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  1. retroid pocket 3+ will do dc and psp ok. Probably the cheapest one that will. Think it plays some gc stuff but not great. More expensive ones like odin stuff and steamdeck will do gc better but i didnt look as much into them.
  2. Is there any way to increase chip slots other than buying them? i have a feeling the tutorial was trying to explain it but i didnt really understand it. overall really enjoying the game, the graphics/presentation/style of the game is amazing, gameplay is great fun too mostly, although im crap at simon says style rhythm games (and fighting games) so had to turn the difficulty down on level 6.
  3. yeah i had some odd stuff happen with the physics on this car too, and pretty much that exact same thing happen, and some other odd stuff. also did my runs today, the club one went ok except for a few mess ups especially on the last stage. did the team one too, some big crashes on that mostly after big jumps, good fun though.
  4. Thanks! Ill just keep re-assigning the healing items
  5. not sure i'm missing anything but when i auto-assign stuff it removes healing items from people who have healing staffs but the staffs can't heal themselves so i have to go back in and give them healing items manually? or can the staffs heal the user and i just can't work out how to do it?
  6. i really enjoyed forza 7 so looking forward to this, i'm sure it'll be great, not bothered about the stuff in the video like more realistic dirt or whatever mind.
  7. spatular


    Yeah the stage 5 laser death wheels are a big difficulty spike on dfk, i seem to remember learning the route through them but still needing to save up bombs for that part and using hypers to cancel bullets. Good luck!
  8. 29 continues! might have even been on a lower difficulty setting, not sure really
  9. if you're in the market for a card that costs less than £800!
  10. yeah if people want to experience the original version you can manually use marin karin at every opportunity despite it barely ever doing anything.
  11. it's also a sequel to a brilliant ds game with 3 names - touch! kirby!/canvas curse/power paintbrush
  12. ^ could have been mushihime tama? i thought i'd played magical drop on ngpc but looking into it i think it was puzzle link i played, so not sure. i like games like this though so will have to give magical drop a go.
  13. spatular


    that's a massive jump in dodgyness levels going on there!
  14. spatular


    sometimes i haven't got a clue with complicated bullet patterns and always die in the same place, then see a replay and find its all an optical illusion and you can just tap slowly to one side to dodge it. i don't watch replays that often but this tells me i should watch them more. with faster patterns i think it helps to look further up the screen. but yeah i agree with the above, if you're enjoying it and play more you'll get better not about complicated bullet patterns but i think it helps to stick to the same size screen and keep sitting the same distance away.
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