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  1. Gates are open. May be afk but help yourself to anything in Nook's too.
  2. Cheers! Nope still available. Can open now if you are about?
  3. Also got Redd in. He has: Solemn painting - Fake Famous painting (!!!) - Fake Calm painting - Real Anyone needs any of that give us a shout and I can open up.
  4. Few spares if anyone needs these before I clear them out: Bamboo candleholder Basement flooring Green grass skirt Oil-barrel bathtub Peach surprise box Peach wall Pitfall seed
  5. Cheers! And thanks for all the info guys on the col..coel...the fish that only appears in the rain. Would tally with my experience if it doesn't appear in the snow, have certainly looked!
  6. Sent. This is the last fish I am missing for the museum and it’s driving me a little crazy. So it’s just in the sea in heavy rain/snow right? Caught a few thousand sea bass but not a sniff of these yet.
  7. Probably too late but do you still have this one? My spares: Birdbath Golden candlestick Log bench Log decorative shelves Orange rug Pile of zen cushions Rocking horse Ski-slope wall Snowflake pochette Tree standee Trophy case Ukulele Wooden mini table
  8. Thanks for opening @Tet Another wand!
  9. Cheers. That reminds me I got another stamp for the number of fish caught, the 2,000 one and noticed the next one is for 5,000.
  10. I know it’s not meant to be played like that (nor is the game in general) but fair play to anyone who racked up 300 points on the fishing tournament in one day. That would be a long day. I was on just under 200 points from the last one so managed to get to 300 with a bit of perseverance and fish bait. Will both trophies be in my post tomorrow? Having said that, the music is lovely.
  11. Thanks! Finally got the UFO! Also the sky is looking sensational tonight over Highbury. Never seen that before.
  12. Thanks both! Have sent that recipe and popped over for the paper. Oh and @Meatball just remembered I still owe you a tub so sent that over too.
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