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  1. This thread should be read with this piece of music in the background:
  2. Or in people's memory. Apart from Transformers they're Platinum's worst games. Almost like Kamiya was deliberately trolling his Western audience. Scalebound anyone?
  3. Indeed. A shame it's no longer available. But it can definitely be found 2nd hand. Best Transformers game by a mile btw.
  4. Latest trailer: Six weeks later and I'm getting too many Blinx vibes tbh. Or Mario's Odyssey in Poundland...
  5. Yeah, Nintendo is seriously starting to get on my nerves with all these store-exclusive releases. Uses the excellent RE Engine apparently.
  6. Afaik, there are supposedly still two more bigger updates on the way. One in October and one in December. But that's just based on conjecture and rumours, although it does seem likely. The biggest rumour is about Brewster being introduced during the Winter.
  7. This is currently 25% discounted on the eShop til 30/09
  8. God, is this how the scalpers play their dirty games now? MH Rise has just been made available on the nintendostore, and somehow I cannot log into my account anymore, which I accessed just an hour ago. Incredible
  9. Awesome system. The new version is probably my all-time favourite handheld, although that probably has to be a shared place with the GBA SP and NDSi. Sad to see it go but it was inevitable after nearly a decade on the market. Still, I got 2 3DS, 3 new3DS (1 ambassador one), and 2 2DS. And about 20 faceplates incl. the wooden one and the hanafuda one. End of an era indeed. But the Switch is awesome enough not to feel too sad.
  10. Looks awesome! Chances of actually getting one are probably small though. And magnamalo looks a lot like the gore magala from MH4.
  11. The last console I got at launch was the 3DS , before that it was the OG Xbox and before that the Dreamcast. And we all know what happened with those consoles. So, I'm never getting a console at launch ever again. Prolly get a PS5 after it's had its first revision, like I did with the PS3 and the PS4.
  12. I only ever really played Demon's Souls on the PS3 for a few hours. But I'd really like to give this remake a go. What do the expert players think so far? Looking like a decent remake?
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