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  1. I bought it last time it was on sale, played an hour or two, saw the alien and haven't gone back. Not a conscious choice, I should add! I really should force my brain to play some more.
  2. Yeah, I've read it before. I was trying to make the point to @Questthat if they hadn't actually done anything, what would they need an NDA for?
  3. The NDA is the most intriguing bit. If they didn't get round to doing anything, why is there an NDA?
  4. Well, the first question is how limber are you?
  6. Released a new ambient synth EP if anyone is interested. https://exitchamber.bandcamp.com/album/ii
  7. Great game, well worth a play.
  8. I'd suggest at first just do whatever makes you happy! I've never been one for covers, but my best music pal loves doing them. If you think it'd help you learn the software, give it a go. The important thing is to keep using it and finding new stuff/getting better at what you are doing.
  9. So I sold some assorted bits I wasn't using and began my slow descent into bankruptcy/divorce: I'm telling myself 84hp is plenty and no one ever got addicted by smoking it just the once. I don't believe me though.
  10. Totally agree with this. So different to everything else.
  11. I haven't played Mario Party for a while, sounds like they went a bit more adult
  12. Looks ace! The lights will make stuff sound better too.
  13. 1993 - Syndicate, Zombies Ate My Neighbors, Doom and X-Wing. Not bad.
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