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  1. BabelRich

    NFL 2019!

    It’s all about that O-line in Dallas. Put Dak behind the Texans line and see if he is worth $40m (the amount I’ve seen suggested he wants) then. I honestly think any decent QB could do a job there. I really can’t think of a team that would need to pay him that much.
  2. Can I ask a couple of dumbass questions please? I’m pretty early and haven’t had a chance to really get my teeth in to this yet so... Do units ‘retire’ if the fall in an Auxiliary battle? I’ve just lost one early doors in the first aux battle it forces you to do and though it says it’s a practice mission it didn’t say they would come back like in the first mission. Related; how do you rewind time or have I not unlocked that option yet?
  3. Another two-fer for me again (God bless the Switch). 27/07/19 - World of Final Fantasy Maxima I was expecting this game to be a pokemonesque romp across FF universes getting up to hijinks and in to shenanigans with all my favourite characters and Lightning. What I got was a bare bones dungeon crawler with the odd “HEY! I’M THEM THAT GAME. BYE AND HERE’S A MEDAL SO I CAN HELP YOU FIGHT ONCE EVERY 10 HOURS.” I think the focus on mirages didn’t help me here; it was far to confusing keeping track of which skills rested with which creature that I ended up sticking with the same stacks and spamming Thundaga and Cura to victory. The lack of real loot (no weapons or armour to find) made exploring, if not pointless, pretty dull and in the end I was just a bit bored. I persevered because despite the story being quite typical FF faire; I found the script very amusing and it was easy to while away my lunch hours pressing A and smirking. Oh and I paid £35 quid for it so I was damn well getting my money’s worth. In better news… 28/07/19 – Horizon: Zero Dawn Originally passed on this due to Zelda but noticed it was down to £15 sovs for the complete edition and took a flyer on it. What a great experience this was, everything about the game was so polished it was a joy to ride my metal horsey through. Great main character, though I didn’t warm to Erend as much as others it seems. Great world and lore; about time someone had a stab at post-post-apocalypse. Great story; a very refreshing take on the end of the world and thought the concept behind Zero Dawn was very original, my only misgiving was bollocks could they have built all that stuff in 16 months or whatever but I can let that slide. Great combat and enemies; only really let down by my aforementioned, atrophying brain. Did not really have the skills to make the most of the playground the devs had given me. So yeah, a cracker. Previously
  4. Can’t get enough of that McGinn goal.
  5. Yeah but we can’t let facts stand in the way of some nice easy click/moronic comment bait.
  6. If you want it physical, SimplyGames have it for 40 quid.
  7. He can’t have many chances left surely.
  8. I don’t want to take away from the victory, but that trophy looks like the cup my school footy team won 25 years ago. You think they could have come up with something a bit swankier.
  9. About time too. I’ve always liked the baggies in this kit and was just thinking the other day it was about time they went back to it. Yellow shorts instead of green is a nice change as well.
  10. Be interesting to see how Cam’s injury was handled in reality.
  11. Bruce confirmed at Toon. In his first statement he talks about rolling sleeves up! My fellow Villa fans will know how foreboding that is.
  12. Was your analog stick not centered when you turned it on?
  13. I didn’t want them to win but I do hope they stick it to Trump now.
  14. It’s great (not really). The away top looks like he’s squirted all his mustard and ketchup down it from his Burger King. That’s top branding.
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