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  1. Mega Man, definitely. Being a retro nut with all minis hacked and sat under the telly, it's always been clear that this really is the only series I never could and seemingly never will get into. So many old and venerable series still getting replayed regularly, like Castlevania, Final Fantasy and Bomberman , but the blue bomber never has enticed me so far. I absolutely love the Azure Striker series though - strangely enough.
  2. And Death Stranding ! Which was my GOTY of 2019.
  3. Which is what they're doing with the excellent Sega Ages series, I suppose? Although I reckon they haven't really been a big hit, hence releases are pretty rare and random these days.
  4. Is that the queen of England in the first picture?
  5. In-depth presentation of the games revealed so far: Damn, if an English version is released, I'll be all over this. It's looking perfect.
  6. Finally managed to nab me a pair of brown Birkenstocks from the Able Sisters. Combined with my white sports socks, and my garish red pineapple shirt, the Summer holiday season can now truly begin.
  7. Reviews round-up: Destructoid: 8 out of 10 NintendoWorldReport: 5.5 out of 10 IGN: 5 out of 10 Game Informer: 5 out of 10 GameSpot: 5 out of 10 Pocket Gamer UK: 3 out of 10 One for fans of the series (or SWERY) only it seems.
  8. Still on schedule for a 2020 release according to Suda 51.
  9. Launch trailer: Also, why was the thread title edited?
  10. Well that explains Waifu Uncovered then.
  11. Clicky 8-way joystick or gtfo. Really don't make the same mistake the Neo-Geo mini made folks.
  12. This game made me dig up Mr. Driller: Drill Spirits again. The sprites are tiny, but you really can't knock the gameplay of a Mr. Driller game. Drill Land's next obviously.
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