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  1. I've played the demo. It's pretty bad. And SW: Republic Commando is a disappointment too
  2. This has prolly been said a whole lot of pp. ago, but I think it's too big and too heavy for a handheld. Meh.
  3. South of Heaven, West of Hell. All of it. The whole film was filmed with the sort of quality (both the acting and the filming itself) you'd expect from a third rate porn flick.
  4. Ah, and maybe (if this movie becomes a hit) it'll increase the value of my signed copy of That Yellow Bastard B)
  5. One thing I really wonder, is whether it'll be as explicit as the comics. I can hardly imagine Willis ripping off that Yellow Bastard's dick at one point. Well, seeing as Nancy Callahan is wearing panties, probably not. And that music Suits the mood perfectly. God, I hope this trailer really is an indication of the overall quality of the movie. And not some what-could-have-been teaser like Hellboy (which was still relatively good as far as comic-to-movie adaptations go, but didn't do the superb comics any justice)
  6. I said it before, and I'll say it again: Bruce Willis doesn't really look like Hartigan. Still, the movie looks tops
  7. Hmm, either first seeing Hyrule Field in ZOoT, or the opening of The Silent Cartographer in Halo.
  8. Doom 3 (Xbox version) Half-Life² (Xbox version) Psychonauts Oddworld Stranger's Wrath Not too picky.
  9. *sniff* Gaming will never be as good as this again.... *blows nose*
  10. Just play any of the last Colin McRaes, and drive through a snowy stage with a bunch of Christmas songs in the background. Preferably Jona Lewie's stop The Cavalry. Dubadum easy right dubadum and into chicane...etc Wish I was at home for Christmas...
  11. Probably because Edge's gotten kind of dull too
  12. No, but gamespress.com has revealed the cover.
  13. Don't think so, because the head consist of tiny squares that seem to be gamecube pictures...
  14. Well, I can't post it here, since it's on GamePress.com. But it features a giant Mario head. Oh, and it looks pretty bland too...
  15. Link Marlon Brando's been hitting the helium again Laughable.
  16. Looks crap, but since it's from the director of 'The Bourne Identity', it might be quite entertaining... Link
  17. My interest was over when they made me play as that shitty Covenant Elite. But I'm sure I'm not the only one.
  18. Dare I say it?? M3GAT0n !!!10011!!oneoneoneone1100!!10001
  19. Hmm, guess I'll have to check it out then B) Thanks for the tip
  20. Hmm, that sounds like a reason to try and have a go at Legendary then. I was unaware of this. However, if you mean 'extended' as it was in Halo 1. I still think they could've made it a lot better.
  21. I think he left his brain in the 'Japanese only' parking lot
  22. I must say that initially, Halo 2 simply blew me away. I thought this game was the biggest release of this year. But after revisiting the game on Heroic, I simply cannot understand why Bungie choose to A) Include another Library level (initially I thought they had included this level as a parody on the Halo 1 level) B) let you play as an elite and C) pit you against the Flood for a second time. *sigh* I only enjoy the game playing the MC levels, and skipping the Elite ones. But this of course shortens the duration of the game considerably. Meh, I guess I'm simply not satisfied with Bungie's decisions, and I think I will look for another game to spend the Christmas period with
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