreciate that @Pob, didn't know there was more to it, only played about 4 hours or so. I think I personally just prefer a series of races with clear objectives instead of all this fancy modern open world stuff. Grid 2019 is my favourite recent racer, not a popular opinion!
  5. Loved this, and it made my wife cry at 3 (three!) separate points! The music was outstanding, and the cameos from real stars, I think it really respected the Eurovision, the Russian was such a great not-really-a-villain too.
  6. Jackson

    Xbox Game Pass

    It is 'spectacular' in that it's a literal spectacle, and the handling is great but there's zero tension as it has no bearing on your progress whether you come first or last (you even get exactly the same trophy icon on the map.) Might not bother some people but I lost all interest in playing after noticing that, I want to be encouraged to push myself and be rewarded for it in a racer.
  7. Only stuff I'm wanting rid of are a couple switch games (snipperclips and crash trilogy). If you are interested in dirty cash though I'd love to work something out. Edit: taken to PMs
  8. Selling - World Championship Russian Roulette - seems it's out of stock everywhere, umm £20 delivered? Wanting to buy - Any X Wing Rebel ships anyone has, please get in touch
  9. Problem is H4 and 5 were both awful in so many ways, level design, the changes to weapons, especially sticky grenades becoming one of The Stotts' little explosions, the awful stories, even the physics were worse. They both had decent marketing/hype trains to suck everyone in. I have very little faith in 343
  10. This! Just as Breath of the Wild almost feels like a sequel to Zelda 1, they need to get back to that feeling of freedom and run with it.
  11. Looks great but the more realistic it gets the more scary it gets, the less I actually want to play! But if it's got Resi 4 camp fun vibes I'm all in.
  12. I've just finished it, superb stuff. I would recommend doing the follow up stuff after the main campaign bit too, it fleshes out the story a bit further and introduces the dreaming city nicely. I kind of want to jump straight into Shadowfall but then there'll be none left :s
  13. I'm enjoying following the story but it's so confusing only having started recently doing quests that are for events that are already years out of date, sequencing everything together is like the Da Vinci Code. Basically the current thing is, Rasputin is operational, big bad triangles are coming, right?
  14. I'm completely new to the game but I'd say yes! I'm halfway through the forsaken campaign, the Reef setting is awesome. I just love how easy it is to log on and make the most of 30 minutes with a quick strike, crucible or gambit match (Except for the load times but at least you can sort your equipment upgrades while it loads). It'd be nice if you could pick up bounties remotely rather than wasting time loading into the tower and out again though.
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