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  1. 19/02 - Cyberpunk 2077 I got fed up of waiting and decided to dive in to the Xbox version after the January patch and you know what. It's pretty damn good. There were, of course, bugs! Chief among them were copious UI bugs (elements disappearing or getting stuck on screen), a few crashes and a couple of unresponsive foes; but nowt game breaking for me. It continues the brilliant writing legacy of the Witcher series which kept me hooked in to all the side missions as well as the main story, there is some genuinely great stuff in there. Here's the odd thing th
  2. Mine had no coil whine until I decided to give FF14 a go and it whines like a new puppy while playing that.
  3. If this is still available if love it.
  4. BabelRich

    NFL 2020!

    But Trevor Lawrence... (I know it’ll take a bit more for the Jags to start competing)
  5. For those that say Mario Golf is looking dull, we only saw a couple of courses there and MG games always tend to have one or two normal looking course to start off before ramping up the silliness in later ones. So let’s wait and see on that issue. Also, from that presentation, we really don’t know if Skyward Sword is another 3D all stars job. They may well have changed some of the issues (constant Fi-ing, item pop ups etc.). I’m not massively hopeful but we can’t say for certain until we know. The price certainly says it’s more than an up-rezzed ROM dump. /relea
  6. Ta. I’ve been pootling about for a bit but I’ll give that a go.
  7. Hey Fellas, If I may; I have another annoying question for anyone who has finished the game. Cheers in advance
  8. Yeah Villa unusually flat last night. Thank god for Emi or we would have been well beaten. Unlucky Brighton.
  9. I will never get tired of seeing that.
  10. Stick it on eBay. Some one will buy it. I got 20 quid for my Valhalla steel book. Crazy.
  11. Ah I see, I totally didn't get that thanks very much. I mean, it's quite obvious really but I think the lack of spelling it out for thickos meant I didn't quite make the connection.
  12. I finally decided to start this after waiting for the Jan patch to hit and am really enjoying it. I'm hitting the occasional crash and UI bug but it's mostly fine. I have a story question if anyone could indulge me as I think I may have missed something and it's bothering me. Spoilers for pretty early after the first job
  13. BabelRich

    NFL 2020!

    Just incredible from Brady. He now has (or will have) more rings himself than any other franchise has. Mahomes has shown some real grit tonight tho. His toe is obviously bothering him and he’s been running for his life all game and still done some outstanding things it just hasn’t been his night.
  14. BabelRich

    NFL 2020!

    Yeah. This could be too far for even the Chiefs.
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