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  1. Have Rebellion been on yet?
  2. Wait, what? Please let this be true!
  3. I'm hoping Metro exodus will be on the pc game pass(rumored to be) as that is the one game I have almost bought from EGS but I just can't give EGS any money, not until they stop their exclusivity nonsence.
  4. Looks like pc game pass is available, don't know if this has already been mentioned. There is also an Xbox ultimate game pass, again don't know if this has been mentioned.
  5. Are there high quality rips of Chernobyl then? I only have Now TV and assumed any ripped versions would be just as shit.
  6. very disappointing, the show has so many beautiful shots that demand to be seen in at least blu-ray quality.
  7. Absolutely loved the show but God damn Now TV's streaming quality sucks ass. Is there any word on this getting a blu ray/4k hdr disc release?
  8. At the end of the day, if EGS wasn't buying exclusivity rights to games no one would use it, it has nothing to offer. Instead of competing with Steam by offering games cheaper and over time adding basic features to their store, EGS comes along with their disgusting exclusivity tactic and strip consumers choice to buy where they choose from. I've bought several games from Uplay because I can get them cheaper there, I buy games on GoG because they are DRM free, I don't buy games from EGS because I'm not gonna give them a penny until they start playing fair. I'm sick of greedy fucking corporations and their thirst for money and power over everything else.
  9. I'm on a 6700k @ 4.2ghz 16GB 1080 8GB, did everything in a vid from BSOD for the latest Cemu but it still stutters and freezes just like he sais in the video. I'm not bothered though, I rather play it on my switch first then maybe try Cemu again later.
  10. Using Cemu on pc then? It's a stuttering mess on my pc. I have a legit copy(on the way), I just needed to see what all the fuss was about before I bought it.
  11. A Wii game. Edit: Sorry, sounds like you are trying to play a GC game? I tried to play a GC game but couldn't get it to work.
  12. I did play a Wii game and it looked pretty shitty on the Wii U tbh, looks much better on my pc via Dolphin emulator unsurprisingly.
  13. I hacked my Wii U up this weekend, it all went surprisingly easy. I used this guide
  14. Took me almost 100 attempts and a few days to beat the final boss. For me, Ichimonji Double was essential to keep my posture down and their's up, can't always do a double Ichi against third and fourth phase though. You must learn to deflect his attacks, run away if your posture or health is fucked then get back in there. So really for me it was deflect as much as I could, double or single Ichi, mikiri counter and whatever attacks I can squeeze in to eventually break his posture.
  15. You could customise the controls like that through the Steam controls overlay assuming you are playing on a pc.
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