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  1. Haha! I hope you enjoy it! I find it endlessly inspirational. The modulation possibilities alone are insane. Pads for days.
  2. Because most people presumably have their PS3 tucked away most of the time and Dark Souls is better? DeS is fucking excellent, mind.
  3. I took the hit on Hollow Knight two days before it was discounted, your turn!
  4. It is one thing I've been mildly surprised by since getting a Switch recently. The Vita had it nailed, let us make folders FFS!
  5. Surely there is more to the "look" of a game than particles and resolution though?
  6. Of course DS3 is a better looking game as far as the detail and lighting goes, but I struggle to recall many of the areas whereas I can pretty much run through DS in my head without even trying.
  7. The first one is absolutely the correct answer. I loved 3, but the world of the original is the best.
  8. Re: PS3 back compatibility, wasn't it only the early model because it requires special components and they decided to save the money by not including them or am I imagining that?
  9. This looks insane and amazing
  10. Great, thanks @deKay.
  11. Thanks, I found that though, I was wondering if there was somewhere that showed historic sale prices, or even just listed previous weeks sale listings. Sorry, my initial post wasn't particularly clear.
  12. Is there anywhere that tracks eShop prices? I really want to get Korg Gadget, wondering if it's worth holding on for it to be on sale, or if it ever has been in the past.
  13. Same for me, no option to purchase via the site.
  14. Bargain! I'll take six copies.
  15. Yeah, Teenage Engineering are renowned for the robustness of their products and excellent customer service...
  16. Blunted

    Nintendo Switch

    Magnificent, I do indeed! Thanks @Chooch.
  17. Blunted

    Nintendo Switch

    Will just 5 copies of Splatoon 2 be enough?
  18. Blunted

    Nintendo Switch

    I've run out of +1s, but thanks to everyone for the suggestions so far
  19. Blunted

    Nintendo Switch

    Say someone had completely ignored the switch since launch, but was due to receive one at some point in the next week, what would your recommendations be for EXCLUSIVE stuff. I'm sure I'll get round to buying loads of indie stuff on the eshop, half of which I'll probably own already, but I'm really interested in the stuff I can't play anywhere else. Although tbh it'll probably be 99% a mobile Dark Souls device for the majority of its life...
  20. Quite keen on Caverna mate, let me know how much you're after including postage when you've had a chance to check it out.
  21. Wow, this really does open up once you get past the bull, doesn't it! Battling the Nightjar across the rooftops was particularly excellent I though.
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