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  1. First reviews are up and it's pretty good apparently: No CRT filter means I'll wait for a sale though.
  2. Will it ever top the mighty PS2 though?
  3. It was a joke, gents. Who cares about those poorly emulated N64 games with a ridiculous price tag.
  4. I just want to know if they spruced up the graphics in the end, as the last trailer mentioned that the game footage shown, wasn't final. Probably not. Or maybe it looks even worse?
  5. Well, Microsoft may have acquired Activision-Blizzard, but Nintendo's already striking back:
  6. Wispy Woods being back as Tropic Woods it seems:
  7. Yeah he started as a placeholder character. And he became a legend.
  8. Don't think so. Can't find anything about a NEOGEO analogue controller, and Sega's effort (which at the time was perfect to play Nights, and racing games) came out a few weeks after the N64.
  9. It's all internal politics I suppose. Legends being a mainline game implies that it's been developed by Gamefreak alone, using their own engine. Snap being a sidestory game, and traditionally given to a third party developer using their own engine. I agree they should have used the UE based Snap engine instead. Would've made it one hell of a new game.
  10. Shux; I didn't follow up on that I went to my island to take stock of the art I all already have, and got called away and then forgot about it. Sorry dude. My kid did come over to sell his 'nips, but it was only a bunch of 50 he had received in HHP, so it made him a bit under b25.000. Would you still like the 10% trading fee for that?
  11. Their whole "pay a hefty extra fee for some poorly emulated N64 games" approach starts to smell of hubris Nintendo again. It kinda happens naturally I think when they've had some years of success (see also: the N64 launch price after the SNES' success; the 3DS launch price after the NDS' success; the WiiU after the Wii's success). It's the circle of life. And it moves us all through despair and hope.
  12. Has someone already mentioned the poisonous console mushroom aka the 32X ?
  13. I never liked the PS controllers until the Dual Shock 4. I wouldn't call them the worst controllers but from all the big console manufacturers since the late 90s theirs were imo the worst - not counting the conundrum that was the Atari Jaguar's controller. And this marvel of course:
  14. Final gameplay preview trailer: So, Pocket Monster Hunter then. Looks are still too basic for my liking, but if the gameplay's alright, I'll probably get it
  15. 1 - Robobot 2 - Epic Yarn 3 - Mass Attack 4 - Canvas Curse/Magic Paintbrush 5 - The Amazing Mirror
  16. The game was indeed made in Teeside. It was one of my all-time favourite N64 games back in 1999, but having tried it not so long ago on my PS classic, I can say that it has aged terribly.
  17. The WiiU tablet. Without it, it should've been a lot cheaper to produce and sell, and maybe would've been more successful. Most games on the WiiU don't even use it.
  18. I just noticed arceus is pronounced /ɑːsəjus/ in every language except English
  19. Drat; outdekayed again! Not if I intend to buy it a few weeks later though
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