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    Jesus showed his strength as well with a really nice hold up and spin away. Unfortunately just shot wide. I am loving arsenal at the moment, not convinced we will get top 4 but the vibes are just amazing. Going to the Everton and Fulham games, can’t bloody wait!
  2. Well I finally finished this a couple of days ago and tbh I am completely in agreement with Sie’s seminal ‘I just was not feeling it’ post. If I hadn’t loved XC1 so much, and wanted to play XC3, I would have thrown the towel in a while ago. I never, at any point, got over how ridiculously hot and horny the female character models were. It took me out of every cut scene almost instantly. The supposed relationship between Rex and Pyra is so sterile and simplistic that making it a core story beat leaves little scope for any emotional nuance. Tora and Poppi were also not good, which is shame as I actually liked the more limited Nopon interactions in XC1. I think they only S Grade characters were Nia (ready or Gormotti!) and Zeke. I even thought the music was better in XC1, although I think both suffer from the daytime music being just slightly too bombastic during the day (but being sick as fuck at night). My introduction to this series was also XC1 Definitive Edition, which did feel like a very refined version of the original e.g. it recognises that mini quest are ultimately fetch work, so once you get or kill x whatevers the quest completes straightaway, no need to return to the quest giver. I think XC1 also had a lot more NPCs to talk too, so you got a bit more indirect Storytelling that way. In comparison XC2 feels unrefined and overly fussy. I also simply preferred the concept of only exploring two, really big titans, rather multiple smaller ones. I never quite got the same feeling of scale in this one, it might have been cool if you could actually sail the Cloud Sea yourself. There were some good bits: Torigoth and Uraya absolutely rule. The combat is slightly improved, but unfortunately very poorly explained. I really enjoyed the more sci-fi leaning sections toward the end, and I wish the game could have focused on that a bit more. I’m going to have to take a break from the series for a while now, maybe pick up XC3 this time next year. Still hyped for it as it sounds like it takes XC1 as it’s inspiration.
  3. I really really enjoyed this one! I did go in with pretty low expectations, so perhaps that has played a part, but the voice acting, set design and general lovely graphical sheen really impressed me. There were a few things about the games that impressed or surprised me: - going back to locations more than once is a nice change from the usual one way ticket action game. - the visualisation of a plague ridden world is superbly done. - seeing little Hugo tootling around the place is adorable, he’s kind of the platonic ideal of a five year old. - the pacing is excellent and the game doesn’t overstay its welcome (although if you lopped off an hour or two I wouldn’t have minded). - the music was terrific throughout, there’s a bit where the music synchs with some lightning and it’s such a nice considered effect that I’d didn’t mind it taking me out of the experience. There are the usual caveats e.g. some fences are inexplicably unclimbable, there’s doesn’t seem to be any good reason for why you can’t simply carry a torch around most of the time and the gameplay itself is pretty simple - but to be honest I think it suits this type of game/TV/film hybrid.
  4. I stopped listening to Easy Allies about 6 months after Kyle left. Someone here mentioned the MinnMax pod and I have been listening to that since. This is probably harsh but listening to EA always felt a bit like I was just getting the views of people who’s only frame of reference is video games, whereas the people on MinnMax seem more rounded as people (e.g. more politically engaged, read books, etc).
  5. I wonder if the sheer size of it puts people off.
  6. Our league position has improved a lot, and we have brought in some really good players. I think fourth would have been an overachievement, although we still should have done it given the games we had. Inexperience and squad depth did us in in the end.
  7. KRP


    Another Sumter clear out needed. I do think fourth would have been over achieving. We introduced four new starters this season and got rid of a lot of long standing but not great players. Next season will be better! EL is right level for us imo (obviously would prefer CL)
  8. One’s a ruined, blasted landscape, populated by a hopeless bunch of weirdos and etc etc
  9. I did give up, but I’m don’t think this is completely down to any failings in the game. I feel like From made the game they wanted (and many people enjoyed), but for me it was just too much of everything. That being said, I have spent about 45 hours in the game, and most of those were enjoyable hours. Playing a game for that much time is rare for me. The idea of playing for another 50 hours or more really does not appeal to me. Ultimately the miserable atmosphere got me in the end. Wandering around the map with the least relaxing music imaginable just became a bit too much for me. I don’t really understand the draw of these bleak worlds. I also didn’t find the exploration as rewarding as the big and medium sized dungeons. Finding another mine or cave was not reward enough for me. Especially the boss battles at the end, which I just don’t enjoy that much. I also found myself in quite a weird place difficulty wise. Either everything was piss easy or rock hard, I kind of couldn’t find that sweet spot after doing the first two dungeons.
  10. KRP


    Yes! I started watching this with my gf the other day. The kids are so cute.
  11. KRP


