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  1. Cool flick B) Nothing new, but entertaining nonetheless. My only real gripe is that the whole movie never really gives you the feeling that you're following the steps of one of America's greatest porn legends. It's a crime movie, with the John Holmes name tagged on as a gimmick, imo.
  2. I don't think an elaborate effort is really needed. Everyone knows it's coming; everyone wants it. It just wants to stress that it's really coming (soon). No, thanks.
  3. Not too easy, this game. First I got stuck on level 4. Two days later, and I'm stuck on level five. How do you get past that damn Iraqi -I mean Zeke- with the rpg? I'm playing on Sgt Maj, btw.
  4. And what if you're out of smoke grenades Properly fucked?
  5. I was at least expecting a whole garage of DeLoreans in this thread. Honestly this has been known for months now. But amazon didn't put it up untill recently.
  6. Stuck on mission 4 for ages now. Have to take out a tank, but I never manage to get close enough to call in an airstrike.
  7. SuperNES, what a mess! That's what we (the MD gang) used to say
  8. But beware; setting individual fire sectors can move your soldiers out of cover. As I have experienced from time to time.
  9. "This is what we'll drop on Kabul if the terrorists don't surrender"
  10. OMG The holy blazon of Grim Fandango tarnished for all eternity. In my mind. Or summit...
  11. Don't do it! Really, training mission 5 is the worst part of the whole game. The rest (ie. the normal game) is more than worth it. Take it back, and you miss out. It's as simple as that.
  12. It's dark... She's sector -I mean perfect.
  13. Well, I just read about this one in the latest issue of EGM. According to them this is the first 'known' title for either the Xbox2 or the PS3. Tbh, it doesn't really impress me, or strike me as a next-gen title. Which leads me to think they're talking bollocks. But since I didn't find a thread on this interesting bit of news/gossip, I thought I'd let you guys know. More info can be found here. Oh yeah, the trailer is said to show in-game graphics.
  14. True. I didn't really care whether the Xbox was gonna make it, as long as I got to play Halo that'd be enough for me. But yeah, I had my doubts about it's future, and it's nice to see that there are now a lot of top titles coming out for it.
  15. Yup, this game is as tough as nine inch nails I'm playing it on Sgt Maj, and I'm currently stuck in mission 3. But the thing is that it never gets really frustrating or annoying. Ace game B) *minor spoiler* You have to eliminate some snipers coming out of a hotel building. There's two exits, so you've got to switch places all the time. Doing this with a wounded soldier on your back is excruciating. *end spoiler*
  16. Cheers On with the game then. ...er, after I get bored of FSW B)
  17. Apparently the 'Army mode' turns the realism up a notch or two. It's a real shame they didn't update the army game (it has poorer graphics, and no music, less talking etc.) because this would've been the ultimate version: civilians in the streets, more blood, more soldiers can be downed before it's game over etc. Again, this is splitting hairs, but one wonders why they didn't do this.
  18. Well, it's not merely the jet of blood that annoys me, more so the fact that their clothes have no visible stains, or there's no poodle around the downed soldier. But this is just splitting hairs, because I've played this game now for about 5 hrs straight, and it still makes me coming back for more B)
  19. Me too! Er, bloody great game. Bit a shame about the Mortal Kombat-esque blood effect though.
  20. Either get a specific key (dunno wich one), or find the secret stone on the wall.
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