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  1. Seems like one of the DLC characters is Weather Report alright. Second DLC character is Father Pucci's final form - which is somewhat disappointing....
  2. Ah, just the classic slug turns into girl story.
  3. Yeah I pondered over that many times back in the days, but ultimately because it's basically just a port of a SNES game (with the same graphics afaict) I kept on deciding not buying it.
  4. I've had quite a few PSP games back in the days, as it was my most played console about 10 years ago. Here's what I kept: · Lumines · Metal Gear Ac!d · Ridge Racers · Virtua Tennis: World Tour · WipEout pure · Exit · OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast · flOw** (still the best version of this game I reckon) · Ape Escape P · Me & My Katamari · Monster Hunter Freedom · Metal Gear Ac!d 2 · Ultimate Ghosts ’n Goblins · Ridge Racers 2 · Work Time Fun · PowerStone Collection · Every Extend Extra · Exit 2 · LocoRoco · Jeanne d’Arc · Monster Hunter Freedom 2 U · Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions · Silent Hill: Origins · Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness · WipEout pulse · Patapon · Ape Quest** · LocoRoco 2 · Numblast** · Holy Invasion Of Privacy, Badman! · LocoRoco Midnight Carnival** · Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days · Half-Minute Hero · Patchwork Heroes** · Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker · Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep · BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger · No Heroes Allowed** · Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy · Persona 3P · BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II ** download only
  5. "It sure would be nice to play Kid Icarus: Uprising on a home console... I wonder if someone out there will ever port it?" Stop teasing us!! @Cyhwuhx and I can't take it any longer!
  6. Launch trailer: Out today, but alas first reviews aren't very positive.
  7. And here's the original boot-up sequence when it was still the NX:
  8. Toot-Toot Inside Trader always takes a chance! Toot-Toot Inside Trader never says "he can't!" - Nothing can survive the will to stay alive. 'Cause if you try, you can do anything!!
  9. A bold new direction hampered by performance issues seems to be the general opinion. GameSpot – 8 / 10 GamesRadar – 3.5 / 5 Metro – 8 / 10 Eurogamer – OK
  10. Amen. They outright ruined Silhouette Mirage on the PSOne. I'm still bitter about that one.
  11. Hurry up and add the bomber jacket to the catalog! My inkling is starting to freeze in just his hoody.
  12. This is now still £2 on the eShop, which would be rude no to at this point. I really still don't have much interest in this as I think they ruined the original art work too much, but damn did I forget how epic that opening theme (and the music in general) was. EDIT: Bloody hell, didn't know ol' Cacky loved the remake so much: https://www.forbes.com/sites/games/2020/03/29/panzer-dragoon-remake-switch-review-the-will-of-the-ancients/#5733853e7d90
  13. This is half-price on the eShop right now, and well worth it at that price. Doesn't get any more 90s Westone arcade then this. A neat gameplay mechanic setting it apart from other similar games, keeps it interesting imo. And of course featuring early 90s pixel art to die for and some lovely CRT options!
  14. That site really is amazing. Have a year's worth of pos'es!
  15. That site's great! Clockwork Aquario get!!
  16. Avoid Umihara Kawase Bazooka though.
  17. If it hadn't been for the sort of pop-up not seen since the days of the Saturn version of Daytona USA, I would've already bought it. It's promising though that the director says this game is actually a bit of a test case for the new direction they want to take the franchise in, and acknowledges there's still room for improvement. And while it's the same director that brought us the pretty good Colours and Lost World, he's also the one behind the lamentable Black Knight and Forces. Gentlemen, start your cycles!
  18. Keyboard Koala

    Edge #378

    Tramp Ken cover is definitely the best of the lot. A shame it's just on the bag. They should've gone with that one for the non-subsribers.
  19. Morio Kishimoto on Sonic Frontiers' reception:
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