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  1. Absolutely loved this, there's a subtle intimacy and intensity that just makes it so gripping. And the music was perfect.
  2. Jackson

    Quick Whitehall Mystery question

    The character cards have English text to describe their (optional) special powers, and Jack has cards for his special actions; taxi, boat and alleyway which explain their rules on too. It's not language heavy by any means but there is definitely some there.
  3. Jackson

    Doctor Who

    Obviously not. All the most memorable episodes for me have a enemy or dilemma which drives the plot. Weeping angels, a dalek, the end of the universe, whatever. This had
  4. Jackson

    Doctor Who

    The doctor and companions are fine but both the scripts have been so dull. Neither episode has had a clear problem/enemy to build situations around, just lots of running from one thing to the next with a few 'doctor like' speeches and explanations in between, it isn't gripping at all.
  5. Jackson

    Into the Breach - #perfectforswitch

    Just got it this week, and have been absolutely addicted, I can see myself going for all the achievements, playing through with each squad. Love the squad diversity and the pace of everything, my favourite has been the second team which focuses on smoke. I'm not into strategy games really, except xcom and advanced wars, this is better than either of them I'd say. Jamie John, it's part advance wars, part roguelike, part xcom, part sudoku. Each run you can bring one pilot with you to the new timeline, otherwise it's always a fresh start. It's only a couple of hours per 'run' though. Each run has random upgrades, random maps and enemies, plus you can use different squads which offer completely different playstyles. Might be a good idea to stay on easy to get confidence up and learn the systems. This video might help too..
  6. Jackson

    CeX now trading board games

    That's great news. Can't see many people buying games from there though, board gamers are usually precious over the condition of games (me included).
  7. Jackson

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    Overcooked 2 is 20% off too, £16 now, i found the first too stressful but this one is easier right?
  8. Jackson

    Nintendo Switch

    I'm not sure but I would guess not because it can only register 4 'controllers' maximum, your example has 5.
  9. Jackson

    Nintendo Switch

    The switch can handle 8 joy cons, if you register them as a pair it counts as one controller. That's how bomberman gets 8 players, and towerfall gets 6. Mario party is single joycon, 4 players max though. It's bloody great.
  10. Jackson

    Nintendo Switch

    Not sure about the 3DS but the original gba and original ds were patently flawed and needed an upgrade though.
  11. Jackson

    Nintendo Switch

    Can't see it happening until 2020 personally, it's got loads going for it at the moment, and no apparent major hardware faults. What's the point? Happy if they do though, even as a new switch owner, a better version of something I love sounds good to me.
  12. Jackson

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    Strange issue with my PS4 last night I removed my PSVR stuff (to sell it) and reconnected everything to the TV. The PS4 then would just flick between static, a fuzzy version of the menu, and darkness, over and over. I switched hdmi ports and it only fixed it temporarily before it started happening again. Through googling there are a million answers, none of which are agreed by all. But I've done two things that seem to be working at the moment: 1) switched hdmi cable 2) rebuilt the database in safe mode Anyone had an issue like mine? Is my fix going to last or is something fundamentally broken?
  13. Jackson

    Games Exchange

    Sorry, tried that and my partner wasn't keen
  14. Paid full price for laser league and went back to rocket league/towerfall/lethal league/infinite other local multiplayer games quite quickly.
  15. Jackson

    Games Exchange

    Sold a few of mine and got a few more to sell.. All in excellent condition except Star Realms which isn't bad. Prices include postage... Unusual Suspects - £15 Tokaido (newest edition) - £26 Tsuro - £21 Hive Pocket - £13 Star Wars Destiny 2 player starter set - £13 Star Realms (used and unboxed) - £6.50

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