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  1. Was it titled: 'This video will make you feel old'? 21 years.
  2. Guess you could use the game for this purpose as well: Mechon!!
  3. Awesome trailer. Just checked the Club Sega games in this one, and they're never going to top Judgment's selection are they?
  4. You could always ask Kamiya through his twitter account? :p blockedinsects.jpg
  5. Damn; this game still looks and plays as awesome as it did 7 years ago. [heart] Pikmin I do hope we'll get a proper 4th one at some point. Which will probably depend on Pikmin 3 DX' sales.
  6. Yeah, that was one of the hardest bosses in the game. Iirc, you needed to attack its weak point for massive damage.
  7. Wasn't it the N64's Operation: WinBack that first introduced the mechanics that would have been the basics for cover shooters as early as 1999?
  8. Went on with this today and noticed the story starting to pick up again towards the end of chapter 14. Might see what's coming next.
  9. Pretty much sums up my experience so far as well. Basically stopped playing during chapter 14, and don't really feel like going back. Had much more fun replaying FF VIII and FF IX last year, if I'm honest.
  10. In-depth look @ Nintendo Treehouse:
  11. Been playing this alongside Yakuza 0, and I must say I'm liking the characters and story development a lot more in Judgment. Even the combat seems more engaging. Will I now incur the curse of Hermano Hornio ? I just noticed the protagonist's stakeout clothes is just adding sunglasses and a beanie to his regular clothes :p
  12. Say anyone having troubles getting their issues? Never had any problems with myfavouritemagazines.co.uk, but ever since they changed to magazinesdirect.com, I'm having nothing but troubles. I ordered two issues of Retro Gamer Magazine, and one issue of Edge over a month ago, and none of them has arrived. And their customer service is a joke as well
  13. @bplus I'm looking for the non-subs versions of issues 185, 188, 191, 195, 197 and 198. If you have them, I'll gladly take them off your hands
  14. Newly announced amiibo set for an Autumn 2021 release. No rush eh.
  15. A stylistic and frenzied rhythm-action adventure for PS4 and Nintendo Switch. Mad Rat Dead is the morbid tale of a poorly-treated laboratory rodent who is on the brink of death, visited by the showy Rat God in his final hours, and granted one final day of opportunity to leave his glum cage and wreak vengeance upon those who consigned him to such a miserable life. And so, guided by the Rat God and... umm... his own sentient talking heart, the mad rat sets out to earn back just a modicum of street justice. While gameplay looks like your standard side-scrolling platformer, Mad Rat Dead is act
  16. Haven't bought one of these suckers for a long time, but I caved for the Joker one, and will probably get the BK and Terry ones as well.
  17. Mine as well. Maybe I'm not Nintendo's target audience anymore....
  18. Ah, going back from the enhanced dragon engine powered Judgment to Yakuza 0's decidedly less lively graphics is quite deflating. But I'll give it a chance
  19. Kudos to Nintendo for getting this character in, but for me it's a big meh. They were on a roll with all the new DLC characters, but this is a combo breaker for me. Ah, can't win them all I suppose.
  20. Yeah a character to coincide with HW: Age of Calamity would make the most sense.
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