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  1. Can you unlock Skate? That is all that matters. I've bought the game anyway, that DF retro video convinced me it's a proper sequel.
  2. Highly suspicious that it's 50% off before release.
  3. I'm up for a remake but they need to go all out on it, no cutting stuff out. Just last year I played through Resi 4 on pc. I used the HD texture project, Reshade, Steam controller and locked the game to 30fps as it has issues at 60fps. I had trepidations going back to Resi 4 after playing it many moons ago on PS2, I was afraid of the inventory management and no moving and shooting but in the end I finished the game twice with leon and did all the extra stuff too, absolutely loved it. Once the HD texture project is finished I'm going to go through the game again, it really is high quality stuff. Just thinking about a Resi 4 remake on the new consoles, stuff like HDR, Ray tracing, insanely detailed enviroments etc. Update the gameplay so you can move and shoot, switch weapons on the fly, hell yeah.
  4. Playing using the Vive wands is a pain in the arse, so many times I have switched weapon when turning or crouched whilst trying to teleport. I've ordered the index controllers, this game has revived my interest in VR, feel kinda bad spending a lot of money during this pandemic though.
  5. Incredible! When you are in there, that virtual world, it's easy to be totally immersed, even just now when I had the sound coming out of my tv( I normally wear ear buds). I haven't used my Vive in over a year, I think I got bored of the lack of real meaty games, this game is the first AAA game I have played in VR. I'm now using continous movement, it makes a big differance than purely teleporting, it allows dodging enemies, moving to cover and moving precisely much better.
  6. Yup I'm playing it seated on my sofa. There is a duck button too so you can grab thing on the floor easily.
  7. Also playing via SSD and load times are short and welcome tbh as a quick breather. I find it funny that the game has to load periodically, I thought we were beyond that now other than the initial load to start the game, doesn't bother me though.
  8. I've given the a game a quick go and there is indeed the ability to duck. I have space to stand I'm just lazy and like to sit. I was determined to ignore the game but buckled after watching some vids, ah well it seems bloody good so far.
  9. Cool thanks, I'll find out once it's done downloading - surprisingly fast considering everyone is stuck at home streaming stuff.
  10. So how do you reach down to pick things up if standing up in-game but seated in real life?
  11. FFS, haven't touched my Vive in like a year, dusted it off and bought HL: Alyx... I hate myself I want to play it seated, is there a duck button?
  12. The fuck?! I've bought several Steam controllers and a Vive direct from Steam, where is my free copy?
  13. Most annoying thing is the fodder enemies that constantly spawn during big fights, I get why, for ammo/health/armor but they continually harass you. Combat is getting more manageable as I unlock more upgrades and muscle memory is kicking in. Still enjoying the platforming and finding secrets. Love that you can enlarge the ui and change its colour, I'm rocking the purple ui at the moment. I just hope there is new game plus so I can blast through the campaign again and get a good flow going instead of bubbling around like an idiot.
  14. I knocked the difficulty down to the easiest setting and the game is more enjoyable now, if you're having a hard time I suggest you do the same. I don't mind the platforming, rather enjoy it in fact, what I don't like is the invisible walls everywhere which kinda feels a bit frustrating. The game looks amazing with HDR on but the map is bugged at the moment, it's greyed out and pretty unreadable which means exploration is very difficult until they patch it. They is so much guff when it comes to upgrades and weapon abilities, very overwhelming trying to get a handle on how to proceed or deal with enemies. It feels good when you get a good string of encounters going though. I still don't know how I feel about the game, it is so dense with stuff, I'm hoping it all comes together after a while.
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