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  1. Yea yesterday was a bit busy and I usually check first thing along with finding who is crafting, AM turnip prices and the other bits you mention. Was a bit late when I noticed the out of place icon on my map so apologies for not sharing it here earlier in the day.
  2. Just realised Redd was visiting today. First time in ages.
  3. Got Flick and Celeste visiting if anyone wants to visit? Gates are open. Help yourselves to anything in the shops and recipes by the plaza.
  4. Hi Steve, gates are open now if you are about?
  5. I got two so just sent you one. Take it as me making up for how generous you were with the rockets! Cheers!
  6. You around now? Can open or come to you?
  7. That reminds me there's still a fish I haven't caught which leaves in a few days. Bloody Char.
  8. I wondered why you weren't coming up! I'll send this one to Tetmon and order you another one and we can do a switcheroo later as you say.
  9. No worries. Will send that now. Could you send me a red one please once you get your hands on the one from Ste please? EDIT: Or Tetmon's one!
  10. I've got a white one I can send. Just realised we aren't friends so added you.
  11. I put mine on there the other day when I had a big price and made loads too and got more Nook tickets than I know what to do with.
  12. Some very interesting new buds today in Highbury. Thanks everyone for the watering! EDIT: I also came here to ask why is KK here/have I lost track of the days of the week?
  13. Sure will post it now or my gates are open?
  14. Gates are open. All welcome. Help yourselves to anything in the shops, Kicks is also visiting and also help yourselves to any recipes next to the plaza in my little swap shop.
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