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  1. Beast (2017) This was on Valentine's Day on Film 4, a lovely bit of dark humour from them as it's basically a disturbing romance/thriller between two loners. Won't say anymore to avoid spoilers but Jessie Buckley is fantastic. You can watch it on All 4 for the next few weeks. Worth a go if you haven't seen it. Probably 4/5 just for Buckley alone. https://www.channel4.com/programmes/beast
  2. But people did come back from the dead it seems so not totally different.
  3. Ah right. It is definitely a problem for the show/writers to have someone "too powerful" belonging to a family rather than the previous three-eyed raven who just seemed to be hanging out in a tree.
  4. Didn't he say "i can see what has happened or is happening" or words to that effect. Not sure he said the future explicitly but may be wrong.
  5. Think of it a bit like Google. He used his powers to search for "Littlefinger" and "Ned Stark" and "Littlefinger" and "King's Landing". Then when talking to Sam he Googled "Rhaegar Targaryen" and "Lyanna Stark". Then he looked for p0rn.
  6. Yea I agree with that. If we get a midichlorians moment the "magic" of the show is lost.
  7. I still keep thinking about the house of the undying scene with Dany walking through a destroyed throne room covered in snow. Maybe the Great War will leave Westeros in even worse shape than anyone is expecting...
  8. I can totally see that. Like we got just a brief snapshot of this long running multi-family epic saga but were denied a "happy" ending. Would certainly help with the million spin-offs they are planning (although not sure if any are intended to be direct sequels)
  9. Like some sort of circular, rolling device has continued rolling?
  10. If Tyrion has sincerely trusted Cersei surely that is stretching all credibility too far?
  11. That's what I thought but this bit Benjen says "while it stands, the dead cannot pass" https://youtu.be/ecps6L5M0Gs?t=31
  12. True, would make sense. So the show could have two babies on the way, both the results of incest, that could have major implications for future plots...
  13. Enjoyed that, felt like a good payoff after previous episodes. Couple of things; Wasn't it Dany who first spoke about "breaking the wheel"? Or at least was the first to mention it? Not Tyrion. Not sure what Tyrion's look was all about, jealousy for them getting it together or something worse. Regarding the wall, Benjen explained a bit in a previous episode. They couldn't pass through as some have mentioned because of "spells carved into the foundations". More here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ecps6L5M0Gs Also, Cersei is brilliant, still the most interesting character despite her double-cross being the most predictable thing this episode, which made the treasure hunt for the wight all the more ridiculous but let's not go there again...
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