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  1. Box art typically intended for European countries? You know, the ones with the pegi rating instead of the esrb ones?
  2. Just to make sure: limited run games doesn't offer physical copies with EU box art?
  3. When reading the article is too much effort Balancing-your-backpack mini-game? Only in Kojimaland...
  4. Ahh, I'm sure they will. It's usually just a matter of time really. But it'd be a shame we'd need a USB stick to get the extra games on there (ruling out easy access to two-player co-op) as opposed to the extremely user friendly and well-implemented SNES hackchi.
  5. But it's still missing [takes a deepbreath]Zero Wing, Decap Attack, Mega Twins, Rocket Knight Adventures, Talmit's Adventure, Thunder Force IV, Mercs, Gaiares, Dragon's Fury, Alien Soldier, Sonic 3, S&K, Elemental Master, Revenge of Shinobi, Ranger X, Quackshot, Soleil, Ristar, Streets of Rage III and Pulseman[exhales].
  6. With only 512MB of internal memory and all regional variants present it sounds like there won't be much space left to put in your own games later though....
  7. Came in here expecting a new pachinko machine. Left even more disappointed.
  8. Jad the Taff 4EVR!!! Best name for a video game character. Almost was going to be my forum name. I always assumed he was from Wales, but turns out it's just a mistranslation of 'tough'.
  9. Yeah, looks like you'll be able to have the entire history of (Japanese) videogames on the Switch. A stretch of course but sill; arcade classics, SNES and NES classics on top of all the amazing Switch games.
  10. Trudat. And the inspiration for Fantasy Life.
  11. Oh yeah, I'm not complaining. But hopefully they'll hack it soon enough, as that seems the only real affordable way to play some rare MD games on more or less original hardware.
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