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  1. Ahhh, this game instantly take me back to the late 90s era when gamestores and magazines were the only source for new and sometimes obscure info on upcoming games. And there would always be this one shady guy (probably a lot older than most other kids) who'd have gotten his hands on some Japanese game that was never going to be released in the West, but which he could play as he obviously had a basic understanding of Japanese, and of which he swore it was one of the best games ever.
  2. I'd never heard of RPG Time: The Legend of Wright before, and it looks like a really interesting game. Reminds me of both Paper Mario and Scribblenauts:
  3. The best announcement of today was obviously Shin-chan: Me and the Professor on Summer Vacation. And Return To Monkey Island gameplay. And the Live A Live demo.
  4. Surely that NiER game won't look anywhere like the PS4 original? I'm interested but don't think the Switch will be able to match the visuals of the PS4 game.
  5. It does feel like this one wasn't it, does it? It wasn't even streamed.
  6. There's a demo available on the eShop
  7. It really is. Attack of the Friday Monsters managed to capture that feeling of being a kid during Summer holidays perfectly. And this looks like more of the same but bigger and with Shin-chan. What's not to love?
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