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    NFL 2021!

    It was looking like that. But Jags finally showed some moxy. Really good game all in.
  2. BabelRich

    NFL 2021!

    In the bar after the game now with my Jags supporting mate. what a game that was. I’m pretty sure all 60000 people watch were expecting a Hail Mary at the end. Hell of a call and hell of a kick. Absolutely buzzing from seeing that kind of drama first hand.
  3. 08/10/21 - Kena - Bridge of Spirits Fancied something new and saw this getting plaudits on here to took the plunge and I'm really glad I did. You know the score by now Kena is, in parts, Pikmin, Zelda, Horizon, Dark Souls run through the mincer and reformed into a Pixar patty. It's been labelled a throwback to the PS2 era but this is no bad thing because despite how easy it is to take shots at; it's just a really fun game to play. Combat is limited to start but soon expands with a small tech tree it's easy enough to max out. Mixing in Rot powers with your general staff thwacking add a bit of spice to the souls-ish combat that never gets too hard save for the odd boss. The environmental puzzles are never really tricky but they are satisfying to solve even if the reward is, more often than not, more crystals you don't need. I disagree with the assertion from some quarters that the story is 'just there'. There's not the level of environmental story telling you'd find in, say, a Fallout; but you gradually piecing together what happened to the village through collectable memories and story beats and is very touching in places. If you want something that is just a good old fashioned fun game with some beautiful looks, get this you wont be disappointed. 12/10/21 - The Artful Escape Kena was gorgeous but this was something else. There is very little gameplay in here but somehow it keeps you grinning every step of the way thanks to its eye-searing, Yellow Submarine-for-the-21st-Century visuals, cool soundtrack and, of course, the shred button. Yes, it's a 2D walking simulator but it has such verve it's impossible not to get sucked in to its crazy world and blunt allegory.
  4. Just came to post that. Magnificent strip this week. https://www.theguardian.com/football/ng-interactive/2021/oct/12/david-squires-on-newcastle-united-saudi-takeover
  5. 03/09/21 - Psychonauts 2 Man, I adored Psychonauts. The imagination put in to creating that world was second just perfect and I only broke one controller during Meat Circus; that's how much I loved it. So what about the long pined for sequel? For me it didn't disappoint. The only thing that made it not quite as good as the original was this time it wasn't a surprise how amazing this world was. 30/09/21 - Final Fantasy 14 - Shadowbringers Quests I'd been looking forward to this chunk of the game since I started after hearing all commentators espousing the greatness of its story. And it was great but I have to say I'm a bit sick of them bringing certain uninteresting characters back from the dead But the filling out of the Acsian backstory was lovely and I'm now ready to go day one with Endwalker so bring it on. Previous
  6. So this got a patch in the last few days and I'm pleased to report that the previous issue I was having with hitching seems to have been squished. Did the second story last night and this game just gets better and better. It's just so fun to play, whoever did the aiming in this needs a pat on the back as it's perfect for controller.
  7. Cheers. It’s not a massive deal I just wanted to make sure it was a ‘thing’ and not my PS as I hadn’t seen it mentioned.
  8. Played this through the first story last night (no, you’re crying. Shut up!) and mostly loving it so far. But is anyone else getting slight hitching every so often, I think it’s when the rot pops up in some places. The game seems to stop for just a frame or two. It’s really annoying. Playing on Performance mode on PS5. Other than that though it’s so nice.
  9. We just need Bailey to get fully fit. I’m hoping he was taken off as a precaution and it’s not more serious.
  10. There is something quite poetic about him going at 81. RIP and thanks for making Football Manager possible.
  11. BabelRich


    Hope so. I’d love if she won and called him out during the apres-match interview.
  12. Stolen from Twitter: At last; I have the body of a God. Can’t wait for this, adored the ‘first’ one after never before playing a GoW game.
  13. BabelRich

    NFL 2021!

    There’s a very old looking portrait of Brady in an attic somewhere in Boston.
  14. BabelRich


    Can’t wait to hear what Piers Morgan has to say about it…
  15. We’ll this album is fucking stonking. everything a Hearts album should be heavy, catchy, anthemic and generally all over the bloody spectrum. Love it.
  16. I’ve just started Shadowbringers and now all I can think of is…
  17. BabelRich

    NFL 2021!

    Been a while since I signed up but yes. They do have different packages depending on how and what you want to watch. And you also get access to other programs like NFL Network for the time the games aren’t on.
  18. 15/08/21 - Rain on your Parade Another game played through with my 5 year old daughter. What a great time we had together with this, it's perfect for younger kids to piss around with but there were loads of levels she could actually complete without help and you should have seen her smash the parade to bits.
  19. You can go straight there, I'd day an hour tops before the credits roll.
  20. 27/07/21 - Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword I was never a SS hater. I actually loved it on Wii and found the MotionPlus controls worked really well. As this was the only Zelda I’ve never replayed I jumped at the chance to throw another 45 quid at Nintendo (I understand I am part of the problem) to experience those dungeons in HD knowing that the motion controls would most likely be a tad woolly this time around. I think I was right. The controls are fine for the most part but the way the JoyCons lose centre if you so much as twitch a finger gets very old and does detract somewhat from the experience. However the dungeons are still brilliant and the general QOL improvements make this worth playing through again. 03/08/21 - Broken Age I backed the original Kickstarter for this and played through and enjoyed the first part in one sitting the day it dropped. Then my PC blew up before I got to play the second part and it kind of drifted away from my brain. I finally got around to playing the whole thing last week and what a great little time it was. Part 1 was a little light on puzzles when it first came out with too many items obtained by choosing a certain line of dialogue, but the settings and humour made it. Part 2 ramped up the puzzles nicely while maintaining what was good from the Part 1 and adding a nicely bonkers story. I think this was unfairly judged when it first came out as people expected a genre defining experience after the hype of the kickstarter. What we actually got was a gorgeous looking, solid P&C adventure in **checks watch** 2014? Shit! 10/08/21 – Bowser’s Fury I blasted through 3D World earlier this year, so I thought it was time to play the other part of the package while I have a spare few hours. This is a fantastic premise for Mario and like others I would be very interested to see where they could take the concept, but I feel it needs better hardware to do it justice. Some of the slow down when it gets busy is really off-putting and the camera is weirdly cumbersome for a Mario title. As a proof of concept it’s brilliant and a lot of fun to play but I can’t see it being ‘The Next Mario’ until a more powerful Switch or whatever hits. Previously
  21. So how much more will Messi take home then?
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