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  1. Jackson

    What are you playing?

    Found Tzaar in a board game shop in Lithuania for just 11 euros, don't really play abstracts but had to give it a chance! Two days of pestering and finally my girlfriend played it with me, haha. She won both games and we both really enjoyed it. It only takes about 15 minutes each game, and immediately is quite easy to make choices without analysis paralysis. Set up is random each time too which keeps it fresh. Recommended. https://goo.gl/images/YYbQLm
  2. Jackson

    Rock Band 4

    I'm sure this info is elsewhere but I keep reading conflicting articles. As a PS4 owner buying RB4, what previous packs am I still going to be able to import? As I understand it.. - ACDC and Track Pack 2 - buy unused PS3 copies, put code into psn, done! (No PS3 required?) - Rock Band 3 - play game on PS3 (can be used), buy export code through PS3, download onto PS4 Am I missing anything? Thanks
  3. Jackson

    PES 2019

    It's excellent. The ball feels weighty, somehow more like a real ball, and I've noticed loads of new animations etc. The players seem really good at holding off defenders, dribbling with players like Messi and Salah is genuinely exciting and terrifying for the defence. And the AI defenders seem a bit more with it. Plus the graphics are incredible. I'm loving it!
  4. Jackson

    PES 2019

    Demo is up
  5. Looks like the FM is used for all the unlockables in the shop, so just get what you fancy. You can buy season 3 characters for 100,000 each, so getting Blanka and Sagat soon is my plan. Stages, costumes and other stuff are on there too, bit ridiculous how much it all costs though.
  6. Jackson

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    Was just trying out a few PS4 themes and discovered a lovely one, 'Journey Static Theme'. It has lovely sombre music in the background. Free for PS+ members https://store.playstation.com/en-gb/product/EP9000-CUSA00470_00-JOURNEYSTATIC001
  7. Jackson

    PES 2019

    The Carlos goal at 1:40, and the Messi goal just after it, incredible. Demo next week folks!
  8. Thanks for the advice. I ignored it all and got SF5 arcade edition, haha, SF4 is £20 on psn at the moment so no different. It seems really good so far, all the old combos are the same, all the inputs are quite forgiving. It'll definitely do the job! I like the team battle mode in particular.
  9. Would people recommend this, SF4 or the 30th anniversary edition for casual local play with mates? In other words, which will button mashers have the best time with? Haha.
  10. Cheaper on base.com. £15.85 https://www.base.com/buy/product/street-fighter-v-arcade-edition-ps4/dgc-sfvaeps4.htm
  11. Jackson

    Nintendo Switch

    Yeah they're tucked into the far corner, was in there today
  12. Jackson

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    Good ol' shearer telling it how it is.
  13. Jackson

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    Na it's bollocks
  14. Jackson

    PlayStation VR

    Ah that makes sense! I'll give it a try. Finding this game really hard (but good!)
  15. Jackson

    PlayStation VR

    Got this yesterday and already enjoying it except for two things... 1) how do you throw things consistently in Superhot? It's really weird that it has a second button! 2) when pausing a game and passing the headset to let someone else have a go, the tracking/calibration can sometimes go a little mental for the move controllers and/or headset. Is there a quick 'recenter' button I'm missing? What can I do in this situation? Thanks!

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