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  1. Yeah, MD are a disaster. Myfavouritemagzaines.co.uk never gave me any problems whatsoever for years. As soon as MD took over, the whole thing turned into an unrivaled shit show. It still is by the sound of it. Really terrible for the people making the magazines to see their hard work is being squandered like this. At least the scalpers on ebay are reliable.
  2. Retro Gamer seems to like it as well
  3. I do hope PS4 owners will get the chance to play the Integrade expansion at one point though.
  4. Download only in the EU and the UK.
  5. Both had me in tears back in the dazye.
  6. God, if only I had followed through with that. I recently bought it and it's every JoJo fan's dream game. Especially arcade mode. The gameplay isn't up to the standards of the true arcade versus fighters of that time (like SF IV or Tekken Tag Tournament 2) of course, but it makes up for that with satisfying gameplay and a visually impressive (even after 6 years on a more or less discarded console) show of love for the source material. Of course the online side is dead, and if you failed to get the extra DLC (like I did) some parts of the game are now locked, but it's
  7. Lots of great discounts at the moment: RE Revelations 1 & 2, La-Mulana, T&E: Back in the Groove ea.
  8. Very curious to find out which arcade games will be included in this one.
  9. Didn't know there was going to be a physical version. A robot named Marina can't be wrong, so ordered one as well. Big ta for the heads up!
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