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  1. Also played the first few hours and so far it’s pretty damn good. It’s like a love letter to Fantasies 6 and 12 so far in terms of setting. Looking forward to more.
  2. More fully formed looking planets, no more void levels hopefully, and dual wielding. I'm in.
  3. I was going to play a host of smaller games before Xmas rolls round and I hit Midnight Suns but I think this just may have shot to the top of my list. thanks for the heads up.
  4. Bit more catching up to do, I really should try better to stay on top of this as I just end up rushing my write ups: 05/11 - Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope More Turn-based strategy fun featuring everyone's favourite cast of characters, and Mario. A marked improvement from the original game with open maps instead of corridor maps and many side quests and puzzles to keep you busy outside of the main path. The biggest change is the addition of free movement within the battles. Each character has a movement radius, and they can move as much as they like within that until they fire their primary weapon. It really opens up the battles to be more dynamic and adds a huge extra layer of strategy rather than just 'move here, shoot'. It's slightly chucklesome but not quite as funny as the first I feel with Rabbid Mario being the standout comic this time. I am undecided on the decision to voice the rabbids. 9/10 09/11 - The Turing Test Needed something to bridge the gap between Sparks and GOW so played this. Not a bad portal-esque attempt but this time with a gun that shoots electricity. It's all about manipulating power to doors and other obstacles. Some good head scratchers mixed in with an ok story and an omnipotent AI that isn't as well written as it thinks it is. 7/10 24/11 - God of War: Ragnarok Given the current argument going on in the edge thread I will be brief here. I bloody loved it. Not as tight as 2018 but the amount of adventure here for those that want it is pretty mind blowing. It has several areas as packed as the Lake of Nine was and a couple of them are completely optional. Story wise, again not as tight as previously but there is some real good stuff in there (and a couple of not-so-great moments) the worst bit is the paucity of Jormundgandr who is reduced to a couple of cameos. 9/10 26/11 - Escape Academy - Escape from Anti-Escape Island DLC Escape Academy is my sleeper to enter my GOTY list. This DLC is both extended and reduced at the same time. There are only five new rooms and the first one is very slight indeed. But the remaining four are really good with some levels stretching out to multiple floors and rooms instead of being tied to a single area. Unfortunately, as it's so short it ends just as you get going especially if you are an experienced puzzler. But it's still very enjoyable while it lasts, save for a woefully misjudged 'Minesweeper' puzzle where the controls are simply not tight enough leading to many accidental deaths and is actually, currently unsolvable without guessing. This has been acknowledged by the devs and they are going to patch it. 7/10
  5. Thanks much. I think I’ll maybe do what you did as Dick and Babs seem the best characters and maybe patrol with the other two occasionally. Ot would be far less stressful if you didn’t have to go back to the Belfry to access new equipment. That was a dumb decision.
  6. Got this in the Base sale and started it last night. Took a bit of time to get my head around but finally started to click just as I hung up my cowl for the night. Anyway a question if I may to those who have finished it; is it best to concentrate on playing a single character or is it best to spread the love (wings) a bit? It seems to me that one character would be best instead of completing the challenges for all four but then there’s all the character specific story stuff to think about. What has everyone else done?
  7. Also took the plunge but paid an extra two quid to get the X version.
  8. The sequel is better; the free movement dynamic adds loads to it. It's still not the hardest but it's great fun.
  9. x 1000 It looks to be finally happening.
  10. Not going this year due to my trip to DC. I was just talking about the Giants - Dolphins game. FIFTEEN years ago today. Such a shit game but a great experience.
  11. There was a small patch. https://discussions.ubisoft.com/topic/176188/mario-rabbids-sparks-of-hope-day-one-patch-notes?lang=en-US&isSso=true&refreshStatus=noLoginData Patch notes.
  12. Coins are for shopping for items and healing your party. Haven’t seen any other use yet but I’m not much further than you.
  13. This is really good. Completely agree with what @thesnwmn said above. The sparks help make battles more interesting than in the first game and smoking fools across the map with Luigi, who is a beast, is very satisfying.
  14. Little tip for anyone just starting out. If you fail on the first boss like I did. Do not select Start from the Beginning of Battle as it actually takes you back to the start of the previous battle. Choose Restart from Checkpoint.
  15. 19/10 - Danganronpa V3 - Killing Harmony Hmmmmmmmmm, this is a tricky one. On the one hand we have the same intriguing story and mysteries of the first two games; on the other hand, you have an absolutely appalling focus on crass sexualisation; and in the middle whacking you on the head is a twist, 4th wall breaking ending that makes the She Hulk finale look like a slight nod to camera. Hand 1: The usual amnesiac set-up leads to a who-dunnit-where-am-I-just-what-the-fuck-is-going-on-here story where just enough breadcrumbs are sprinkled to keep you attentive and snooping. There's a twist in the first case that was well done but did lead to a slight disappointment for the rest of the game, but it's easily overcome. Characters are the usual mixed bag of tropes and surprises some good who you want to save, some bad who you hope gets the stick early. The addition of 5(five) new Monokumas, in the guise of his cubs, is to the game's detriment. They are horrible characters, which I know is the point, but it felt very gratuitous. Which brings us nicely on to... Hand 2: This game has a serious issue with sex. Some proper 'hidden on the eSHop/Steam for a couple of quid' issues. Yes, this is a Japanese interactive novel and yes, there were some allusions in the other games but here it's front and centre and, ahem, rammed down your throat. Just a real unhealthy, and unearned, attitude which culminates in several portrayals of incest and one of the characters being genuinely happy at being called a cum dumpster. The head banger: No spoilers obviously but the ending... I'm still not sure how I feel about it. It's such an enormous twist that it could break an owl's neck. It was quite clever, but it didn't quite stick the landing. That's all I can really say without entering spoiler territory. Overall, as enjoyable a game as the first two, with a less interesting setting and a real attitude problem. 7/10
  16. That would be great, but I think it will take some serious over payment to get one of those guys to this club right now. I hope NSWE are willing to do it.
  17. Well, what a wonderful experiment that was. They should sack Purslow as well for bringing the shyster in. Who the hell comes now though?
  18. Not yet as I've not got around to it yet, but I will.
  19. So, I’ve just opened my signed copy to have a looksee and discovered it is, in fact, not signed.
  20. Mine also arrived today. Sorry Parappa.
  21. 03/10 - Return to Monkey Island Like putting on an old, comfy pair of slippers with a slightly different pattern than you remember. Slightly easier than past games but I feel that is down to the streamlining of the interface rather than any real dumbing-down. I was liking the story up to the ending then I'm not sure how I felt about that. I wouldn't say it was bad, but it was definitely a hard turn which gave me a bit of whiplash. I liked the art style apart from Guybrush himself, but it certainly wasn't a massive deal. 8/10 05/10 - Gone Home I'm pretty sure this was the first game I ever claimed on PS+ yet somehow, I'd never played it. Had a couple of hours to fill so finally decided to jump in and I'm very glad I did. I know I'm massively late to the party, but I rather enjoyed just bimbling about that house and piecing together the stories. It was very clever how they had an A, a B and a C story that all meshed together in service of the overall scenario but also were presented in a way that didn't spell absolutely everything out. 8/10
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