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  1. the new/old adventure games are out now, physical codes in boxes out next week can be had for £20 each. https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Search/Search-299117.html?q=Taiko no Tatsujin&f=147393
  2. ^ thanks for the info. Not much price difference then, and I got all the prices wrong, it’s all in euros.
  3. It’s great (art of rally) but pc only at the moment.
  4. I got this in the sale mainly as I don’t have much to play on ps5 and to try out the fancy triggers/rumble, not really expecting much as I tried wrc 8, but couldn’t get the wheel setup how I like it and was all over the place, didn’t give it much of a try mind (got it ‘free’ with gold or gamepass or something). But anyway been plesantly surprised, it controls well with the pad, looks pretty nice (Although not as good as dirt 5/rally 2 on a pc imo), runs smooth, mostly wider tracks than dirt rally, and you can turn off perma death, so a bit more relaxing to play. Done my first season, don’t ful
  5. Fanatec have a Black Friday sale, so you can get the PlayStation base for £320, but the cheapest Xbox wheel is £200, is that normal? Don’t know why but I thought there was a cheaper one normally.
  6. Ah right, I mean I knew those things were big but I didn’t realise they’d block slots!
  7. looks ace! but cpu fan possibly the wrong way round, should be blowing air out the back of the case, although if the temps are fine don’t worry about it I guess!
  8. ^ that’s awesome, nice work! Great game, really enjoyed doing the time trials. the time trial notification thing is cool too but I think they need to move it somewhere else, it clogs up the notifications list and other stuff gets lost.
  9. Finished this a week or so ago, thought it was really great. Pretty frustrating at times too mind, those bloody crawly bomb guys! And the first 2 bosses are pretty nuts. Went back to the start to see if I could fly through the early levels, and while I could do the platforming a lot better, even early on the fight rooms I find hard still, maybe due to me never really getting the hang of the slowdown time sideways dodge move. The plus there is the difficulty doesn’t ramp up significantly, it just starts off really hard. So yeah if you like the sound of it and know what you’re getting yourself i
  10. There's a tick box under the headphone audio selection thing for output to hdmi. Hopefully Sony add this option too.
  11. the battery thing seems to divide people, i really like that it uses AA's, you can get rechargeable ones pretty cheap, easily replaceable, and that you can use it with a wire and no batteries at all.
  12. you can say the same thing the opposite way, compared to ridge racer/mario kart etc. so i think its in the middle really.
  13. thanks! not sure if it's buggy, thought i unlocked 3 or 4 of them but only one was mono, i could be mistaken though.
  14. yeah i'm really enjoying it, can definitely see the driveclub in there, most of it is like driveclub but with mud. it looks nice and runs really smooth (on pc anyway), the lighting/puddles and stuff look great. not too keen on the gymkhana (mainly because i'm terrible at it) and the darkness mind, although the seemingly scripted lightning so you can seee where you're going is cool. as people have said there are a few events that are oddly really hard, but you can skip whatever you want so that's cool. the ice ones are much easier once you buy a better car in that class (or it could be because
  15. guwange is awesome imo. But yeah it was a cheap Xbox live arcade port so guess it doesn’t have all the screen options of the full price releases like mushi etc.
  16. if anyone's interested in ghostrunner, and you know what you're getting yourself into, don't let the number 5 put you off, although i can see people hating it, i thought it was sort of awesome, filled with rediculous action, many deaths, frustration, and elation.
  17. Game of the Year A1. Mr. DRILLER DrillLand A2. art of rally A3. CrossCode A4. Hotshot Racing A5. Half-Life: Alyx Biggest Disappointment of the Year Z1. Z2. Z3. Sound Design of the Year S1. Mr. DRILLER DrillLand S2. Paper Mario: The Origami King S3. Visual Design of the Year V1. Microsoft Flight Simulator V2. Paper Mario: The Origami King V3. Writing of the Year W1. Paper Mario: The Origami King W2. W3. Format of the Year F1. Publisher
  18. Yeah you have to kill the bad dudes to continue. Sometimes you only seem to have to kill certain ones, but mostly it’s all of them.
  19. spatular


    Cheers ^ that’s cool, wasn’t sure if that was just for the demo or something, happy to get it on itch.
  20. spatular


    that looks ace (astra), is it coming to steam or consoles or something?
  21. This is awesome! but at the same time I’ve only done about 5 levels and there’s already been two sections where I though I might have to quit because it’s really difficult. More random than stuff like this in 2D too as you can’t see everything that’s shooting at you. I’m not very good at using the dodge and blink stuff, my tactics are more keep moving forword and hope for the best. It’ll probably end up like cloudbuilt for me, I like it but will likely not be able to complete it.
  22. spatular


    only had a quick go of crimzon clover because i'm tired and that doesn't really work with shmups, but it's more crimzon clover so it's ace, not fully sure what's going on in the new mode but i like that the difficulty seems to be inbetween the novice and arcade modes. not played the other modes much for a few years probably but did play some arcade boost mode recently - scoring tips that i found from the internet, but don't actually do much of because the mode is hard: - most important i believe is to have a lock on multiplier going - hold lockon button - lockon meter at botto
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