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  1. Seeing this thread pop up reminded me that I never got round to playing this previously, so thanks @gospvg. Just finished the climb and worked my way back down. What a truly beautiful wee game. Still got a few bits and pieces to mop up, but wow, it's just lovely.
  2. On the flip side, a bereaved father, haunted by his failure to save his son, striving to make the world a better place for everyone else's children is a pretty strong story too... Damn I need to buy this. (I would have saved the son FWIW).
  3. @MagooI've done the DAW thing in the past (and I'm sure I will again at some point in the future), but for now I don't really have a PC/Mac involved in the process at all. I found myself all too easily in an endless loop of downloading VSTs/presets/sample packs etc and ended up with crippling analysis paralysis where I flick between effects etc for days on end instead of actually just committing to something. Just put together this wee companion for the Tracker though which is good fun and gives me the drones/pads that aren't really what Trackers are good at:
  4. This sounds superb. Time to dust off the pc.
  5. Caved and bought a Polyend Tracker. I know I should probably just have tried one of the software trackers, but sitting at a monitor to make music just doesn't inspire me. First thought after a few hours use: fuck me what was I doing years ago trying to make D&B on any other type of sequencer. It almost feels like cheating it's so easy to manipulate breaks. Second thought: it's pushing me out of my comfort zone and forcing me to use samples, something I've done very little of for a long time. Need to put some more time in and learn the shortcuts a bit better and also work out how I'm going to fit it into the larger setup. Very pleased with it so far though.
  6. Thought this was absolute nonsense, but quite good fun. Could have done with twenty minutes being chopped out.
  7. Just guessing, but are you accidentally enabling some sort of automation layer shortcut?
  8. Alien Isolation is ideal for portable play, as it means you can sit on the toilet and save having to change your pants when you encounter an alien. Plus it looks amazing on the wee screen and with headphones on is the best way to play.
  9. I remember being quite into Shogo: Mobile Armour Division, an early Monolith effort although I suspect it was probably utter pap:
  10. Thanks, will give it a try at some point. I quite enjoyed Infinite on my initial play through, but I've definitely bounced off it this time. Might have just shocked myself out and need to give it a wee break.
  11. I didn't even get that far on my recent replay, after being unable to put 1 and 2 down until they were done. What a let down it is. I never played the DLC first time around, can anyone say if it's worth the time? It's back in a Rapture isn't it?
  12. Jesus Christ it's stressful being a Scotland fan.
  13. Definitely in for this. I kinda like the look of it tbh. I am overdue a visit to the opticians though.
  14. Well that's was pretty good. Pretty, pretty good.
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