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  1. i'm the same, i'd like to upgrade to an oled at some point, but using my tv as a monitor, especially with working from home now, i'm not sure it'd be a good idea. "lucky" i'm used to old/mid range technology so having not really black black doesn't bother me too much.
  2. depends what you want to play, I sort of agree with Thor that you want to be spending a bit more to be getting something decent, but you can get something that meets the minimum specs for half life alyx for around £500, if thats adequate or not is subjective, can probably find some impressions of running stuff at minimum specs on youtube.
  3. ^ cheers, yeah i'm sure you're right...i tried to find out previously and failed, but tried again and yeah you can unlock them in the main game https://www.nintendo.com/whatsnew/detail/2020/try-out-pikmin-3-deluxe-with-a-free-demo/
  4. 2070s is similar to 1080ti so not a big upgrade in raw power but does have dlss and rtx i guess.
  5. ^ my tv does something like that, although i don't think it's proper scaling as it only works for 1080p input, using 4 pixels for each one - and it doesn't look as good as when you let the tv scale it normally.
  6. playing the demo unlocks some bonus missions in the main game - does anyone know if these can be unlocked in the main game without playing the demo?
  7. i had no idea that was their first game! yeah it's insanely good.
  8. i really enjoyed forza 7, but yeah the unskipable talking bits in the menus were annoying, it's more at the start of the game though, the first time you do anything, later on they don't happen much.
  9. im playing on an older rift just using an Xbox pad, works fine, guess PS4 or whatever other pad would be fine too.
  10. i think it looks alright but am not keen on having to use a stand when on it's side, i like a nice stable console. i may fit support legs to the 4 corners.
  11. guwange is on there, but yeah that's it for cave shooters.
  12. the white one does look nice but i'm glad i went for the uk one because the autofire on the pad comes in really handy.
  13. Been playing this loads, just finished the career mode, took 15+ hours I guess. It’s great, really enjoyed it. Want to do some timetrials too but at some point after starting the game it stops uploading times, restarting the game fixes it but it’s pretty annoying so maybe come back to that later.
  14. there's a demo on steam, i tried it the other day, the first car is pretty fun to drive, but i don't really get the dual stick steering as the left stick does so little, it's like the right stick is for steering and the left makes tiny adjustments to your line. the second car in the demo is really hard to control and i was hitting everything - maybe because i didn't understand the controls too well. still might try the full game at some point as the first car was fun and maybe it explains the controls better in the full game.
  15. Yeah got it on epic store, it’s great, although leaderboards seem a bit broken currently. Anyone want to be epic friends? Think I’m spatular- on there (with one minus at the end).
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