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  1. True, but personally I think I'd like the first one as a starting point, with Zero being the flashback story where you can understand a lot more things after having played the first one, as you've already had an introduction to the main characters and their stories. I think I've read similar comments in this thread as well.
  2. I'll try that then. But my fingers hurt from pressing X yesterday which wasn't much fun tbh.
  3. Yeah I know, but I'm playing it for the story as much as anything else, so being stuck somewhere in the first game and then moving on to other games in the series, would be like reading a book and skipping a few chapters. Hence why my Yakuza experience probably ends here.
  4. How people persist with the first game when playing the first Shimano fight is beyond me. That's probably the worst boss fight in the last decade or so that I've had the misfortune to play. I initially thought I was doing something wrong, but after a brief search on the web, it seems it's just poor game design. That's me done with the series for a long while. Enjoyed the Judgment games a lot more tbh.
  5. So, that's why he's called the dung eater...
  6. You're just getting back at me for criticizing crazy Tenchu fans
  7. Is @Klatrymadon ever going to change the thread title to make it easier to find in the future?
  8. Launch trailer: This is already out in Japan, and Nintendo Life really likes it a lot: >> https://www.nintendolife.com/reviews/nintendo-switch/pocky-and-rocky-reshrined Scheduled as a downloadable title for May 31st in the rest of the world. The physical release is for a few weeks later.
  9. Hope so, it looks just like a screenshot with a logo.
  10. I don't think @Mr. Gerbik is a hyper-violent constantly out-of-work bar fly. Or is he? EDIT: Just checked his fb page, and he even took a picture of himself in a ninja outfit a few months ago. And it's been 12 years since the last Tenchu game. Them games sure have a loyal fanbase.
  11. You could buy an OLED Switch for that money.
  12. There was this one guy who used to visit a gameshop I used to work in, and every single time he visited he couldn't talk about anything but Tenchu, as that was litterlally all he ever played. To this day I still do not understand that obsession.
  13. Hard to pick one -Za-Warudo in Stardust Crusaders' intro - was an awesome touch, but I think the Diavolo version of the Golden Wind intro is prolly my favourite.
  14. No surprise given that it sold fuck all on the Switch.
  15. God yes, I remember that. Good times. Imo, the loading times on the PS4 are just a tad too long, but even worse is that they stopped showing the item info screens during loading times. Gave you a chance to catch up on the lore.
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