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  1. Finished now and I'm surprised I didn't get a ton of negs for what I said before, I was so wrong. The female characters have so many strong moments in the last few episodes. Incredible finish and the making of documentary was well worth a watch too!
  2. Towerfall and Ultimate Chicken Horse have both worked well for me with both gamers and non gamers. Such good games. Lethal League is worth a look, and although it's not perfect, the minigames in Mario Party are great fun.
  3. Was lucky to get my Grandad's season ticket for the Norwich game. Outstanding! I love this team so much. Lost my voice cheering so much
  4. I don't disagree, but it was definitely noticeable in the middle few episodes for me anyway. Haven't finished it yet. Don't get me wrong, this is still up there with Chernobyl as some of the best TV of all time.
  5. My only gripe is the role is male and female characters is so stereotyped. The girls crying over everything, needing saving and protecting, the boys keeping it all together and doing all the dirty work. It was really apparent in how the two respective characters dealt with Other then that, amazing TV! I'm not going to rush these last two episodes
  6. Jackson

    Nintendo Switch

    If you complete a higher difficulty championship it gives you the credit for all easier settings too. I think most of the unlocks are to do with how many coins you collect anyway. I think a screen protector is a good purchase, some people have reported scuffs/scratches from just docking and undocking the console.
  7. Jackson

    PES 2020

    Master league trailer. This looks really fun to me! Shame I can't have my own created freak of a manager though, but Maradona will do
  8. Yeah you've got a building to the left, a lamppost in the middle with a person underneath being spied on (it only took me 15 watches of the clip to figure it out!)
  9. Yep, good enough for me too. Just completed episode 2, inferno here we come! I love this game. It might even top Resi 4 for having gamings best shotgun...
  10. I've never played Doom before and I'm having a great time.
  11. Jackson

    PES 2020

    It's almost like people have different opinions! I'm not sold on this new demo so far, I love 19 and feel like I can play in the Norwich style of lots of neat short passes and quick movement. Need a bit of getting used to the new one, but the slower pace is leaning a bit towards 'sluggish' for me.
  12. Too many gimmicky levels though, the first was a perfect arcade challenge
  13. Got the Ferti 65cm board, and introduced it to my partner yesterday. She was sceptical at first (looking at it) but within one game we were both hooked and she was thinking where we could store it, haha. Incredible game, really satisfying, addictive, lots of wow moments. Really pleased with it! If anyone wants a cheap way to play crokinole I'd recommend it without hesitation!
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