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  1. After not cashing in my last 34 SNG's, finished 1st in a 45man sng despite loosing a $10,000 pot as a 70% favourite when down to the final 2 tables.
  2. 1. The Wire 2. Buffy the Vampire Slayer 3. Anne of Green Gables: The Sequel 4. Anne of Green Gables 5. The X-Files 6. Six Feet Under 7. ER 8. Angel 9. My So Called Life 10. Veronica Mars 11. This Life 12. Gilmore Girls 13. The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy 14. The Opposite Sex 15. Farscape 16. Doctor Who 17. Everwood 18. Lost 19. Twin Peaks 20. Quantum Leap
  3. tonymg

    Bad Beats

    I've been keeping a log of all my hands I've been allin preflop with, I've won 1 of the last 15 and lost 6 times with AK against K9, 9 on flop for 6050 chips A7, 7 on flop for 3000 chips 34, 4 on flop for 2800 chips AQ, Q on river for 3000 chips KJ, J on turn for 2200 chips and the latest vs K6, flop A48 ( maybe my luck is turning), turn 5 ( surely not) river 7 ( )
  4. All 3 goals here http://bit.ly/hZVr7g
  5. YES . Things really boiled over in the 2nd half, really great game though, both teams played some nice stuff and Morrisons finish was really brilliant. Semi's against Chelsea next.
  6. Do you have Veetle? Slightly unlucky to be behind, other than the first ten minutes its been more or less even. Morrison and Pogba are playing well but we're missing Colfie's presence upfront.
  7. We've just started playing Liverpool in the F.A youth cup at Anfield, good Veetle stream here http://www.magictv.co/ .
  8. tonymg

    Bad Beats

    I'm like a one man set maker at the moment, unfortunately its my opponents that are hitting them. PokerStars Game #58933721723: Tournament #373162290, $0.25+$0.00 USD Hold'em No Limit - Level IV (50/100) - 2011/03/09 21:28:30 WET [2011/03/09 16:28:30 ET] Table '373162290 2' 9-max Seat #9 is the button Seat 1: Freewheeler (2306 in chips) Seat 2: Tonymg81 (1530 in chips) Seat 3: wingman180 (3208 in chips) Seat 4: skunkssabath (3545 in chips) Seat 5: piri_mary (3948 in chips) Seat 6: sardanisca1 (1345 in chips) Seat 7: smirkle (1445 in chips) Seat 8: bluemoon9280 (2995 in chips) Seat 9: S
  9. VDS, O'Shea, Vidic, Smalling, Evra, Carrick , Fletcher, Gibson , Nani, Rooney, Berbs Subs: Kuszczak, Brown, Rafael, Fabio, Obertan, Scholes, Hernandez I'm feeling nervous.
  10. http://www.myp2p.eu/index.php?part=sports
  11. I hope Ferguson makes changes soon before we go 2-0 down.
  12. Deserve to be behind after that half, total shit. I'm not even sure its all the players fault (well except maybe Gibson), why we're playing 4-3-3 with players who rarely play together I dont know. Still Fabio's having a good game and Lindegaard looks assured and we have enough on the bench to come back. Hopefully Gibson off for Nani and Berbabtov/Rooney on for Owen and switch to 442.
  13. 1. 12 Angry Men 2. North by Northwest 3. Guys and Dolls 4. Rashomon 5. Some Like It Hot 6. Seven Samurai 7. Singin' in the Rain 8. Alice In Wonderland
  14. Also it wasn't that long ago that Hernandez wasn't doing so well and was thinking about giving up football altogether. No matter what happens to Macheda he's always going to be greatly remembered for his part in our last title win.
  15. tonymg


    I can see why City played the way they did, they seem to be beating the middle and bottom sides fairly easily so if they can keep nicking points against the bigger sides they've got a chance at the title. I expect you to go very close this season, I can't see you beating Barca (although I don't think its going to be the whitewash that some people seem to think) so you can concentrate on the league and Utd still have all our hard away games still to play.
  16. Hernandez goal just gets better the more I see it, his overall play isn't there just yet but I think the elements are all there it just needs a little tweaking. The Nani and Raf combination is looking great, the only bad thing about Nani's form is where does it leave Valencia. He was one of our best players last year but Nani doesn't deserve to be shifted to the left (where he's not as good) and Valencia is so one footed he cant play there.
  17. I'd like Carrick on for Gibson (who hasn't done much) just to make us a bit more stable at the back. It will be interesting to check out Rafs tackling stats on the Guardian chalkboards he's been immense this game.
  18. Fletcher, Rafael and Evra have all been great. I'm still a little worried about the defence, they've hardly troubled us but Smalling has looked a little shaky and Kusz is always liable to make a mistake.
  19. I hope it's not going to be one of those days where we dominate and end up drawing.
  20. 1. The Hustler 2. Rosemary's Baby 3. My Fair Lady 4. Yojimbo 5. The Cincinnati Kid 6. The Appartment 7. Doctor in Love 8. Pyscho 9. Barefoot in the Park 10. Night of the Living Dead 11. The Sword in the Stone 12. Mary Poppins 13. Jason and the Argonauts 14. Dr. No 15. Alfie 16. The Birds 17. Goldfinger 18. The Jungle Book 19. Lord of the Flies 20. Sanjuro
  21. It was Ole's last game as reserve team coach tonight, we beat Newcastle reserves 5-1 (Morrison (2), Will Keane (2), Tunnicliffe) leaving him with a managerial record of P68 W43 D16 L9. Hopefully he goes on to be successful I'd love him to be our manager one day. Probably my favourite player of all time.
  22. 1. Star Wars 2. Rocky 3. Grease 4. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre 5. The Rocky Horror Picture Show 6. Cabaret 7. Annie Hall 8. Alien 9. The Lord of the Rings 10. Superman 11. Chinatown 12. Bugsy Malone 13. Get Carter 14. High Plains Drifter 15. Life of Brian 16. The Exorcist 17. A Clockwork Orange 18. Monty Python and the Holy Grail 19. Dawn of the Dead 20. Woodstock
  23. I remember Scholes starting out as the deepest of the 3 and Arsenal slightly edging it, it wasn't until him and Carrick changed posistion half way through the first half that we started to dominate.
  24. I'd prefer Carrick over probably Scholes and play him as the furthest back of the 3. He was brilliant there when we won at the Emirates last year and Scholes hasn't played for a while.
  25. 1. The Sure Thing 2. When Harry Met Sally 3. Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back 4. Star Wars: Return of the Jedi 5. Robocop 6. First Blood 7. Heathers 8. Blue Velvet 9. Gallipoli 10. Labyrinth 11. Die Hard 12. The Thing 13. Who Framed Roger Rabbit 14. The Little Mermaid 15. A Nightmare on Elm Street 16. Raiders of the Lost Ark 17. The Terminator 18. Aliens 19. Lost Boys 20. Stand by Me
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