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  1. You aren't nice.

  2. Gimps your minimalist when it comes to talent.

  3. Seriously had no idea that Ireland was so hip and with the times.
  4. It's marketing genius by Nintendo. The wii was a total smash with the fat working classes, as was 'Make me famous and I'll suck your cock'. They need some sort of coloured fellow as their butler, then the demographics are covered.
  5. Saw this last night, and was surprised as to how creepily paedophilic the content actually was. It reminded me of that other child-fondling smash hit Leon, with the aspergerish hitman making a ten year old girl dress up in costumes.
  6. Hey cith, stay gnoshy.

  7. It boils down to where they both go in the future. One is taking the road of childish gimmickry; the other of awesome edgy coolness. Personally the ps3 is made by nicer people (currently) and has better exclusive games.
  8. What's a flavour thesaurus? What's wrong with asking someones opinions on something? Are you anal or something?
  9. Nice buttery mustard mash and braised baby gem lettuce. Gu's key lime pies.
  10. Hahaha. Which mods cock have you been sucking then?

  11. I miss you my noble Bruce.

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