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  1. Done I was hoping to have this for the weekend but it wasn't to be the case I'll personally be playing in JP soundtrack with the specific subs for it but really hope the dub appeals to more folk and they give the game a go.
  2. Worlds Toughest Drones with Danny Fackin Dyer, you kants.
  3. It's a new Zombie Army game according to leaks on Amazon Spain I believe.
  4. It's apparently going to be like Fortnite in that if you party up with a friend who happens to be a PC player you'll be playing against PC folks but otherwise it'll just be a console pool. I think crossplay will be far more beneficial for the coop mode which is hopefully going to be a Spec Ops style mode this time.
  5. Do the main missions for Marshall and you should get it within the first or second one I honestly had to force myself to use other weapons at first because I loved it so much
  6. Funnily enough I thought that too initially but it all comes from Avalanche and honestly it gives any id combat a run for it's money IMO. id did some consulting and gave some tips on how to achieve their 'style' but it was basically all Avalanche and id never got any hands on in terms of development. In terms of Avalanches games Rage 2 would probably be my favourite with Mad Max a close second personally, Mad Max has my favourite open world of theirs though plus Chum Bucket rules.
  7. Absolutely loving this. The combat is absolutely sublime, one of the best shotguns in a recent FPS, though the overall arsenal is a joy especially with upgrades. The combat overall is just amazing, it feels so fucking good to shoot fools. It really does feel like Mad Max with first person combat to me though for some strange reason the driving whilst being ok and perfectly fine isn't as good as Mad Max. Plus fuck me are the motorcycles bad. Been slowly clearing the map and whilst of course it's very collectathon like I enjoy Avalanches open worlds and it's always fun travelling to the next place to lay some ranger smackdown on fools. Personally I thought Mad Max's open world was fantastic and had a real beauty to it, some amazing vistas, and whilst I don't think Rage 2's is as good it does have its moments. A few things I would like to see are a New Game Plus, because as fun as it is to slowly become an overpowered brick shithouse I'd love to start from the beginning on another playthrough with everything you've unlocked on your first playthrough. I'd like to also see them do another version of 'Mutant Bash' but one that includes other enemies from other factions just to mix things up, basically another Horde style mode so as you can get those instant injections of combat goodness. Anyway roll on the DLC as well, and please Avalanche give us a double barrel shotgun, ta.
  8. mr_woo

    Far Cry 2

    I forgot I had written all that The Dylan mod for FC2 on PC is very good as well, just makes things a little bit better. There's also a Far Cry 2 Redux mod I haven't tried yet, I still love the game dearly so really must try it sometime. Funnily enough I'm in the middle of a Far Cry 5 playthrough though I've been taking a break, it's very enjoyable but it's not really hooked me tbh.
  9. Finally, fucking FINALLY. Last boss down, fuck you ya cunt. I'll go back for all them headless fuckers etc eventually that I've missed but for now I'm just happy and need a break
  10. Gonna have to give this a break for a few days, on the last boss fight and can get to the second phase and the fucker just wrecks me. It also doesn't help that I get far too nervously excited and end up screwing myself over It sounds ridiculous but I find it very hard to calm myself down to actually take it easier during the fight, get faaaaar too greedy with hits.
  11. Yeah it seems to have escaped the purge for now for some reason. I know even Tencent had trouble with getting some games approved recently by the chinese government.
  12. I thought the key requests being denied was really only for those obvious asset flips or games were it's obvious they wanted the keys for getting trading card profits off people (since Valve and the developer both make a cut). Didn't think it applied so much in regards to bigger publishers or even most games but maybe I'm wrong on that. Didn't know about the RRP thing either, thanks for that, guess it makes sense. Ever heard of any cases of it being put into force ? Honestly never heard of that.
  13. It's more a case of how sustainable it is for Epic to allow this past one or two stores. Remember Epics split is 88/12 which is amazing for developers no doubt about it. Now with this 12% how much profit can Epic make and how sustainable is it? One of the things with cdkey sellers in general is that they can play with their cut to lower prices, usually within the 30% bracket. If giving out many keys for Epic takes away sales from the actual store will they make enough money to cover themselves ? Will they even allow more places to sell legit keys in the future. It's something I find very interesting as there's obviously room for changing cuts by both Valve and Epic but I'm curious as to how sustainable 88/12 is in terms of price discounts, doesn't seem like there's much room for manoeuvre in giving value to the customer. Shall be interesting to see.
