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  1. 04/05 - Picross S 5 Another fix of the world's most addictive substance has cleared it's way out of my system. I'm kinda glad as I could do with a brea... Damn.
  2. Agreed. So nice to see us playing again.
  3. BabelRich

    NFL 2020!

    Draft night tonight. Anyone staying up? I will be awake and trying to push through but I’ll probably make it to about 3 o’clock before my body gives up on me. I know in a very real sense the draft is as boring as fuck, but it’s compelling boredom. Some real interesting stories this year with possible big trades for QBs all hinging on what Atlanta do at pick 4.
  4. I really don’t know what has happened to the team since the COVID breakout. Yes, Jack has been out for a while but we were playing decent if not our best but seem to have given up once we were safe from relegation. It’s worrying that these huge slumps keep happening. It’s like having John Gregory back in charge.
  5. Mine also switches on the PS5 when I turn on the tele. This is less than desirable.
  6. Can’t immediately see any settings on the TV for it sadly. Yup. I think this is the way forward for now.
  7. So I’m still getting the issue where One-Touch Play works both ways which is annoying as it’s great to turn on the TV automatically when turning on the PS5 but bloody stupid to do it the other way around. Am I missing something?
  8. 06/04 - Sam & Max Save the World Any Green Hill Zone alumni may (most definitely wont) remember how obnoxiously excited I was when the original version of this game was announced, it didn't let me down. It was far from perfect but it nicely captured the essence of Sam & Max in a classic P&C formula. It was a game I had waited for since completing Monkey Island 4 (don't judge me). The remaster/remake stays true to the original while making a few changes that really iron out some of the more irritating issues of the early Telltale title. The graphics have been given
  9. Nah it’s definitely not an instance. The quest is called The Gift; you follow the white robed Ascian from North from Walking Sands having a few battles along the way and at the end, 4 other mages spawn and destroy me. Good point about the Choccobo though I’d completely forgotten that was even an option.
  10. How do I get those tombstones? I did see that advice but thought you still had to run loads of dungeons to get them? Unfortunately it’s not a trial. I’ve failed about 7 times already Thanks but I’m on Omega as it was the only one accepting new players when I started.
  11. Hey folks. Bit of help required. I played up to the end of ARR then parked it to wait for the PS5 patch to drop. I’ve picked it back up but I am totally stuck now on a quest where I keep getting smoked by 4 Ascian mages. I’ve googled and the consensus seems to be I need to run lvl 50 dungeons to up my gears level. But most of these answers seem to be 5 years old. Is there any other way to get better gear at level 50 as I don’t really fancy spending ages waiting for and running dungeons just to progress the main story. I’m currently rocking half and ha
  12. We certainly have reverted to that type again. It’s so disappointing. Starting letting in late goals against as well.
  13. BabelRich

    NFL 2020!

    I think the fact that Carolina traded for Darnold tells you all you need to know about where Watson currently is. It’s proper grim. He will totally come back though regardless of what happens. A bit of time on the Commissioner’s Exempt List and a half arsed apology saying he’s no longer that guy and he’ll be back like nothing ever happened.
  14. BabelRich

    It Takes Two

    God damn. Just bought it from ShopTo and after I paid their awesome website decided not to load properly so I’m down 20 quid and at the behest of their dodgy customer services.
  15. Here’s a depressing bit of trivia - Yesterday’s Villa game was the first time that all the starting players from both teams were born after the first Premier League game on 15th August 1992.
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