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  1. @HiggsBoson I don't have much more to add I'm afraid, just saw mentioned in a couple of places that it runs well.
  2. Very tempted by it, it looks great. Meant to be a good conversation too.
  3. Ridiculous that this hasn't been fixed on a synth of that calibre. I'd be all about the Obi too tbh @CS2x.
  4. Genuinely sad about Tame One. I don't listen to much hip-hop these days, but that whole Weathermen circle was a massive influence on me back in the day.
  5. Blood Incantation's magnificent Timewave Zero for £16 on vinyl at Amazon at the moment: https://amzn.eu/5f9vObF Highly recommended for fans of Tangerine Dream-y space ambient, it's been my go-to work background music for a while now.
  6. Proper analog triggers A bit more power Metroid Prime 4
  7. How about telling us what it is instead of this cryptic shit
  8. This is great, 10/10, would skank to. No notes.
  9. Finally got a Hori Split Pad, holy shit it's so much better.
  10. Pretty immediate result of this crashing pound shenanigans, Qubit announced a new euro delay module yesterday (Nautilus), listed at $399 on their site, UK shops listing preorders at £439 For comparison purposes, their reverb module (Aurora) released a few months back is listed at $359 and I bought one for £339. Looks like I’ll only be buying stuff from UK companies… Or not at all in reality seeing as non-essentials are off the table for a while.
  11. My pleasure, I'm glad you enjoyed it.
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