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  1. Yeah I agree with the positive impressions above. Had some amazing close races in split screen this weekend. The drift mechanics, and the slipstreaming work really well and I love how the rough and tumble with the AI is forgiving enough that it makes you adapt, mid-corner, but doesn't often just screw you over completely. Also, the very best thing is the little character videos you get when you win a championship. The Japanese lady's one genuinely was quite poignant!
  2. Yep just got one of those. What a mess. I'll leave it I think.
  3. Joy cons are shocking, least reliable controllers I've ever owned. Mine have the issue that if there is literally anything between the controller and the console, it starts skipping/lagging inputs, even just your legs if you rest hands in your lap will cause this :/ I sent this to Nintendo and they returned saying there was no issue. My nephew has constant stick drifting even after 2 'repairs' from Nintendo too.
  4. See I'm not sure this is true anymore... Try doing a really slow down push and then a fast/normal forward push, the game puts it on the extreme right of slow. I can't find much consistency in this still after about 8 hours with it, might give up and trade it towards the Tony Hawk remake
  5. If open world racers aren't for you and you want just a tried and tested list of events to work through, then you can't go wrong with GRID. Dirt Rally is an incredible hardcore sim-like rally experience. And the F1 games are great too. Codemasters have been smashing it.
  6. So I did calibration, and I still can't hit anything except fast and slow shots. I really don't want to put the difficulty down because it's so fucking easy otherwise, but I have no idea how to get better too! The game does a terrible job of letting you know what you're actually doing wrong. Am I pulling back too slow? Am I transitioning too slow, or is the *only* thing measured the speed of your forward push? And if that's the case why are my results so unpredictable!? I swear I'm doing pretty much the same thing each time... It's frustrating as hell but in a way it's
  7. Yeah I'm playing on Xbox and the downswing timing is very strict! I got +9 on my first round then turned that off in the settings and got -3! I definitely want to learn to play with it on though (especially as it's going to be on when you play online matches).
  8. Oh man that's ridiculous they can announce it so late. I've pre-ordered for Xbox one. Neo Turf Masters is the perfect switch golf game anyway
  9. Got the 2019 game recently and whist it is good, the loose way you apply power is ridiculous and makes it so unfriendly to introducing a friend or family member. This looks so much better with more assistance in that regard, shame that the switch won't have the course creator at launch (hopefully patched in) or it'd be a no brainer.
  10. Jackson

    Fall Guys

    Any chance of this making it to XB1 or switch in the future? Looks great fun
  11. Also started this recently, completed the first two characters now, when you start to find chains and do massive damage in a turn it's so bloody satisfying. I managed to kill one boss's second health bar (that regenerates it's health to full when you first kill it) in one move, haha. Crazy Shiv/poison and "finisher" c-c-c-combo! Absolutely loving it, I loved the board game Dominion but my wife didn't, this is absolutely scratching that itch (Just like XCom covers my Space Hulk cravings). Going to try and complete all characters once before looking at daily challenges
  12. There's something about this simple aesthetic I find appealing (brute faces aside). Lots of high detail modern graphics games make it so confusing trying to find the important elements in the environment that you can actually interact with (Bloodborne took me about an hour to find a ladder early on). I like the high contrast colours, the way you can read a situation easily and make snap choices, and the gameplay looks fun with the grapple hook.
  13. Much better art style and colour palette than the other 343 halo games, I like it and the nades look more powerful like the old games too.
  14. I don't understand the Tie Reaper inclusion either, aren't the Reaper and Striker (with their adaptive wings) supposed to be in-atmosphere based ships?
  15. It was pure fan service, loved that bit. Maybe you were expecting this to take the piss out of the Eurovision instead of celebrating it? (That's not a slight, I bet that's how a lot of people felt going into it).
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