    Oyyyy this is bad. Not sure how it could have been worse really. Hopefully we can get Tomiyasu back and maybe Cedric can play on the other side? We’ll be quite fucked if Partey is out for the rest of the season. Or if he can still play but only at his 4/10 level.
  12. I’m afraid to say I’m back on my bullshit. Currently trying to take the Castle in South Caelid. Looks like meats back on the menu boys!
  13. After sticking 30 hours into this and just reaching the capital, which is a lot for me (including playing in the morning, before work a few times), I think I might be done with this. I loved the Limgrave area so much, and the two legacy dungeons, but finding it hard to muster any enthusiasm for any more of the game. I think mainly because although I like the combat, I don’t love it, and secondly the world in general is just so bleak and lonely. Just the soundtrack puts me on edge. I wish there were some lovely friendly towns or NPCs somewhere; and that the game was packaged in a more tonally friendly way, although I guess this might not exactly gel with the gameplay. idk maybe I will come back to it, and I definitely enjoyed it much more than any other FROM game I have played.
  14. KRP


    If we can get four points from the next two games I will be over the moon.
  15. I believe the answer, as per the rllmuk canon, is Bob Hoskins.
  16. Mannnnnn XC1 really got me good. I’m not even sure why, but it just clicked for me. i think being able to handheld improved the game immensely. I’m now thinking of diving into XC2, just wondering what the general consensus is? Having read back a few pages, it sounds like the plot might be not quite as good, but the combat is better.
  17. I won’t argue with you about the credits song- it is twee. But I personally didn’t find the overall presentation twee in itself. I did find it quite unappealing compared to my own tastes (why aren’t all these soft toys tasteful mid century teak side tables?), but in the end I thought this played to the game’s strength of allowing me to see the story through the characters eyes, rather than my own. I might not be all that similar to the main character, but I did think the game allowed me to relate to them and their furniture choices. I also thought the use of the soft toys, in particular, gave a nice contrast in certain houses and a neat through line from beginning to end.
  18. KRP


    Hopefully we can at just take some confidence from the result into the nld. Would have been grim if we had got mullered again.
  19. KRP


    The All or Nothing effect.
  20. I didn’t but i think you would get more out of P2 if you did. It’s a plot heavy game and it apparently follows straight on from P1. Personally I don’t feel I missed out too much by going straight to P2.
  21. VOTING TEMPLATE Game of the Year A1. Unpacking - I wasn’t going to put this top, but after completing the game and watching my brother play through a section thereafter it was really fascinating to hear his own piecemeal interpretation of the story. Usually I am a bit too literal to enjoy ambiguous story telling, but this game really hit the spot for me with its subtleties in the mechanics. The incredible mundanity of the objects and spaces allows for specific personal reflection, it’s something I have not experienced in any other medium, let alone games. A2. The Forgotten City - I don’t think there is a bad line of dialogue throughout. The setting is brilliantly realised and the game gave me the perfect level of hand holding to make me feel smart without letting me get frustrated or stuck. A3. Psychonauts 2 - it’s not a perfect game by any means but you cannot fault the effort that’s gone into it, particularly the world building. The open area around the Psychonauts HQ was so enjoyable to explore and the music fucking SLAPS. A4. It Takes Two - it looks great, some of the mechanics are genuinely Nintendo grade and there aren’t enough of these bespoke Co-op experiences about. The only real mark I would hold against it is it’s just a bit too long. A5. Forza Horizon 5 - I’ve kind of binned this off for Halo Infinite now, but I really do plan to go back to it at some point. Changing the car controls from automatic to manual makes such a big difference in how engaged you need to be, it makes each corner like a super satisfying little mini game. Game of the Year (premiered anywhere pre-2021) B1. B2. B3. Biggest Disappointment of the Year Z1. Probably still got to be Activision Z2. No BOTW2 Z3. Sound Design of the Year S1. Unpacking S2. Halo Infinite S3. Visual Design of the Year V1. Psychonauts 2 V2. The Artful Escape V3. Writing of the Year W1. The Forgotten City W2. Psychonauts 2 W3. Format of the Year F1. Xbox - game pass has truly warped my perception of value. Publisher or Developer of the Year P1. Xbox Game Studios - Halo, FH5 and Psychonauts 2 (whilst I don’t think any of these are masterpieces, I still had a lot of fun with them)
  22. Nice! What mode is that? I find the modes where you just have the br to be a be bit boring as everyone is using the same gun. The pistol and ar are really good in this.
  23. KRP


    Hopefully Tomiyasu Takehrio is not out for long.
  24. KRP


    Tbf before the villa game I was definitely of the opinion that any serious club would have sacked him already. But even with the blips, I think I have seen enough to convince me that he can turn this team into *something*. I also think he’s managed to get fans excited as well. i agree with you on the rookie manager point. until we manage to finish the league in a position or we get some good wins against the top three there are always going to be questions.
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