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  1. English Nintendo Labo trailers: As impressive as the kit initially looked, the robot kit game looks painfully boring. The variety kit looks a lot more interesting.
  2. Even the tadpole collecting?
  3. But that would have devalued any authority that people place in rllmuk's opinion.
  4. Kirby Star Allies

    And so is Planet Robobot. One of my favourite Kirby and even 3DS games. Well worth it really.
  5. POLL: What is the best 3D Mario platformer ever made?

    I never got on with that one...
  6. Kirby Star Allies

    Great; another forum member pimping his own game...
  7. SNES Mini

    It's good but hard as nails; even on the 'easy' setting. Another brilliant (and obscure) SNES game that's hard as nails is this one - Hagane:
  8. SNES Mini

    Have people added Iron Commando to their list yet? Pretty amazing beat'em up tbh. If SNK (or Kaneko) stole everything from Capcom's arcade game The Punisher and turned it into their own game, I'd reckon you'd get sth looking like Iron Commando.
  9. Great gaming transitions.

    When you first leave Kokiri Village and walk into Hyrule Fields in OoT. Does that count?
  10. Dragon Ball FighterZ (3v3, Guilty Gear Devs)

    It was pretty big in Belgium and huge in France in the early 90s. I bought the complete comic series back then. Afair, it never caught on in the UK and the US until the (late late 90s?) early 2000s. And that was mainly the US I think.
  11. EDGE #316

    On a side note @Nate Dogg III: have you stopped doing the subscribers exclusive covers?
  12. EDGE #316

    On the money!! >>
  13. Amazing Katamari Damacy

    Cancelled griitty Xbox Katamari game:
  14. RIP Bob Wakelin

    RIP you art work legend...
  15. Resident Evil 2 Remake!


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