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    ^ yeah garegga is crazy, loads of odd stuff going on, don't shoot, don't collect powerups, bomb the flemingos etc. not sure all the same stuff applies to the arrange mode (was that the premium one?) - that's the mode i spent most time playing on the ps4, it's fun as it's easier than the arcade mode iirc, but the problem is, for me anyway i could only activate the special scoring mode maybe 1 in 10 tries of the first level which could get annoying. been playing loads of esp ra.de. all week, been getting to the last boss quite often, and usually do better at the weekends because sleep, so thought i'd give it a really good go to try and get the clear....been doing pretty badly most of the day, dying on stage 1 and 2 loads, but then did it! had 5 lives on stage 5, and 4 at the last boss so just bombed the crap out of the later phases. got really lucky at one point i pressed the bomb button and careered through loads of bullets without having any bomb left, but survived! and i think the replay is saved online if anyone wants to watch it, on ps4 though.
  2. spatular


    don't know sorry, only played as her once or twice, have been sticking to arcade mode with the wide shot character (JB-5th or something?)
  3. spatular


    i don't know about a proper guide but here's a basic overview: - arcade and easy mode are self explanatory, - arcade mode has two practice modes, one lets you pick any stage/part stage to play, the other records where you die and lets you play short sections of the game based on that. - arcade plus is a slightly modified version of the arcade game - i think you play through it once to unlock a new character, iirc there's reduced boss milking, and an extra boss (which i don't think is in arcade mode but not sure, maybe there just aren't any requirements to unlock it in arcade plus?) - custom lets you mess with more settings apparently - i've not really tried this - there's another mode which i haven't played much which is something to do with the characters having a room, and there's some gameplay sections like challenges in there too, think there are unlocks in here for doing the challenges.
  4. spatular


    oh! that's interesting, i'm playing arcade mode where you can't practice/credit feed this, although yeah i have played the new mode and seen videos of a TLB but thought it was just for that mode, maybe i need to start playing the new mode to get some practice (edit - watched some youtube and i don't think there is a TLB in arcade mode, or if there is it has requirements maybe). i know what you mean about the start of stage 4, i keep dying trying to get the extra life, plus point is it doesn't really get much harder from there until the last boss. @Kryptonian the recommended games are great, i really like rolling gunner and danmaku 3... but would say i think the normal mode in both is pretty hard, so for something novice friendly be prepared to drop the difficulty/play the easy modes. deathsmiles is the "easiest" cave game, but is not out yet.
  5. spatular


    it looks crazy and not safe at all but i'll take your word for it! and yeah keep posting, this is great stuff congrats! i was going to take a break from esp ra.de. but was playing all weekend and tonight, got to the last boss a few more times, once to the last phase it was very close but no cigars. too hyper to sleep now. got a new high score ~10.8m, but i'm sort of ignoring the scoring as survival is enough to get both the score extends. i mean you're supposed to let the majority of the cubes fall off the screen right? also bit late to this but finally got zero ranger on steam last weekend, id been putting it off because i don't always like the more old school stuff, but yeah it's great fun!
  6. spatular


    iirc there was a dlc disk in the cave collection, it's probably on that, but that probably isn't the easiest/cheapest thing to get hold of.
  7. spatular


    I got it many years ago and my memory isn’t great, someone asked about it recently which reminded me a bit but anyway you might be able to get it on the uk store, try searching for “hutari” edit - also awesome skills in that video, nice work Stanshall! edit 2 - https://marketplace.xbox.com/en-gb/Product/Mushihimesama-hutari-Black-Lavel/00000000-0000-400c-80cf-0002435a07d7
  8. Ha, i think i've just played it a lot! actually got friend requests from sbrandon and Speech - thanks guys! sorry i haven't accepted them, it won't let me because i need facebook or something - i need to sort that out. edit - linked facebook, accepted the requests and unlinked it again straight away!
  9. spatular

    Nintendo Switch

    these are great for shmups too, as are the saturn ones (although i don't have the switch compatible version).
  10. spatular


    with amazon you pay the VAT in advance, but it does cut out the handling fees royal mail etc charge.
  11. not very interesting solution but you could put them in a thread on here, maybe others could do the same.
  12. we had the cheapo version of that wheel where plastic replaced the wood/metal/leather (some parts were metal still), i don't remember it being cazy expensive £50-£100 at a guess? (edit - we may have got it in a bargain bin or something when they were obsolete - who knows) http://www.mindflux.com.au/products/digitaledge/f1simcompact.html
  13. spatular


    i've got the disk version on ps4, guess it takes about 1 min to get to the menu, but after that it's pretty quick. what's up with the switch version?
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