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  1. Ahh, Kojima should've totally asked Tim Langdell to play the part of the one in charge at Edge Knot City.
  2. Damn. Sounds like an entire new game compared to the PSOne original. That one was more comedy horror with some jump scares. Awesome game nonetheless.
  3. Like a slow heavy Kirkhammer on fire? Slash-slash *transform* SMASH. Pretty devastating when used in combination with fire paper it turned out. I was already lvl. 40 though. Having gone through quite a bit of the Unseen Village before finding my way back, and facing Amelia.
  4. Most Fromsoftware game trailers are brilliant. I think the All Saints' Day trailer for the first DS is still one of my favourites though: That moment when Ornstein falls to his knees combined with the dramatic music -emphasizing the theme of despair- really does it for me.
  5. All is not lost. So, go on, which 6 Fire Emblem characters would you like to see in SSBU ?
  6. Cripes; is Vicar Amelia one of the easiest Soulsborne bosses created, or am I finally gitting gud?
  7. He's already an assist. And wasn't it rumoured that it's supposed to be Ninja Gaiden's Ryo Hayabusa? Sound spretty unlikely though.
  8. I haven't really read the thread, so it's a surprise to see how many people had to give up in Sekiro - even the mighty Gerbik. I know it has a rep for being though as nails, but I'm going through Bloodborne right now, and enjoying every minute so far, so I was looking forward to giving Sekiro a try after that. Reading all this makes me doubt I should as I tend to summon help during a lot of the Soulsborne boss-fights. Mostly because of time constraints though.
  9. Oh, well, that explains quite a few things.
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