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  1. I'm still on 7. Not feeling burnt out as such but definitely don't play as much as I used to.
  2. Or they realised it was coming out the day before the new God of War and noped to the first available open slot.
  3. Due to many different reasons I'm a bit behind so here's a quick wrap up of my latest activity: 30/08 - Saint's Row (2022) A dumb, buggy throwback to 360 era open world games and I bloody loved every stupid minute of it. Helped that I lucked out with a really good voice actor for my boss which made the stupid script as fun as hell. 8/10 07/09 - God of War Marvel Calls made me want to watch the Marvel films again; watching Thor made me want to play this game again. A quick reply to get me ready for Ragnarök in November. It's still superb. 10/10 07/09 - Kentucky Route Zero I have to admit, I didn't really get it. The allegories hit home but the overall story left me cold unfortunately. I think I needed to be in a different frame of mind for this one. 6/10 07/09 - Tinykin Man, this was just a blissful little game to play through. No peril, but fantastic exploration. I just wish there had been more of of it. 9/10
  4. Nope, just came to check the thread to see if anyone had.
  5. Really glad Gerrard swapped Targett for a handful of magic beans.
  6. Sitting in my hotel room after a incredible trip to FedEx yesterday. Ears ringing and body aching and a 16 hour journey home today but was well worth it. There is not much to compare to the atmosphere of an NFL game on US soil and to be present for some minor history of the first game as the (sigh) Commanders feels pretty special. Decent game, ups and downs for both teams Commanders well in control first half, Jax improving in the second to make it tight. Then a 50 yard bomb from Wentz to McClaurin to make the stadium explode. Amazing scenes as we used to say. One down side is the price of stuff in FedEx is scandalous. Almost $17 for just over a pint of beer, $6 for a bottle of water. Didn't let it get us down tho as it was a great experience, even for my Jags fan mate.
  7. Weird. I’d say it’s sub-30 a lot of the time on my X. Haven’t noticed any unexpected performance issues in any other games.
  8. Had a couple of hours with the daughter earlier (we’re both Disney fans) and yeah it’s pretty much as described above. The performance on XSX is fucking awful though. Super framesy.
  9. I agree with this but the point he’s supposed to let the play develop before blowing and who knows what happens then. After that incident City we’re flagged twice for offside and both times he let them play on until the attack was over before giving it.
  10. Another absolutely horse shit call for the Coutinho offside. Pretty sure they’re supposed to let those run.
  11. I remember getting TTF for my SNES when I was younger and the only way I could even win a match was by being Donatello and using his bo poke move constantly. Terrible game.
  12. Way before. If he wasn’t Purslow’s vanity project he’d be gone already. Write off Arsenal and City; lose to Leicester and Southampton and he must surely be gone. It’s just Sherwood 2.0.
  13. Have to say I’m with you now. How he takes Dougie off and leaves McGinn on is tantamount to sabotage. Then of course the goal comes from exactly where Luiz comfortably owning.
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