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  1. I guess some genres like racing games and shooters, mechanically have already 'peaked' in terms of what you can do with a controller input on a TV. Nicer graphics can't change the feeling of input/response in some cases
  2. Sucks. It's this kind of thing and the lack of inter-generational digital games support that stop me investing in the Nintendo ecosystem fully.
  3. It does 120hz 4k. But not with dolby vision. The firmware update will allow that soon
  4. Jackbox and "it's quiz time" could replace buzz. Both are played with your phone and can support quite a few players.
  5. Brilliant news. I still am blown away by the image every time I play a game on it.
  6. Yeah you should be able to get to the main menu. I had this message and fixed it by restarting the app a couple of times
  7. Just been trying out the new map in training mode. Jesus Christ the ghost is powerful isn't it!? I like that though, it should be exciting to get a vehicle and equally satisfying to take one down
  8. Art style > resolution (Not agreeing with either side tho, Halo and overwatch are both beautiful imo)
  9. Got the message "your account is not authorized to play halo infinite", closing the app and restarting it a couple of times seemed to fix it. Lots of bugs with the lighting and pop in, but the game play feels pretty good. Am excited for 6pm!
  10. I was hoping to do training and weapon drills tonight
  11. Works on retroarch on Xbox. Even the original arcade game through the DC emu works Also MB deluxe works on an Xbox 360.
  12. Did the last one allow you to party up? Hoping to have a session with some mates on Friday. Also hoping we can play against bots together because it'll be quite boring losing to MLGs over and over.
  13. I use usb for most consoles, works great. Only things in my Xbox HD are DOS, PS2 and EU PS1 ROMs. Check out this channel for all the setup guides that've helped me (it's Archades Games)... https://youtube.com/c/IceStrike256
  14. Yeah fuck it. At least I have deluxe and an Xbox 360 still.
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