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  1. Had an X for couple of months now. It's the best console in terms of user experience since 16bit era. It's completely transformative for the impatient and time strapped gamer. There's enough on gamepass to keep me from noticing the lack of new releases too. And the fact that my online playing friends and me have a constantly updated massive shared library is amazing. Every week we can try something new (then go back to Rocket League). My console did have some handshake issues with my TV but a new hdmi cable seems to have fixed that.
  2. Jackson

    Your music/band

    Just having a good listen to this, right up my street! Might even sneak some on while my class of year 5s are writing their sci fi stories next week will make a change from Brian eno and Max Richter haha.
  3. Jackson

    Your music/band

    https://open.spotify.com/artist/4LjstPDWLUWN2u11AAVB6n?si=mTFTNvkgSkSLAAPb6wZ8pg&utm_source=copy-link Things have progressed a bit since starting this thread, got a few tracks recorded and getting a bit of a local following (nearly 400 Facebook likes) we are aiming to do an album this year.
  4. Quick review of my purchases so far as a new adopter Keepers Pistol whip - amazing feeling to play. Love how everything is ahead of you as I have found I don't enjoy having things attack me from behind! Beats Superhot as my favourite shooter. Eleven - my favourite game. It's just like the real thing Walkabout mini golf - amazing course design and physics and really simple controls. So much care gone into it with little things like finding a lost ball on each level. Top Golf: Pro putter or whatever it's called - much less 'fun' than Walkabout
  5. Really pleased about the vr announcement. The Wii version is the most fun (even if it is dead easy) and I expect this will feel similar. I wonder how the QTE's will work.
  6. Just got a quest 2 yesterday. Lovely little thing, I'm very happy! The battery did keep dieing though. In order to keep playing while it charges, can I just buy an extra long cable and plug it into the wall/an Xbox to charge whilst playing? Something like this... https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B08CBG8NVW/ref=sspa_mw_detail_6?ie=UTF8&psc=1&pd_rd_i=B08CBG8NVWp13NParams
  7. But then where will he play gamepass
  8. Yeah it's becoming one of my favourite ever racers. The ai is really varied and ridiculous, making the races so fun. The handling system is superb and it looks stunning. Also great online, getting stuck in middle positions fighting for every inch is glorious.
  9. Jesus Christ this talking. "ID @ Xbox is great, it's so easy to sign up, the games are so unique." Show. Us. Them.
  10. Haha yes I've done a few of them now. They're great. Also just discovered slot car racing! Incredible how fleshed out it all is. Not just throwaway minigames at all.
  11. So I put on Yakuza 0 yesterday just so I could delete it and say I've tried it (like so many games on gamepass!). Ended up completing chapter 1 in the first sitting and I can't stop thinking of it today. What a game! The drama and characters are memorable and interesting. The combat is kind of like a 3D streets of rage. Hope it stays this good.
  12. Good shout. This seems the perfect game for easy difficulty I think.
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