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  1. You jumped on that boat and went to an underground fighting tournament didn't you ? That's basically it though for me getting 60fps and cut content alone would be worth it personally for the games. I'll pick them up next year very likely, just got too much to play right now and busy with other stuff, bah.
  2. Well of course though admittedly I haven't been playing much recently, just ended up playing this Which boss out of curiosity ? I always like to have ammo boxes on me as well, can come in very handy even when you can get ammo from enemies dropping some.
  3. Finished it yesterday with around 22 - 24 hours on the clock playing solo, on normal mode. But you can complete it quicker than that, I just really like taking my time and exploring as much as possible. As has been said the opening area is a bit bland but it really improved world/enemy wise as the game goes on. It's always fun to play regardless of the bland opening area, it takes some inspiration from Dark Souls in terms of say Estus Flask, unlocking a shortcut etc but it does its own thing too in regards to combat. Nice mix overall, weapons are very satisfying to use, as a shooter it's a lot of fun. The shotguns are especially tasty and the weapon mods are very nice. After finishing the game I rerolled my campaign and started on Hard though I've not played too far into it again yet. Spent a few hours last night jumping into random peoples games to help out and get more items etc. Came across a few bosses I had never seen before as well whilst doing coop which was cool and a few different tileset layouts (same environment types, just a different layout). I can definitely see some of the bosses annoying folks, they love to throw additional smaller enemies at you so it's a constant case of managing them and attacking the boss, it can be quite hectic. Overall a really nice surprise and one of those really enjoyable AA games you'd come across. It obviously isn't super high budget like a AAA but it's a damn fine solid shooter I really enjoyed playing. Nice to come across a game you knew absolutely nothing about and ended up having a blast with.
  4. Here's the conference with that CEO that explains all the different techniques etc. Made my skin crawl tbh.
  5. Done I was hoping to have this for the weekend but it wasn't to be the case I'll personally be playing in JP soundtrack with the specific subs for it but really hope the dub appeals to more folk and they give the game a go.
  6. Worlds Toughest Drones with Danny Fackin Dyer, you kants.
  7. It's a new Zombie Army game according to leaks on Amazon Spain I believe.
  8. It's apparently going to be like Fortnite in that if you party up with a friend who happens to be a PC player you'll be playing against PC folks but otherwise it'll just be a console pool. I think crossplay will be far more beneficial for the coop mode which is hopefully going to be a Spec Ops style mode this time.
  9. Do the main missions for Marshall and you should get it within the first or second one I honestly had to force myself to use other weapons at first because I loved it so much
  10. Funnily enough I thought that too initially but it all comes from Avalanche and honestly it gives any id combat a run for it's money IMO. id did some consulting and gave some tips on how to achieve their 'style' but it was basically all Avalanche and id never got any hands on in terms of development. In terms of Avalanches games Rage 2 would probably be my favourite with Mad Max a close second personally, Mad Max has my favourite open world of theirs though plus Chum Bucket rules.
  11. Absolutely loving this. The combat is absolutely sublime, one of the best shotguns in a recent FPS, though the overall arsenal is a joy especially with upgrades. The combat overall is just amazing, it feels so fucking good to shoot fools. It really does feel like Mad Max with first person combat to me though for some strange reason the driving whilst being ok and perfectly fine isn't as good as Mad Max. Plus fuck me are the motorcycles bad. Been slowly clearing the map and whilst of course it's very collectathon like I enjoy Avalanches open worlds and it's always fun travelling to the next place to lay some ranger smackdown on fools. Personally I thought Mad Max's open world was fantastic and had a real beauty to it, some amazing vistas, and whilst I don't think Rage 2's is as good it does have its moments. A few things I would like to see are a New Game Plus, because as fun as it is to slowly become an overpowered brick shithouse I'd love to start from the beginning on another playthrough with everything you've unlocked on your first playthrough. I'd like to also see them do another version of 'Mutant Bash' but one that includes other enemies from other factions just to mix things up, basically another Horde style mode so as you can get those instant injections of combat goodness. Anyway roll on the DLC as well, and please Avalanche give us a double barrel shotgun, ta.
  12. mr_woo

    Far Cry 2

    I forgot I had written all that The Dylan mod for FC2 on PC is very good as well, just makes things a little bit better. There's also a Far Cry 2 Redux mod I haven't tried yet, I still love the game dearly so really must try it sometime. Funnily enough I'm in the middle of a Far Cry 5 playthrough though I've been taking a break, it's very enjoyable but it's not really hooked me tbh.
  13. Finally, fucking FINALLY. Last boss down, fuck you ya cunt. I'll go back for all them headless fuckers etc eventually that I've missed but for now I'm just happy and need a break
  14. Gonna have to give this a break for a few days, on the last boss fight and can get to the second phase and the fucker just wrecks me. It also doesn't help that I get far too nervously excited and end up screwing myself over It sounds ridiculous but I find it very hard to calm myself down to actually take it easier during the fight, get faaaaar too greedy with hits.
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