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  1. Thank you sir! Had quite a busy weekend so that was a lovely surprise when I opened the game up. If you need anything please let me know. The Highbury museum edges closer to completion...
  2. Got Redd here with a real perfect painting if anyone needs that? Also a fake serene and scary.
  3. No worries, thanks anyway! It's been a few days. Can't believe Cheese Rolling made it into Animal Crossing: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cooper's_Hill_Cheese-Rolling_and_Wake
  4. Let my recipes pile up on the beach for far too long so it is clearout time. Let me know if anyone needs any of these:
  5. Oooh could I have these please? @Number 28 I need the basic from your list too if possible please? Sorry to be such a leach, will try and get my head round the Redd trick by the time he visits again and get some on the go.
  6. Ah sorry I tried to cross off any that had already been requested but must have missed those. You are a star sir. Thanks for those. This is the best I can do...
  7. So Redd is here today and he has: Wistful painting (fake) Quaint painting (fake) Academic painting (fake) If anyone wants to add to their fake collections. Celeste is also here but no shooting stars. @MeatballIf you still have any of these I would take any of the below please, all still missing from the Highbury museum. Happy to pay/swap for whatever I have/send nudes.
  8. Sounds like the kind of thing Tom Nook would say to get you into debt again.
  9. All done. Will send it over when it arrives tomorrow.
  10. I can. Have all the art you and @Meatball have mentioned so can come and buy it. Thanks for the Taurus bits @Meatball!
  11. You are a star sir. Just the two for the recipe please. And of course, if I can help with anything, please let me know. Thanks! So weird because I don't think I have missed a day this month but haven't seen the message from Isabelle.
  12. I thought it was on two week cycles. So you get everyone once over a two week cycle. Maybe you had Redd at the start of your last one and he’s due at the end of this one? Which reminds me I haven’t had shooting stars for ages and I think I haven’t visited anyone with stars for ages. Am I right in saying the zodiac period for Taurus ends tomorrow? Does anyone have any spare Taurus fragments please? I haven’t crafted the monthly item but I did grab the recipe from Celeste.
  13. Redd is here: Jolly painting (fake) Calm painting (real) Scary painting (real) Give us a shout if anyone needs any of those.
  14. Sent you the other exit sign, the black one.
  15. There’s definitely some new dialogue. Barold had this whole bit about “is this all a game” and nothing makes sense and why is Tom Nook lending us money etc etc and then said “only joking”. Was quite funny actually. I find it surprising that they haven’t introduced anything more substantial beyond the seasonal stuff. Not like they don’t have history of it in the other games.
  16. Cheers! Got the recipe and still not had heavy showers on my island this month so should be all set for this month’s crafting. Caught a couple on your island so may have been enough anyway.
  17. I don’t have this months recipe so wouldn’t mind a visit if you can open please?
  18. Redd is here with a fairly uninspiring selection: Real famous painting Fake Wistful painting Fake Academic painting Any interest give us a shout.
  19. Cheers, on my way. Had to download the update as it didn't do it when I logged on this morning.
  20. Sorry i've only got a real worthy painting but quite a few fakes: Scenic Wistful Academic Quaint Beautiful Informative statue Ancient statue Mystic statue
  21. I need that one if it is still going. What are you after? Happy to swap.
  22. Got some spares too: Seasonal Sakura-wood flooring Normal ones Armor shoes Bamboo doll Bamboo floor lamp Bamboo shelf Bamboo speaker Boomerang Gold bars Jail bars Log decorative shelves Log extra-long sofa Log stakes Log wall-mounted clock Money flooring Peach hat Pond stone Pretty cosmos wreath Scarecrow Stack of books Steel flooring Windflower fan Wild-wood wall
  23. Gates are...open. Help yourself to Nook stuff and recipes. Might have to pop out again so apologies if I don't respond. Pipe available for fast travel to Redd's if you need it.
  24. Actually sorry can we make it 30 minutes. Need to dash out.
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