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  1. I've just started playing this and might create and get all 8 classes to level 10 to get a sense of which one or two I want to stick with and go through the story with. I'm guessing I need to sub to be able to have 8 chars active? I'm happy to sub once to unlock permanent upgrades but what is this referral system I here mentioned? Should I use that whilst subbing?
  2. Re1 remake for classic Resi experience. Re2 & Re3 remake for classic/action Resi experience. Resi 4,5 & 6 for action Resi experience. Resi 7 for fps horror experience that goes to shit for the last two thirds. Go through them in that order on your ps4 if you got the money & time or just grab 4,5 & 6 and play the best schlock action games ever made. If you've never played 4 than you have got to play it, no questions just do it. Resi 5 is really good with a co-op partner and worth playing single player tbh. Now Resi 6 is Capcom throwing everything they have into a game including budget and not taking a step back to have a look at the bigger picture, it's a mess but I love it. Next to Resi 4, Resi 6 is my favourite, ignore the hate, jump in and master the deep controls and laugh at how stupid it all is. It has immense replay value and can be played in co-op too. Tldr, I recommend Resi 4,5 & 6, I think they can be bought as a triple pack on ps4. Edit: Indeed you can grab 4,5 & 6 from PSN on sale now for £11.99, bargain!
  3. Any kind of rumble versions available?
  4. Mario sunshine - Secret of the village underside, worst level so far, good luck with that one peeps.
  5. I've done the same thing. I've got that pc port of 64 running at 60fps wide-screen and playing it with my steam controller with mouse camera on, didn't bother with HD textures as I don't think they gel well with the low poly graphics. I've added some reshade shaders on top to give it a less sharp and more retro feel. No draw distance pop-in is of course very helpful for spotting Red coins miles away. Currently have 51 stars so far. Mario sunshine I'm playing with a genuine cube controller, wide-screen 60fps, HD hud not textures though. Cutscenes look rough compared to new switch ones but whatever. Game can be very frustrating, finished it back in the day, it's a love/hate game for me. Galaxy I'm playing with a Wiimote. Just straight up running the game 1080p nothing else added, looks amazing, could try an HD texture pack but can't be arsed really, looks good enough already I think. Never played the game way back when, really enjoying it but does feel like exploration is nonexistent and you just blast through the levels. Saying all this though, it took me ages to get these games running how I like, I would like the Switch versions but Nintendo can piss off with their limited time availability and lazy'ish ports. I think they should have released them separately over time and given them some real attention especially 64 and Sunshine.
  6. Can you unlock Skate? That is all that matters. I've bought the game anyway, that DF retro video convinced me it's a proper sequel.
  7. Highly suspicious that it's 50% off before release.
  8. I'm up for a remake but they need to go all out on it, no cutting stuff out. Just last year I played through Resi 4 on pc. I used the HD texture project, Reshade, Steam controller and locked the game to 30fps as it has issues at 60fps. I had trepidations going back to Resi 4 after playing it many moons ago on PS2, I was afraid of the inventory management and no moving and shooting but in the end I finished the game twice with leon and did all the extra stuff too, absolutely loved it. Once the HD texture project is finished I'm going to go through the game again, it really is high quality stuff. Just thinking about a Resi 4 remake on the new consoles, stuff like HDR, Ray tracing, insanely detailed enviroments etc. Update the gameplay so you can move and shoot, switch weapons on the fly, hell yeah.
  9. Playing using the Vive wands is a pain in the arse, so many times I have switched weapon when turning or crouched whilst trying to teleport. I've ordered the index controllers, this game has revived my interest in VR, feel kinda bad spending a lot of money during this pandemic though.
  10. Incredible! When you are in there, that virtual world, it's easy to be totally immersed, even just now when I had the sound coming out of my tv( I normally wear ear buds). I haven't used my Vive in over a year, I think I got bored of the lack of real meaty games, this game is the first AAA game I have played in VR. I'm now using continous movement, it makes a big differance than purely teleporting, it allows dodging enemies, moving to cover and moving precisely much better.
  11. Yup I'm playing it seated on my sofa. There is a duck button too so you can grab thing on the floor easily.
  12. Also playing via SSD and load times are short and welcome tbh as a quick breather. I find it funny that the game has to load periodically, I thought we were beyond that now other than the initial load to start the game, doesn't bother me though.
  13. I've given the a game a quick go and there is indeed the ability to duck. I have space to stand I'm just lazy and like to sit. I was determined to ignore the game but buckled after watching some vids, ah well it seems bloody good so far.
  14. Cool thanks, I'll find out once it's done downloading - surprisingly fast considering everyone is stuck at home streaming stuff.
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