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  1. did this somewhere else, it's almost exactly the same, took ages to fill in, was fun listening to all this cool music again though. (edit - i'll fix the links in a bit links fixed)
  2. ^ thanks guys, really detailed answer used to really enjoy grand prix legends, and have assetto corsa so will give it a go cheers.
  3. ^ what game/track is it?
  4. added you guys, i'm a bit sparodic in taking part but just had a go of the spa time trial, 2nd to last but it was great fun, need to take part more often anyone feel free to add me too: spatular-- with the two minuses at the end.
  5. i noticed special events mentioned on the latest patch notes, so hopefully like you say there'll be more of these now.
  6. yeah it’s a mess, my wheel has buttons labelled water, pit, and radio, but pc games refer to them as numbers and consoles have the console buttons, I have no idea what’s going on. Thinking of getting some stickers to put on the wheel with the console buttons and the numbers.
  7. spatular


    ^ i'm not a big fan of raiden either but the raiden fighters games are a bit different and more to my liking anyway. and good work on thunderforce! thanks for the explanation of how the stages work Stanshall, makes sense why i kept getting different stages now.
  8. spatular


    ^ nice one! Just wondered what’s the reason for dodging the medals? I’ve been playing some of that last month too, don’t think I got anywhere near finishing it, though I don’t really understand the stage numbering, don’t think I was on the last stage and the bullets were already too fast for me to see. Actually there were too fast to see on the previous stage but I bombed through it! It’s a fun game though. The medal trick where you collect the biggest combined medal just before there are a lot (11?) of small medals on screen at once can be done at the start of level 2 too, where you shoot sections of a train, I found that easier, never managed it on stage 1. I find that type of game with the super fast bullets much harder and needs more memorisation than bullet hell stuff, at least for survival, possibly because I’m not used to the fast bullet ones.
  9. ^ yeah it plays well with a wheel, it handles a bit like pgr and driveclub being in between a sim and arcade game, and the force feedback is good. There was a bug when playing with a wheel but I’m pretty sure that’s fixed now, at least on the pc version, not sure how widespread it was but I certainly had problems with it at launch.
  10. think you have to go to the in game messages to get them if that helps.
  11. spatular


    i played in a shmup tournament type thing, lasted a month and just finished last weekend, there were 10 games to play in a month so not much time per game. i didn't do very well but it was interesting trying out some games i've never played before and trying to learn how to score in some of them. for mini reviews below bear in mind i only really play/like bullet hell shmups - so the games are possibly really good just not for me. still glad i took part as it was something a bit different. - game tenguku was alright, you chain egg plants. - darius gaiden and raiden fighters jet are good - played them before but think i did get a better score in both this time. - there was a wario ware style one i can't remember the name of, i didn't like that one. (tenkomori shooting) - one called frogs and spiders which is like space invaders but you're a frog and can jump and a dickhead squirrel throws stuff at you. - gi joe which isn't a shmup but was sort of fun for a few goes. - turbo force was interesting but not that good imo - you play as some sort of flying car, it's super hard and there's a glitch where you hide in a wall and miss out a big chunk of stage 3. - hacha mecha fighter - cool graphics but i hated this - massive hit box - crazy scoring technique of hugging the right hand side of the screen which i never tried. - strikers 1999 - i'm rubbish at psikyo games - but this one is alright - actually i was rubbish at all the games except ketsui - i tried to learn some scoring routes which i found difficult but did improve my previous best score - 108m but it was a really scrappy run as i'm not too good at these new routes. also uploaded these to youtube that were saved on the ps4 from earlier in the year when i was playing ESP Ra.De. arcade 1cc: arcade plus 1cc:
  12. spatular


    Thats fair enough
  13. spatular


    i hope it does come out over here but think it's unlikely as none of the previous shottriggers releases have come to the UK. i think this is a bit harsh on M2 - the mega drive mini i think it's more like the sound on some of the games is super laggy, and the virtua racing port is ridiculously good for the money imo - but yeah i guess they could have been better but the cost per game here is minimal, i doubt they're getting paid much for that stuff what with the sale price of the megadrive games being less than £1 each and having to work with fixed hardware. i think you're right though they probably have given up on releasing shottriggers stuff in other countries(/consoles), because of the cost they likely don't sell anyway, i doubt we'll see ketsui in the US
  14. spatular


    awesome cab geldra according to someone on the shmups forum it adds a harder tlb (true last boss) to the arcade plus mode if you die twice or less before you get there. https://shmups.system11.org/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=63604&sid=4499f680e61aee08e54cbbf0186b6205&start=450
  15. spatular

    Edge #345

    been replaying some games from this and having a great time - outrun 2, dj hero, jungle beats, and rez - all brilliant. jungle beats in particular is ridiculous, how can a platform game designed to be played with a bongo controller be this good?
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