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  1. You wait ages for a bus… 22/06/19 What Remains of Edith Finch As I said in my last post; I want to play a few shorter games before getting in to a big adventure again so used my free Saturday night to finally play this on GamePass. Not much to add to what has already been said but I very much enjoyed my 3 hours exploring the tragic world of the Finch family. The amount of detail in that house is staggering and I spent a good chunk of time just mooching around each new room before kicking off the vignette, to take in the environmental story telling. Brilliant, brilliant game. Not only, but also… 23/06/19 Steamworld Quest – The Hand of Gilgamech I have loved every Image and Form release, and this is no exception. Good solid mechanics and a witty script stand out here among the usual Steamworld trappings. It can get slightly repetitive, but I found switching up characters alleviated that. My only real gripe is that there was very little impetus to mix up your decks much. I found powering up my base cards preferable to using new ones though I did only play on normal so maybe hard has more scope for this. Again though, another thoroughly enjoyable romp from the guys at I&F and I can’t wait for the next foray in to the Steamworld. Previous
  2. Been a while since I posted in this thread again and for good reason… 18/06/19 Assassin’s Creed Odyssey I thought 2017’s AC:Origins was a stunning return to AC2/4 form even putting it in my top 5 for the year. Despite this I wasn’t really sold on Odyssey when it was announced; Origins was such a huge game and my time is so limited that I couldn’t really entertain another one just yet. But come March this year I was ready to take a Leap of Faith back in to the haystack of Creed and… wow. I've been playing this for pretty much 3 months and it was never less than enthralling. Kassandra is easily the best character to come out of the series yet, bad ass and brilliantly acted. I went total Assassin build and sneaking around forts cutting fools did not once get old or boring. I finished the main story, did a LOT of side quest and smoked all of the cult and there are still plenty of !’s around the map should I wish to engage with more content and a big part of me wants to despite my usual MO of dropping off a game as soon as the story is done. But, I feel it is time to move on, start something new and play a few shorter games (I am currently playing Steamworld Quest on switch in my lunch breaks). I definitely regret not playing this last year so I could put it in my top 5, and probably more so for Kassandra to be best character, but I really think should we do the Best Games of All Time again this may very well trouble the big guns for me. Previously
  3. Yup. For next season I will take anywhere from 17th up as a win. Unlike the Lambert days.
  4. Nice to be exited by the Villa again. That play off final took years off my life so the pressure to win something before I die grows more urgent. Its great that we finally have a back room team that have a plan beyond throw money around and cross fingers, and it is great to see business being done. I think everyone will be more relaxed when Mings officially arrives though. Im not expecting to pull up trees next season but as long as we can consolidate our Prem status, with our super rich owners, it will give us the chance to really kick on and hopefully become a player again.
  5. I thought it was the GBASP announcement. Folk were thinking Nintendo had bought Sega or Capcom as Rev said above. Turned out to be a GBA redesign?
  6. I just can’t believe they aren’t calling it Xstream.
  7. Doesn’t every manager have a spat with Blues ownership?
  8. Well I hate this commentator already.
  9. Ubi don’t have a lot to show this year do they?
  10. This is fucking nuts, but I don’t think I can get passed the terrible voice acting.
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