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  1. Maybe I need to do this. I’ll give it a shot.
  2. Cheers. At least I’m not going mad... Unless we both are.
  3. Thanks but no. I mean generally foggy. Most of the time.
  4. I’m liking this but it’s not up there with Odyssey for me. Eivor is cool but no Kassandra. Any way does anyone else find this game overly foggy? I don’t mean in a “dawn on the moors” way (though I am a bit sick of how often that happens) but I mean in a ‘Turok general cover all’ kind of way. I’m playing on xsx in Quality mode so it seems odd if it’s an N64 style thing. I know it’s not a display issue as when I dive in water it clears up.
  5. If it takes 3 minutes to decide an elbow is millimetres offside then it’s not ‘clear and obvious’
  6. Just seemed like tonight was never going to be our night. Missed two sitters, shit penalty and now another slice of VAR ridiculousness. Exactly the same as against Brighton. Don’t know how the fuck we’ve lost this game. Edit: Even Sky taking the piss
  7. Villa fucked by VAR twice in the last minute of the last two games. Utter horse shit.
  8. I’ve had about 10 sessions on AC:V and it hasn’t quick resumed once.
  9. BabelRich

    NFL 2020!

    I can’t believe Fangio/Shurmer didn’t give him some nice easy throws to get him some confidence early on. They had him heaving downfield when he did throw. Total coaching failure there, they gave the guy no chance to even try and succeed.
  10. I got it at launch so it may be better now but it looked terrible and was framsey in places it shouldn’t be. The actual gameplay was great though so l would still recommend if it’s your thing.
  11. I had it just completely black screen and lock up (not even power button worked, had to turn off at the plug) when loading Astro on Sunday. That’s the only issue I’ve had. Upon reboot it said ‘Repairing Console’ for about 30 secs then loaded and all was fine after that.
  12. It’s mostly fine now. The bots must have given up for the moment.
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