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  1. Thanks both. Got them. Put them up in my poster room which when I put alongside my resident’s photos is beginning to look like the creepy room from Get Out. Might be time for a rethink.
  2. Yes please. Whoever you have outside of the other residents would be gratefully received. Thanks both. If I can send anything let me know.
  3. That reminds me, where/how do you get the Nook poster? Is it an Amiibo thing?
  4. Cheers, bought a couple of things from Nook's too, hope that is OK?
  5. I need quite a few. Are you about anytime today, I can pop over if that makes it easier. The sound of your footsteps as you go from different surfaces is my personal favourite audio touch.
  6. You still got them? Missed this first time round.
  7. 396 this afternoon on Highbury if anyone is still doing the turnip thing?
  8. @Soi Ooof there's both a lot to know and it's hard to know what to say. Even though it risks becomes a bit of a box ticking exercise the Nook Miles + app on your little phone thing (the top centre icon when you press ZL) is a good guide. You earn Nook Miles for speaking to villagers, finding and getting fossils assessed, catching certain fish, whacking rocks etc. so it becomes a good daily checklist on what to do. Those Nook Miles can be exchanged for items in the Nook Terminal in Resident Services. If it is early on Nook in the Resident Services gives you little tasks
  9. Sorry it’s being exceptionally crap tonight. Opened again if you need to pop back. Just checked the statue has the sold sign next to it so you should be all set.
  10. Sorry it crashed. Opening again now. EDIT: Maybe not, it crashed again. Not sure if it is me or Nintendo Online being flaky. Right opening again, will keep an eye on it if it falls over.
  11. Gates are open, all welcome. Will be in and out so apologies if I don't reply. Few spare recipes near Nook's, help yourselves. And help yourselves to anything in Nook's, done my shopping for the day. Any watering appreciated as always. 3 to go...
  12. Sure let me know when you are back and I can open up. I have the gold bars one if you want me to just order you one?
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