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  1. Same here. But I really can't wait for some proper DLC. By From standards it's long overdue now.
  2. Stardust Crusaders > Stone Ocean > Golden Wind > Diamond is Unbreakable > Battle Tendency > Phantom Blood.
  3. Weather Report and Father Pucci (final) trailer: I suppose they had to wait til Stone Ocean's (totally awesome) finale was on Netflix to release this.... And what's more, they're not part of the season pass, meaning they're two totally free new DLC characters! Yes! Yes! Yes! YES!!
  4. Gus. GUYS! Look at us! Squabbling, bickering, like children! What's happening to us? etc.
  5. still going to pick it up when it's in the bargain bin, as it look interesting enough. and most other reviews were pretty positive.
  6. Only three more moths before the free DLC disappears though!
  7. "Eating is cheating!" Really? Definitely the raunchiest Ace Attorney game so far.
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