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  1. Am I the only one who thinks the Lord of Blasphemy sounds like Winston Churchill?
  2. Yeah, this has been by far the most forgiving From game I think, esp. if you make generous use of the ashen summons. But it didn't detract from the overall experience imo, as in the 200 hrs of play the only minor bit for me was that enchanted town, because I realized that as opposed to all the other bits I got stuck in from time to time, I simply did not have the patience to figure out the correct way to every candle without getting caught. The easiest but also the best From game so far. Can't wait for the inevitable DLC.
  3. Amazing to see how far the genre has come: From hardly any interest bar from some hardcore players, to being one of the most celebrated genres of all time.
  4. Ghostwire is only a PS5 exclusive for one year.
  5. Edgetm 7 seems to be in line with the reviews this has been getting so far. A much-needed decent addition to the so far rather limited PS5 library. Much like what Evil Within was for the PS4 then.
  6. Same here. Hey, at least we're getting it - still beats paying €25 to the scalpers on eBay.
  7. Hoping for a Napole0n mii among the spectators.
  8. I got lucky when one of them dove right off the edge of the arena, making the battle only half as hard. I got lucky with Radahn too, as het got stuck in a loop making him easy to dodge and hit til he keeled over.
  9. And done. In typical From fashion, the final boss was way easier than some of the optional bosses - looking at you, Malenia.
  10. Second wave confirmed with another 32 games to be added later. SonSon and Three Wonders being the first two games revealed.
  11. Fire giant died on 5th try. Used his head as a shield, and a maxed out Tiche though.
  12. Yeah definitely the worst bit in the game so far. Googled the entire solution, and it was still a pain.
  13. Looking forward to playing as the Welsh hitman Jad the Taff again
  14. Not getting past a certain boss made me try out my newly acquired Tiche ashes.
  15. Several stores have started taking pre-orders for this. Seems to be £39.99 for the physical version as well, so pre-order get
  16. Right. I once lost 80k souls, but I don't think I've ever lost over 50k souls/runes ever again. If the numbers get too high I always have an item handy to prevent that. Other than that I use runes asap. Saves me a lot of grief.
  17. Trufax. The one that came behind that was terrible though, but truth be told the engine was responsible for a lot. It did have Ignacius Cheese. And even the episodes by Telltale still had their moments, but never reached the level of the first trilogy
  18. Tomb Raider, Tomb Raider 2 and TR Anniversary are the only Tomb Raider games that ever really mattered imo.
  19. ... aaaand now I have the Monkey Island theme stuck in my head for the next few days.
  20. If all that isn't hardcore enough, you can even get the Dreamcast version - if you can find it:
  21. Eleven years after its initial release, the trusty 3DS is getting one last hurrah in the form of a Japanese indie shoot'em-up sequel to a genre cult classic from almost three decades ago. T3h hardc0r3. The first Andro Dunos was a side scrolling arcade game in the shoot’em up category. It was originally released almost thirty years ago in 1992 by SNK. Some 29 years have passed since the Earth Defence first called on Yellow Cherry and Red Fox to stop the imminent invasion from an unknown alien race. Many light years away on the edge of our galaxy the threat has reared its ugly head once again and this time they mean business. There’s just one thing to do, dust off the finest Earth Defence ships ever made and send the alien scum packing. It’s apparent that these relics from a war time that was forgotten had seen better days and only one ship -the Yellow Cherry- could be saved using parts from the Red Fox which was critically damaged in the first war. Are you up for the task of saving the earth once more? As the direct sequel to one of the most famous sh'mups from the early 1990s, Andro Dunos II presents you with an epic side-scrolling space journey full of arcade action! Fight and explode hundred of spaceships thanks to various weapons such as laser, hawk, and even powerful homing missiles. You can recover power ups by destroying enemies. Music composed by industry veteran Allister Brimble (Alien Breed, Body Blows, Project-X, Colonization, Driver). Launch trailer: Out now on the 3DS and most other platforms
  22. I'd ordered #369 on February 25th and it arrived (in the EU) nearly a month later.
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