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  1. May I ask why? Isn't it just an updated version of Persona 5? And that was pretty awesome iirc.
  2. Dat start screen: Would be a perfect fit for the intro music of Wild World...
  3. Yeah pretty big letdown if I'm honest: a teaser for an overview of Yu Suzuki's career. Pretty sure they done that not so long ago.
  4. Yeah talk about an anticlimax. I thought the announcements were going to be incrimentally more awesome
  5. I must be getting old - I hardly know any of the games in this month's review section.
  6. Mr. Do might be on holiday The subscriber issues might be late, but the soul still burns: Good 11 page spread on the making of RE3 remake. Big feature with Yu Suzuki on the games of AM2 (Hang-On, Space Harrier, Out Run, Virtua Fighter, and Shenmue 1 and 2`0, the challenges of crowdfunding, and completing Shenmue 3). The Making of Arise: A Simple Story Feature with some big video game writers on the future of video game storytelling. Time Extend this month is on Batman: Arkham Asylum. The Long Game this month is on Sims 4. Previews: Yakuza: Like a Dragon Nioh 2 The Falconeer Outriders Persona 5 Royal Temtem Granblue Fantasy: Versus Smaller hype on Hokko Life, Broken Roads, Inscryption, Moving out. Reviews: Journey To The Savage Planet - 7 Bloodroots - 7 Zombie Army 4: Dead War - 7 The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Tactics - 4 The Suicide Of Rachel Foster - 4 Lair Of The Clockwork God - 8 Puzzles and Dragons Gold - 3 Next issue is March 27th.
  7. macbain.gif. Or beard. Read up on Tencent and data theft. Seems Tencent's got Activision beat.
  8. Resdident Evil 3, I mean Code Veronica next please.
  9. Ah, thanks for clearing that up I still feel bad for having bought Sekiro, and don't want to make a habit of buying games from companies I'm well aware of that they can't be trusted and/or treat their staff like slaves. I suppose it's a selective form of blindness, but anything from companies like Actvision and Rockstar doesn't get bought. Tencent is also very much on that list.
  10. It's a shame Platinum is working with Tencent these days. Like I already said in the other thread, they're like an evil version of Activision. Like all huge Chinese companies, state involvement, data theft and espionage are among its key activities, so I'm treading very lightly when considering buying anything they're involved in.
  11. Wait; Tencent are involved? Might give it a miss then. They're like an evil version of Activision.
  12. My thoughts exactly. Have a well deserved pos good sir. Umbasa.
  13. Still haven't played DS2. So put off by the first opening hour, that I stopped playing and never went back.
  14. It's my favourite DS. Though structurewise the first game beats it hands down, the increase in power of the ps4 gave us one of the most memorable and beautifully rendered settings in all of Miyazaki's work. Imo the ps4 truly allowed Miyazaki's oeuvre to reach it's full potential. I am really curious to see how he tackles open world games. "Elden Ring. Oh, Elden Ring!"
  15. Yeah, initially there was talk of a 2020 release, but 2021 seems more likely.
  16. Great article! But the OCD in me compels me to point out we did have this:
  17. Did they add extra weapons to Vanquish? I can't remember having a huge laser gun last time I played it on my PS3 - only a few months ago. Also: Look - If you had. One shot. Or one opportunity. To ask everything you ever wanted. In one moment. Would you ask Kamiya on twitter for Vanquish 2? Or just let it slip?
  18. Most - if not all - of the bosses in the main game I found were quite manageable, although I summoned help for Gascoigne, Amygdala and the One Reborn - though the latter was more out of laziness. There was never really an Ornstein & Smoug moment for me. Even Mergo's wetnurse went down on the second try. Never made it to the real final boss though. The bosses from the DLC on the other hand, I found rock hard. I only really managed Maria without summoning another hunter.
  19. Christ. The first prepper is quite the challenge. I managed to get at least three stars for all the rest, but for that guy I can't even find new orders, or even some lost luggage.
  20. I've said it before, and I'll say it again; Tank Troopers' title music is one of the catchiest tunes of last decade:
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