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  1. 39 points available and 22 ahead. What a mess.
  2. But... But.... Igalho?
  3. Yeah if Liverpool somehow keep this form and win another CL either this season or next while hitting back to back league titles then they could well be up there at the top. However, that Barca team with Xavi, Messi and Iniesta was something else. If it wasn't for a poor handball decision against Inter they'd have had 3 CL titles in a row in that collection too.
  4. 70 points after 24 games. Just...what?
  5. Just seeing how happy everyone has been under him is truly something. I bet Phil rues leaving when he did, he could have been a Liverpool legend.. instead he's just another decent player.
  6. Man, I wish United snapped Jurgen up when he was looking to leave Dortmund. You guys are in such safe hands.
  7. It's fast-paced, it's chaotic. We have to just go for it here.
  8. United fan and I looked at it multiple times. I can't even justify it being a foul. We got a let off big time.
  9. I picked up tickets in Budapest for Group F. Oh how sweet that is.
  10. Nah, I'd have been so pissed to have that chalked off for my team. The least Sheff deserved tbh. This would've been the absolute definition of papering over the cracks.
  11. If Poch is genuinely up for the challenge in a building job at United. We are fools to pass up the opportunity.
  12. Not gonna lie. If Poch isn't signing a contract by midnight this evening. I'm done with this season.
  13. Never mind. City to storm this now 4-1.
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