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  1. Those high up deposits are reached with the equipment that all the characters have. One of you can grapple hook, one can make platforms, one can make zip lines and I can't remember the other one.
  2. It has a lot of humour, and some of the things the dwarves shout can be a bit much for a really young kid, I've only done the tutorial but my dwarf shouted "what is this crap they've equipped me with?", doubt it gets worse than that though, and the enemies are just bugs/spiders, I think 12 years old would be fine (please correct me someone if I'm wrong though)
  3. Saw it on a few GOTY lists and then was surprised to see Deep Rock Galactic is on gamepass, just done the tutorial and it seems every bit as special as I'd been lead to believe. It's sort of like Helldivers / Sea of Thieves / Minecraft / Left 4 Dead, where you are a merry bunch of sweaty sweary dwarves. All procedurely generated too. If, like me, you hadn't heard of it, get on it!
  4. It has 4 player local co op for the main 3D world game
  5. Yeah player 2 controls baby Bowser, it said "give a friend a joycon" or something to that effect
  6. I have 3 episodes left, not seeing a drop in quality at all. The parts in Were amazing in particular, I was a bit drunk but I cried at one point.
  7. Selling a couple bits, prices include postage, reduce if collecting from Norwich: Trapwords - £10 Flamme rouge meteo expansion (unboxed) - £7
  8. You're talking about season 3, which netflix had no influence on. And the showrunners already have planned tons of seasons of content, again, nothing to do with netflix. Maybe you'd like to explain yourself better.
  9. He's playing fortnite in his room, you can hear him yelling "fuck you noob!" in the background of certain scenes
  10. Nice story bro but I think this season was actually made before the netflix deal
  11. You should probably stop and play some of them
  12. Yeah I agree with the positive impressions above. Had some amazing close races in split screen this weekend. The drift mechanics, and the slipstreaming work really well and I love how the rough and tumble with the AI is forgiving enough that it makes you adapt, mid-corner, but doesn't often just screw you over completely. Also, the very best thing is the little character videos you get when you win a championship. The Japanese lady's one genuinely was quite poignant!
  13. Yep just got one of those. What a mess. I'll leave it I think.
  14. Joy cons are shocking, least reliable controllers I've ever owned. Mine have the issue that if there is literally anything between the controller and the console, it starts skipping/lagging inputs, even just your legs if you rest hands in your lap will cause this :/ I sent this to Nintendo and they returned saying there was no issue. My nephew has constant stick drifting even after 2 'repairs' from Nintendo too.
  15. See I'm not sure this is true anymore... Try doing a really slow down push and then a fast/normal forward push, the game puts it on the extreme right of slow. I can't find much consistency in this still after about 8 hours with it, might give up and trade it towards the Tony Hawk remake
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