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  1. Bought it and have played about an hour so far. Shitting myself the whole time and still haven't even seen the alien amazing atmosphere, the soundwork is fantastic.
  2. Finally bothered my arse to build a wee additional shelf in my desk for effects pedals. Quite pleased with how it turned out, just need to paint it white. Managed to find a cheap (£50) Yamaha TG33 the other day too which is nice.
  3. Can't wait for the tell-all Sunday Sport expose.
  4. I like the Beats, but the snare is a touch weedy and really needs combined with the clap a lot of the time. If you're handy with a soldering iron there is a mod that really improves it a lot.
  5. Just keep going, it will all be explained in-game. It really is worth pushing through the crap start.
  6. Blunted

    Nintendo Switch

    WD40 contact cleaner, NOT the standard stuff! Lift up the wee rubber flap under the stick with some tweezers, give it a good blast and then gently rotate the stick for 30 seconds to a minute.
  7. @Shimmyhill It downloaded in less than an hour on my shitty basic Plusnet connection, so it can't be particularly large.
  8. Not sure I would have managed to use such a polite term...
  9. I need this game in my life more than ever right now. Can't wait for Friday.
  10. Cross posting from the Good Covid News thread: A couple of music apps from Korg and Moog are free to download for the next few days to keep people entertained while trapped at home! Korg Kaosillator https://www.synthanatomy.com/2020/03/korg-kaossilator-app-for-android-ios-is-currently-available-for-free.html iOS Moog Model D: https://www.synthanatomy.com/2020/03/moog-is-giving-away-his-impressive-model-d-app.html
  11. My little brother deleted my SNES Link to the Past save that was at Ganon and I've never gone back. It still makes me angry as fuck thinking about it. I was absolutely ruined. Someday I'll finish it...
  12. A million times this. EDF! EDF! EDF!
  13. Now would that qualify as a JRPG?
  14. Hah, I literally just got an ELZ_1 in the post Very impressed with it from the 20 minutes or so I've played with it so far. Mainly bought it for pissing about on the go and in bed and it looks like it'll be ideal for that, plenty of scope for interesting synthesis. The Audio Club thread is where most people tend to post their stuff:
  15. I've got @cavalcade's old SR in my rack that I love to bits, but I sincerely hope they announce a Wavestate module because I'll be buying that for sure. I saw some chat about it running on a Pi, is that actually the case? Very impressive what it's capable of if so.
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