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  1. spatular


    ^ oh is that ketsui mobile thing out over here?
  2. been putting some time into the timetrials, it's great fun, some times to beat if anyones interested. time. finland|noormarkku|group 2|the esky v1|1:30.857 finland|noormarkku|group a|il gorillona|1:16.294 finland|lassila|group a|il gorillona|1:30.023
  3. offside is vs the 2nd to last player. Usually the last player is the goal keeper, but not always.
  4. spatular


    espgaluda 2 is out now on switch, £15, bargain, and with the amazing subtitle: -Be Ascension. The Third Bright Stone of Birth- https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-Switch-download-software/Espgaluda-II-Be-Ascension-The-Third-Bright-Stone-of-Birth--2034787.html#Overview also i don't think first press are dodgy are they? they still haven't delivered my cat, but i think they were only due last month so not a big delay despite ordering a year ago, so wouldn't expect crimzon clover in a hurry anyway.
  5. spatular


    Crimzon clover switch physical version goes on sale tomorrow apparently, ill probably order one. https://firstpressgames.com/collections/crimzon-clover-world-explosion
  6. enjoyed this more when i got to the wrc cars, and the history mode was pretty good. also it fixes the thing from 9 where you roll over in slow motion. it's a nice rally game. still think i preferred 9.
  7. The more i play this the more i think 9 might be better, or more to my liking anyway. slightly more realism (?), picking a worse car for the second season, narrow roads/snow of monte carlo, tyre selection annoyances, and a bit harder to see in the dark - all combine to make that rally pretty annoying. But then the next rally in the snow was pretty fun. (edit - and then playing some of the monte carlo stages with a better car and the right tyres and it was good fun) i did work out some of the tyre problems i was having, need to get a perk to hire a weather guy, so you get a forcast. Still only get 6 tyres (1.5 sets) for 3 stages though so if one of them is snow you have to really use snow tyres for all of the stages - which is maybe realistic i dont know, and wouldnt be so bad on a wider track. overall though do think i had more fun with 9. Someone looking for more difficulty/realism might prefer this one i guess. And it does have more locations. i was thinking of making a note of the wider tracks and doing a custom season with those, but havent found a mode where you can do this so far, there are a lot of modes though so maybe you can.
  8. ^ fair enough, hope they fix it (i guess it's possible its fixed. i wouldn't be able to tell). Not noticed it myself, possibly as i set it to low wheel rotation so can centre it myself without thinking about it.
  9. ^ there's a slider in the settings for self centre force, maybe turning that up would help. i can feel that centering force but more on tarmac, which seems sort of right to me as there's more grip to pull the wheels straight. i thought the ffb in this seems pretty good and similar to 9 though so if you didn't like 9 i'm not sure it's going to change your mind. wonder if the ffb is different depending on the wheel as i tried 8 with a logitech and couldn't get into it, but played 9/10 with a thrustmaster and think it's good (or 9/10 just have better ffb).
  10. does anyone know why lando was starting further back? they didn't seem to mention why on the c4 highlights, was it penalty due to parts changes when repairing the car?
  11. after playing quite a bit today id say its a good fun rally game, just like 9. Maybe slightly harder, slightly harder to see in some dark conditions, a bit better graphics but takes a hit with some screen tearing, some new rally locations. But generally pretty similar to 9, and ive been enjoying it today. The tyre thing hasnt been a problem since the first rally, think i was a bit unlucky that it was monte carlo, which is half tarmac and half snow, and i had no grip on the snow, was all over the place, need to have a better look at the tyre options when that rally comes up next.
  12. gave this a quick try at night with rain to try and make it a good test, yeah its too dark, really hard to see, then switched to bumper cam and it was much brighter/easier to see.
  13. The first rally was a disaster with the tyre options, yeah theyve changed it because i never really messed with it in 9 (other than sometimes change to softs) and i dont really understand it yet. So maybe its fine when you understand it, and some other races where you dont have to pick tyres, and the next rally where you can only pick snow tyres were good/similar to 9. the lighting, i dont use cockpit view so not sure about that, ill try it and report back. I was doing a night stage, the game crashed and then installed the patch and did the same stage again and it seemed much darker. But not really had any problems with visibility, other than where expected when the weather is bad or whatever. some screen tearing on ps5 unfortunately, not too bad but some stages worse than others, and when it happens its right in the middle of the screen. skoda also keep sending me emails telling me im rubbish edit - i think the braking distances might be a bit longer than in 9.
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