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  1. I love that Wolves kit. I think it’s the red badge.
  2. I was quite chill about securing a preorder but yesterday’s bun fight has left me anxious about Tuesday morning now. I was gonna go with Simply as they’ve been fantastic since I’ve been using them but after the shit they pulled with PS5 bundles they can GTF. I don’t want to but I can see me going with Amazon just out of ease.
  3. Ghost of Tsushima - 04/09 Weirdly, I can’t think of much to write about this game. Everything has already been said really, a gorgeous, atmospheric and slightly po-faced romp. Some great characters (special props to Yuna and Ishikawa) and a decent well told story. It is far too long and by the start of act III I was very much done with side quests and ready to strangle the next bloody fox I saw (It is always a fox den). Overall, it was an enjoyable if samey adventure and well worth your time as long as you don’t spend too much of it chasing question marks. Must mention that this is the first game I played on my new tele that used HDR and my goodness. That shit is awesome. Previously
  4. BabelRich

    NFL 2019!

    Great game for the Washington D. If we can get any kind of consistency out of Haskins, we may actually hit .500 this year with those monsters running riot.
  5. BabelRich

    NFL 2019!

    Well, Clyde Edwards-Helaire looks a bit tasty. Seems almost unfair somehow.
  6. Can I ask if they have put in an option to turn off the horrendous screen shake every time you land a hit?
  7. Oh my. That’s worse than any of the 90s travesties.
  8. How far are you in? I really would consider restarting if you aren’t hours and hours in as Kassandra is so superior the Alexios is not even funny.
  9. Paper Mario – Origami King – 07/08 I said in the thread for this game that we should all stop expecting a return to Thousand Year Door quality Paper Mario as it takes away from what the sequels do well when they are constantly compared to the Best-in-Show. Well, I was wrong as, for me, this is so, so close to TYD quality. Let’s get the obvious out of the way first, the regular battle system is not great. It’s not awful, but it certainly could have been better. It’s fine in small doses but become a pain when you just want to explore or re-visit an area, the game kind of knows this and gives you several features to help mitigate the issue and the sweet, sweet music also helps if you do get caught in a fight you don’t really want to do. The real beauty of this game is the absolutely stellar writing and characterisation. Almost every line is pitched perfect, even a relatively un-assuming ‘Aaaand he’s gone’ or ‘Noooope’. They say (and they are correct) that comedy is hard to do in games, but PMOK manages it with the ease of a Michael Schur show. It’s probably the funniest game I’ve played since Day of the Tentacle, but it also has a couple of proper something-in-the-eye moments that are extremely well done. The world is also lovely featuring some well worn tropes with a twist and original scenarios that I won’t spoil here, suffice to say that anyone craving the Wrestling or Train from TYD won’t be disappointed. Lastly, a mention of the fantastic music which is strong throughout the game but shines in the boss battles. A mix of stomping industrial metal, tradition metal, violins and speed-punk, and that’s not different tracks, that’ll be one piece. I’ve rambled enough. This is easily my GOTY so far and I think only Cyberpunk will change that. If you have even a passing interest in story driven games or were pushed away from the series after Super Paper Mario/Sticker Star. Then you really should give this a whirl. Previously
  10. I hope you’re using Kassandra, that is the way it should be played.
  11. Think I’m also done. Just wanted to moan one more time about that screen shake. Just baffling. Back to Tsushima for me.
  12. Yeah. There’s the bones of a decent knockabout action game here but it’s all so... soulless is the perfect word.
  13. It has also now crashed twice on me after a cutscene. Black screen, does nothing. Hmmmm.
  14. Having a quick go and it’s... ok. But who in the holy fuck thought it would be great it the camera shook every time you attack?!? And not to have an option to turn it off? Fuck me. also it keeps pausing to say my internet has disconnected even though I’m single player and it hasn’t. Woof!
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