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  1. People really seem to be trying to rush through this. Of course you can play however you want, but for me AC has always been about its slow paced discoveries. Giving small rewards on a daily or weekly basis. I shall never forget my first coelacanth in WW after 5 months of play.
  2. Oh brother! See, a Panzer Dragoon remake in that engine would have been the best thing ever.
  3. Alas, that'd probably be it. Still a shame though. I was looking forward to this remake, but several reviews have pointed out that the new graphical style is at odds with the more ethereal art of the Saturn original, which happened to be the most important aspect of that game imo.
  4. Definitely; hence why I see your point. And maybe Giraud even had a more colourful version in mind, but that would have been going against his own trademark style. Other Panzer Dragoon artwork by Giraud is decidedly less colourful:
  5. I 'd really beg to differ here. At a first glance one could be forgiven that this is indeed what the remake could be going for, yet its main source of inspiration for the graphical style was Moebius' art style, and that uses subdued colours more like the ones found in the Saturn originals rather than the saturated palette used in the remake. I think I'll pass. Unfortunately.
  6. Seems like my final order before the inevitable upcoming Death Stranding was finally delivered:
  7. Which reminds me that the Mega Drive had a pretty good Rolling Thunder 2 conversion. Time to update my MD mini games list it seems.
  8. Spring Man is already an assist character. My money would be on Ninjara or Misango.
  9. They need to do a game based on one of its former presidents, Hayao Nakayama. O-Hayao Nakayama-san: King of Combovers!! Mystery hair technique adventure!! >> http://www.ukresistance.co.uk/2008/04/former-sega-boss-innovates-comb-over.html
  10. The overworld and town parts look better on a telly, while the battles look better in handheld mode. And this bothers me considerably
  11. Any word on the EU release? Still put un hold until further notice then? EDIT: I finally got an e-mail that the release date is now TBA
  12. A perfect fit for a Switch in handheld mode.
  13. I briefly popped over. Thanks for the pears and coconuts
  14. Any word on who developed this? Most sites simply say Capcom but no individual names of dev team members can be found. EDIT: Shuichi Kawata (RE5), Koji Wakasono (Lost Planet) and Kenji Fukasawa seem to have been the heads of the dev team.
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