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  1. i use my wheel clamped to a desk, it's fine, and G25 pedals are fine on carpet too, but yeah you might have trouble braking with the G29 ones as i think the brake pedal needs more force so they might move around more, and yeah for the basic thrustmaster pedals you'll definitely want to try and keep them still somehow (i did use them on carpet so it's possible but they're very light and tip over and move about a lot so it's not a great plan).
  2. spatular


    don't know where to post this but DJMAX Respect is on sale - £10.49 on psn at the moment. it's great! definitely worth a try if you like rhythm action games, the music i find a bit hit and miss but there's about 150 songs i think so should find something good in there. https://store.playstation.com/en-gb/product/EP1672-CUSA11707_00-DJMAXRESPECTNWRS the dlc is also on sale so i might get a few more song packs.
  3. ^ the pedals are thrustmaster, looks like one of their cheaper wheels (t80?) - it won't have force feedback.
  4. Yeah I sometimes get these and the stuff remains unused/useless. But the soundtracks with the persona rhythm games are great.
  5. ^ that's interesting, wonder if there will be much difference from the old wheels, as they've been very similar all the way back to the g25, which acording to the internet was out in 2006! The thrustmaster ffb maybe better (the t300 is imo, i haven't used a t150) but the logitech ones are still very good, it's proper force feedback. logitech have better build quality and padals for the price point too.
  6. You can sometimes get a good deal on the Logitech wheels for around £150 too (although lately this seems to be rare), but it’s either a g29 or g920 for PlayStation or Xbox, they don’t work on both - the adapter McSpeed mentions works on these too. Those Logitech wheels or the t150 (or Xbox equivalent) mentioned above are the only options in this price range, both are supposed to be good. Maybe second hand is an option? you can get a fanatec setup that works on both but it’s a bit confusing as you have to buy separate wheel and base but it’s ~£500+ I think.
  7. I didn’t vote, I’m not sure what my plan is yet, looking at it sensibly I don’t need either at launch, the stuff I want I can play on pc/old Xbox - halo and deathloop. But I’m not sensible when it comes to buying gaming stuff so I want both, seems like they’ll be too expensive for that though. Sort of leaning towards Xbox first at the moment because gamepass and I want to play the new halo on the new Xbox. Will end up with both at some point.
  8. if this is the right one it gives you an idea where they go, looks like they go under the none-windowed side panel http://www.aone.co.uk/LI.asp?ProductID=6147&ProductImageID=27484 http://images.aone.co.uk/imagesproduct/cs/large/cscitbeam-13.png
  9. yes and no, there was patching but mainly for the online stuff which was broken at launch, the handling didn't change much. personally i thought the handling was great, it's like a new PGR though, it wasn't a sim like the other games you mention.
  10. one of these would get my vote - New Super Mario Bros Deluxe (deluxe is the wii u port right?), Ori and the Blind Forest (if you're going to play an ori game play this one first anyway), Mirror's Edge - because they're brilliant, well mirrors edge is sort of flawed brilliance.
  11. WOOOOO go super leeds thanks Huddersfield!
  12. i couldn't beat the boss on 1000 year door either, used a cheat disk to finish it, same for metroid prime. used cheats to finish the original half life too. never finished majoras mask either, and stuff i really liked but i'm not good enough to finish like cuphead, bangai-o, cloudbuilt, guacamelee, and a load of shmups. oh and kid icarus 3ds, every time i play that i'm amazed by how good the on rails shooting sections are but then by the time i've finished the level i don't want to play the next one, never got on with the not-on-rails parts.
  13. That looks ace, would like to give it a try but I guess it’s not easy to get hold of the controllers etc? looks like it plays a bit like DJmax but with a fancy controller - I played a lot of djmax respect a year or so ago, its really good.
  14. I’ve unlocked the special stages (using loads of shop bought lives etc.) which are infinite but apparently you can get stamps from them if you do well enough, but they’re probably too hard for me so think I’m going to try earlier stages without extra lives or maybe try unlocking stuff in the easy mode.
  15. ^ you have to do level 1 on all 5 different game types then a boss one before you unlock level 2. I’m not too keen on how that works but I guess it makes you try all the different modes.
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