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  1. Thats the thing though she probably didn't have two possible people picked she was probably going to choose michelle no matter what. She just wanted to make us think that it was random, she certainly knows how to play the game although victor already knows she cant be trusted.
  2. Thats the problem though the majority of people who watch big brother are the ones who constantly get rid of the interesting characters in the house, they just dont understand what makes it interesting to watch. You just know that as soon as victor is up for eviction he is probably going to go and that stuart and shell are probably going to make it to the last 4 despite being bland.
  3. I thought the horrid blonde women looked familiar from the trailers and its because shes from my home town (feltham). Both of them were as bad as each other though, one giving their kids too much freedom and the other giving them none.
  4. I dont agree, its pretty obvious that they were going to make becki nominate someone to go up for eviction as its inkeeping with the whole evil big brother thing. Michelle is definitely going to be evicted which is a good thing because both nardia and marco need to be kept in as do jason and victor to keep it interesting.
  5. Using U2031 method I've managed to beat my previous highest (which was done by playing for the better hands and getting the sweepstake) on quite a few occasions (current best $141,000). The Problem i found with the sweepstake was that you had to try and get it quite early on otherwise the game gets too quick and i found it hard to rack up large points in the 2 minutes meaning it was better to stick with the flush tactic if you wanted to get more points. I'm still finding the game too quick and if i make one mistake i find it impossible to recover especially if i'm high up the play area.
  6. I enjoyed it but I do think it gets too fast too quick which means after a while i stop trying to get the harder hands and stick with flushes. I also found that with it being faster i didn't have time to look at what the next card was and look at where I could place it. Maybe you could include a mode where it stayed at a constant speed but you only had a certain number of cards to rack up points with, sort of like the mode B option in tetris. My highest score so far is $136,000.
  7. Words cant describe how much I dispise emma and michelle they have got to be two of the most stupid, vacuous individuals to ever exist, great entertainment though. The funniest thing is how much they overreact to things, like michelle when vanessa was sitting next to stuart and she started going on about him moving closer to her or when she complained about shell and and the other girls wearing so little clothing, this coming from the women who gets them out at ever opportunity.
  8. It will be interesting to see what michelle and emma do with their new found power when they get back into the house. I can see the devide between the two groups in the house becoming even more pronounced.
  9. Radical dreamers. Its a sort of sequal to chrono trigger that was only released on the satellaview in japan. Although dont expect too much from it as its a bit like one of those chose your own adventure books rather than like chrono trigger. Worth playing though.
  10. The last time i saw richard - joni mitchell: Not only a beautiful song but rhymes the words figure skater with coffee percolator. Dont I hold you - wheat: A song for everyone who has ever been dumped
  11. If i play games for too long, afterwards when i close my eyes i find myself playing the game within my head which makes it impossible to get to sleep and it lasts for hours.
  12. When I was younger I used to hang around with my sisters boyfriends brother who was a bit older than me. One day we went round to his house because he had this new games machine called a nes. My only other experience of playing games was on my sisters bbc micro so I was amazed by it, he had duck hunt and gyromite (the game with ROB). Being younger I watched him patiently playing duck hunt waiting for him to offer me a go, he never did but he did ask me if I wanted to play the strange game with the robot. I was really excited as he put the cart in the machine, powered it up and gave me a contr
  13. I got mariokart:DD, Zelda WW, Gregory horror show, super monkey ball and the zelda bonus disk and apart from brief multiplayer interludes on mariokart have just played super monkey ball.
  14. tonymg


    I went for i'm loving it and think its probably the best football game i've played. I was frustrated with the tackling to begin with but now i slidetackle alot and hardly ever have a foul given against me, you just have to time them right.
  15. I've finally decided to take the plunge and start creating games and i am planning on getting blitz basic in january, but I dont know which version to get. Is it worth getting the 3d version instead of blitzplus even though i will only be making 2d games?
  16. I remember it being a really fantastic game, i'm sure there was a warp on the first level. If i remember correctly it was a rocket about half way through which if you were quick enough you could catch. Infact i think i'll go and download it now.
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