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  1. Loving them begging us to watch their Speccy Match Day quality broadcast for the final.
  2. Mom? I’m not fucking moaning. I just said I was pumped we won I just didn’t enjoy the second ET. Fuck me. I just made a daft off hand comment.
  3. Fucking A Gary Neville slagging of the government there. Superb.
  4. I dunno it’s not exactly logical but there we are. Pumped we won, I just didn’t enjoy that second half of ET.
  5. Call me a pissy homer but taking Grealish off has really soured this game for me.
  6. It was quite funny the first time you said it. Less so the 50 times after.
  7. If it hadn’t been for that bullshit yellow he’s have nailed that and it goes in. Grumble
  8. But they weren’t the players edit: @Ry
  9. All a bit messy at the moment. No one seems to be able to hold on to the ball again. Need to get that Germany/Ukraine swagger back.
  10. First time I played this I tried to shoot through her skirt. Never been more disappointed to get a Game Over screen.
  11. Been ages since I’ve had time to write up my completion thoughts so here’s a data-blast of all the things I’ve completed since my last update, some games don’t really need a lot of blurb. FF14: Heavensward Quests Did some more of this, it’s a nice timesink and I have yet to come across a single toxic idiot even when I’m shit. The story has improved since the ARR quests but how many times can they re-use those eyes? Pikmin 3 Replayed the lovely Switch version, still the best-looking fruit in gaming. Super Mario 3D World Don’t really need to say anything about this one. Lair of the Clockwork God Wonderful game from the creators of Time Gentlemen Please. Half platformer; half Point and Click and a proper hilarious script. This is well worth your time and money. The Touryst I honestly thought I was going to love this. It started out nice and intriguing showing promise, but then became a little tedious with some terrible platforming sections, boring minigames and annoying fetch quests. It did look beautiful on Series X and the Arcade was quite fun. Star Renegades From all I’d heard I was expecting this to be an X-Com-alike but it was more like a cross between Into the Breach and Final Fantasy 7. The structure is pure Into the Breach, almost scandalously so, just with a more interactive map. Combat is akin to turn-based JRPG combat but with a lot more strategy and each team member with a very specific role. It’s really good and definitely worth checking out if you have GamePass. The Wild at Heart Cute as hell Pikmin-alike, can’t really say much more than that. Was good. Outriders Hmmmmmm, wasn’t a massive fan of this but played it online with my buddy as he was in love with it. It’s not terrible but is so bland and can be screen-punchingly annoying at times. The shooting is very nice but it’s just so samey for 12 or so hours. The end game is also utterly pointly and unrewarding. Ratchet & Clack: Rift Apart This was simply a super good looking Ratchet & Clank game. Graphics from 2021; gameplay from 2001. Enjoyable but not the paradigm altering entertainment product some members of the media would have us believe. A decent script well performed and, of course, dazzling to watch with your eyeballs. FF14: Stormblood Quests Yup, we continue to plod through this as some kind of meditation, great to play with the football on this month. Whew, sorry some of the writeups were rubbish, but time defeats me constantly.
  12. I’ll agree with the rest of your post even though I’m one of the people who wanted to see a more attacking formation (though I do think you’re being a bit disingenuous, no one was asking for all out attack, just a bit more use of the players we had). The bit I’ve quoted is just nonsense though. In the last three years he’s pretty much got us promoted then kept us up singlehanded ( just check the results with him in the team vs not) then had us challenging for Europe until he was injured again last year. I understand that people have beef with Grealish and that’s fair enough but you can make an argument without making shit up.
  13. Ukraine do like to make their players with leg injuries walk don’t they?
  14. Another night of singing Get Out of Your Lazy Bed.
  15. Tony Daley was not a non entity, he was awesome and should be in the “didn’t get the caps he deserved” pot. He was unlucky that his England recognition coincided with his ankles giving up on him.
  16. Yeah, not a big fan of that.
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