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  1. Lovely to see from the Arsenal keeper. Horrendous watching Auba and seemingly everybody else within the Arsenal squad completely baffled at the concept of lifting the trophy.
  2. You guys think Sancho is a must this window? I've become so sceptical from previous shit shows of transfers that have come in. I really do hope Ole and the board can nail targets down this window - providing finances aren't needing to be reigned in due to covid.
  3. Maybe that's the wake up call we needed before the final 3 games. We win our last 3, we are in the CL. This would be such a huge boost making it in to the CL after appearing to be way too far away for majority of the season.
  4. I've had the chance to meet Brian Shaw at the Olympia expo in 2016 and most recently Thor in Gold's Gym in CA in 2018. The meetings were very brief but Shaw was super polite and genuinely seemed happy to just ask us questions - where have we come from? What do we train for specifically etc. Just a cool dude. Thor was kinda busy doing a vid with Mike O'Hearn. But I did get a pic with the pair - A Sean sandwich!
  5. Most recent episodes of Last Dance are sweet!
  6. I have been loving Last Dance. As a huge basketball fan growing up, this has far better than I hoped prior to the first ep!
  7. As somebody who was fortunate enough to pick up 5 lots of x2 tickets in Rome, Dublin, Budapest and Bucharest. I am very saddened to hear the Euros is being delayed. I sincerely hope my hotel/travel arrangements can be altered.
  8. If we can push ahead with further signings in the summer, similar to those that have already come in. Such as Sancho etc.. I will be extremely excited. It will probably take another 2-3 years to get to Liverpool/City level but let's hope this is the start of our own journey back to the top.
  9. 39 points available and 22 ahead. What a mess.
  10. But... But.... Igalho?
  11. Yeah if Liverpool somehow keep this form and win another CL either this season or next while hitting back to back league titles then they could well be up there at the top. However, that Barca team with Xavi, Messi and Iniesta was something else. If it wasn't for a poor handball decision against Inter they'd have had 3 CL titles in a row in that collection too.
  12. 70 points after 24 games. Just...what?
  13. Just seeing how happy everyone has been under him is truly something. I bet Phil rues leaving when he did, he could have been a Liverpool legend.. instead he's just another decent player.
  14. Man, I wish United snapped Jurgen up when he was looking to leave Dortmund. You guys are in such safe hands.
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