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  1. Thats a great post and a great help, cheers! really struggled but eventually managed to get through a few songs on hard, and one on easy with no auto aim. Generally really enjoying it but Keep thinking about putting no fail on as it’s quite easy to die, can be a bit frustrating, but haven’t really used it much yet. Occasionally on hard the rhythm action part makes sense as you sort of add a riff of gunfire that fits in with the song, but still most of the time I’m just trying to stay alive and there is no rhythm. Also I don’t have much room and keep bashing into things, lucky the rift controllers seem surprisingly strong! still don’t have any oculus friends, think my tag is spatular, feel free to add me for leaderboard stuff
  2. Been playing the latest dlc and I think it’s ace, the note charts are great fun. same for ost 3, and the monstercat pack too, which I wasn’t sure about initially but it really grew on me.
  3. I got this when I first got a rift a few months ago but didn’t play it much due to being addicted to beat saber, and now it has beat saber and pistol whip to compete with and I don’t think it’s as immediately understandable/fun as those. Anyway I had a go tonight and I had fun but there’s quite a few different moves you have to do so I think it needs more play time to really get into it. But yeah initial impressions are pretty good still. holding the control sticks inwards is cool. plus one of the note types I didn’t understand - did the advanced training to find out its some sort of gangsta move - so there’s that.
  4. Tried it without auto aim and now I know what the bad guys in films feel like. the shield recharge thing I think is 4 hits on easy, 8 on medium, and 16 on hard. the game is great fun but the rhythm action part I mostly don’t get how it works, sometimes I’m killing bad dudes in time to the music and getting near 200 points and I think I get it, then other times I’m doing the same and not getting many points, and other times I have no idea what the beat is supposed to be. Sort of reminds me of child of Eden in that way - another game I really like but found the scoring could be confusing at times. anyone know if punching gives more points?
  5. i played this a bit when it first came out but didn't really get it, thought it played like trials (the clock is always ticking) so thought the checkpoints were far too far apart, any mess up and the chalenge times would be nearly impossible. went back to it with new knowledge as quoted and it makes a lot more sense, so enjoying it a lot more. unlocked all the courses now and done most of the beginner challenges.
  6. more dlc out now, rocket league pack or something, 6 songs, seems like standard beat saber stuff so fits the game well, and the few i tried were good fun to play.
  7. yeah i played through it on easy with the autoaim on, got bad scores, it was great fun! bit confused as to how everything works, i think you can take 1 hit which takes out your shield, then hitting 4 shots restores the shield, something like that anyway. and scoring seems to be entirely timing based, but it wasn't always clear what beat shoot on. i guess you get good points for punching people but i kept forgetting and shooting them first. wanted to keep playing to try normal mode but the forward motion makes me a little sick after a while.
  8. Oh yeah definitely. I got it when I got a rift but was too addicted to beat saber so only played it a little bit, at the right difficulty it seemed pretty fun. I never really played it long enough to learn all the moves and stuff though so if the rift is getting this new version too - seems like a good time to give it another go.
  9. Oh no idea then sorry, he was stood right next to someone i fired a grenade launcher at.
  10. i possibly had similar, i think i maybe hit him with some splash damage or its a bug or something (cursor was showing yellow), reloaded to before that, get the bad guys again and it let me talk to him the second time.
  11. cheers i'll check it out! edit - yeah that was it
  12. Anyone remember this bit, nearly finished on monarch - I got a radio message on the ships computer from a doctor/medic person wanting me to go see them, I assumed it was from the medical bay on groundbreaker but it wasn’t and now I have no idea where to go for that bit, there’s nothing in the journal that I can see, anyone know where to go?
  13. yeah i think it does something similar, think it sets it automatically based on the car, but unfortunately you can't change it manually. well you can but you have to do it every time you start driving via the wheel - which is really puts me off playing the game.
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