  14. As someone who mostly games on PC these days I'm all for Epic competing with Steam but I'm not a fan of how Epic are buying exclusives and just trying to force their way into marketshare. Sure you could argue that some games are exclusive to Steam because of say using Steamworks but this is a case of people going where the customers are. At no point are they forced to go to Steam or being given monetary incentives by Valve. I also prefer Valves approach to the PC gaming market where they talk about things like a service problem in regards to piracy whilst Epic just complained about piracy and disappeared off to consoles for years. It just shows two very different mindsets in what they think of people who buy their games. Now they come back and just want to try and force their way into the marketplace with brute force. That's not something I see as being sustainable in the long term and it's not even going to get them customers in the long term who will return and keep buying games there. Another thing people always seem to forget is that Valve let developers/publishers produce their own Steam cdkeys with literally 0% of any money made going to Valve. This has lead to some great competition between legit and even grey market cdkey sellers with around roughly 30% of all sales being from outside Steam. Now of course this varies by game with some less or more but the basic point is at least this competition exists. Now what does Epic Store allow you to do ? buy on their storefront or buy on humble bundle for basically the same price or very little discount. I'll be completely honest, I very rarely buy anything actually on Steam and tend to buy via key sellers be it GMG, Gamesplanet, CDKeys etc so you can see from why my perspective I'm not a fan even if it's very much from a monetary point of view. Also people may argue about features on Steam being useless or not needed but unless I've missed something no-one else is directly supporting other controllers via their client directly. You can say you don't use features like these but that's irrelevant, some people WILL use these and that's what matters. Hell even shit like trading cards is beneficial to customers. Sure you can say 'trading cards, pfft who gives a fuck' but I've legit sold loads of cards and been enable to buy other games I actually wanted on the store. It may not seem like much but it's still a benefit. There's also the issue that Epic passes on costs like processing costs to the customer whilst Valve eats that cost and also via their wallet cards, usually a cost of 10 - 15% for helping make inroads into emerging markets. This may not seem like much but when you have markets like in India, South Asia etc that use a lot of these non standard payments you can understand why they aren't too keen. As well as this you can't even use the Epic store in China whilst Steam has a sizeable chinese audience. It just seems like Valves become a real whipping boy in recent years and I'm not entirely sure why tbh. Are Valve some perfect corporation or some perfect entity who looooooves their customers so much ? Absolutely not, at the end of the day they are still a corporation who wants your money, they have many improvements they could make on their store, like better discoverability (not curation) and yes they could communicate better in general with developers and customers. But as a game buying customer they give myself, and many others, many reasons to buy from them over somewhere like the Epic store. I also don't want them to start doing what Epics doing either and buy games purely for Steam either, I personally think games should be sold everywhere - Steam, cdkey sellers, Epic Store, GOG etc, the bigger the choice the better. Now am I angry at developers or publishers who take Epics money for an exclusive time period etc ? No of course not. I'm not a fan of it but if someone's offering you a nice big chunk of change for 'guaranteed sales' and an exclusivity period I don't blame anyone for taking it up especially in the games market these days. They aren't my friends, they don't have to do what 'i like' just like as a customer I'll get the best deal for myself and buy from where I want. I honestly can't even sit here and say I would never buy anything from the Epic store either, I don't hate them or anything I just don't see any benefits for me right now. I've bought stuff from GOG, Battle.net, UPlay (how I generally prefer to buy Ubis games), Origin etc but I'm just not predisposed to buying anything from their store right now. Of course I am also human and all it takes is that 'one' game you really want to play. TLDR - All I'm simply saying is, don't downplay people's concerns about Epic buying up exclusives/exclusivity periods. Of course there are many people out there who will go 'NO STEAM NO BUY!' and that's purely it but for myself and many others it's for a variety of reasons (which won't be the same reasons per person) and not just an 'Epic bad!' rant. Of course on the internet it can sometimes be hard to tell amongst all the noise. Anyway apologies for the rambling.
  15. Honestly I thought everything up to series 6 was gold. The whisky distillery episode is one of my favourite episodes of the show. "Claaaark Gaaaable, biiiiig stupid priiiiiick" Was only when they came back after the long break/hiatus where I thought the quality was definitely on the slide and tbh losing Pete The Jakey really hurt the show, he is however one of my favourite characters from the show. They did pick up with series 8 and 9 at least but they were right to end it now. "Your mission, should you choose to accept it. Sniff. My. Manky. Ring"
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