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  1. Thanks for the info, mate. Yes, the date is quite a big one. I should've spotted that! Baring has so kindly reminded me that I actually have plans on the 22nd. The 28th however, is perfect!
  2. Anyone know anything about trying to pick up a ticket for Everton v Man City at Goodison on 22/09. I'm assuming the chances using the website are slim. I figured viagogo or livefootballtickets but they are a last resort.
  3. Can we not ask Rio to quit BT and lace up his boots? He keeps quite fit these days...
  4. It really will be a good battle for 6th this season.
  5. Rashfords miss with that bodged header makes me want to see Zlatan back. Fair enough it was offside but I just want to see a ruthlessness in front of goal.
  6. Christ. That was a hell of a hit.
  7. God the squad depth blows. Can we have another transfer window?
  8. City are going to have it won by Xmas, I fear.
  9. Alright, forget it. Sit back down, Sean.
  10. Get the fuck in. All out.
  11. Just give the lad who's going to be sticking around for the next decade the pens.
  12. Solid defensive performance, choosing the right moments to push and put Wolves under pressure, clinical edge when chances come our way. 0-2... Perfect... Odds: 60/1.
  13. Excited for tonight. Not because I think we are going to smash Wolves and go on to win the next 36 league games or anything. I'm excited to see how the team responds to the likely ferocious atmosphere at Molineux. We got humiliated there last season and hopefully we see the characters of the players shine through tonight. A number have said they never want to go through that again, so I want to see some real fight with flashes of flare, obv
  14. Incredible how toothless they are without the little man in there. They are going to be lost for a good few seasons when he leaves/retires.
  15. This just makes me feel... Great.
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