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  1. It really reads like a list an after school club put together.
  2. No idea how that happened - accidental post.
  3. Nice level! It took me 23 minutes to complete because I am so shit at Mario.
  4. I can't even get past the first piranaha plant
  5. KRP


    God almighty
  6. KRP


    Jfc the composure in that final game. Nadal facing so many match points as well.
  7. KRP


    What a match.
  8. KRP


    Feel sick tbh. Roger's return of serve has been amazing so far, could maybe see him breaking back. Only problem is Rafa is such an immovable bastard think he'll do it in four.
  9. KRP


    We definitely look like a club you just can't wait to leave.
  10. KRP


    I have also resigned myself to Nadal winning. On the plus side I'm going to Wimbledon for the second time this year, managed to scoop tickets to the women's final (first time I've entered the ballot!). I saw Halep demolish Azarenka in week one and I think she's got a good chance against Serena. That being said I hope that Serena can do it though if only to put Margaret Court to bed.
  11. KRP

    Nintendo Switch

    Is it worth getting Mario Maker 2 if you have no interest in creating levels? I had the wiiu version but didn't really enjoy it that much, and the Nintendo levels didn't seem that good to me either, does the sequel change this?
  12. As much as I hate Richard Curtis' caricature of Britain (going to the pub, being sarcastic but love you really, bessie mates forever yeah?), I did find myself laughing quite a lot and tbh I do dig the concept. I actually thought Kate McKinnon was good, if a little bit overused by the end. I found Danny Boyle's direction to be very BBC, it reminded me of an episode of Sherlock with all the text flying around and the bit where Jack is literally staring at the 'internet'.
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