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  1. I think Brian Eno's ideas on generative music are just as applicable to this, and if you haven't heard him speak about it you might enjoy it: https://www.electronicbeats.net/the-feed/watch-brian-eno-explain-making-music-like-gardening/ Essentially you are creating the system and watching it grow. That's just as creative as placing every pixel/brush stroke/music note IMO. I really love these btw, I'm very much into making generative music and I think what you are making is beautiful.
  2. Sounds great, I'm interested to know how it runs on Switch.
  3. I hadn't thought about this in ages but looks like I'm going to have to dive back in. Reading back through this thread was pretty grim though, some proper arsehole posts around when they got burgled.
  4. Started playing this yesterday after getting it free from Epic, loving it so far. Can't believe I missed this when it was released! Chalking that one down to having a tiny baby taking up all my time then tbf.
  5. Without a shadow of a doubt mine is Dying Light. Haven't been able to stop playing it since I bought it for the Switch and it might be the only game I actually completed this year now I think about it.
  6. Cracking game isn't it! So satisfying.
  7. Keep going, it throws so much at you in the first few hours that it's hard not to feel swamped. It'll start to fall into place soon. You can repeat/replay everything, so don't worry about missing stuff the first time round, you'll likely need to go back at points anyway.
  8. My daughter is really keen on this but I've avoided it so far, let me know how you get on if you give it a shot.
  9. Nice one, was coming in here to ask that!
  10. Skate's demo absolutely blew me away. Played countless hours of it.
  11. These are really nice, I particularly like Fe.
  12. Kirby Star Allies has been very popular with my 8 and just about 4 year old @Dr Nookie
  13. Genuinely excellent stuff that Eddie Kidd feature. I knew next to nothing about him but really enjoyed it and also felt like I had some dust in my eyes at points. Amazing driving from Harris too for the lap. Fingers crossed the series can keep up that level of content.
  14. Yep. My eleventh disk was buggered and I've never actually seen the end
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