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  1. Get the podcasts on! Agree it was annoying to have to grind though. Just seems like an absolute relic of gaming.
  2. It’s not been a blockbuster year, thanks covid!
  3. I’ve got an Xbox Series X. It’s my first Xbox since the OG Xbox. I tend to be a Nintendo gamer first and then PS second. I’m not really sure why I went for an Xbox this time, I think it was probably the GP deal that suckered me in. I was initially quite underwhelmed with the X, there were no big exclusives at launch and nothing really screamed next gen. I also wasn’t used to consuming games on a subscription basis. But since the somewhat rocky start, I have been using my X more and more, I think I’ve played more games this year than any year ever tbh (this could be partially due to the pandemic). QR and the snappiness of the console really help with this, it pains me to even go back to my switch now, with its loading times and inability to switch games (it would be incredible if you could dip into ACNH so easily). I really like the overall feel of the X, both the OS and the controller (I would love to try the ps5 haptics though). The whole thing is just so solid. I have had hardly any crashes and QR is great when it works. I was initially intending to get PS5 fairly soon, but I think GP has really changed my value mindset to a point where I am happy to wait for a big price drop before I dip my toe in Sonys waters. Being able to just download a game like Unpacking without having to think about whether it represents good value - it’s 18 quid on Switch - is really liberating.
  4. Yeah is a bit mad really that there is nothing tutorial wise. I know it’s an arcade racer but it is still complex. The driving and braking line gives you an idea, but there’s not enough information there for it to be a substitute for a tutorial. i got fed up trying to redo the same sharp bend whilst in an S1 class race, before I turned to YouTube for help.
  5. Really getting into this now, I have had some great moments where the music (Spotify playlist to be clear) and the visuals have lined up perfectly. Those dusk/dawn drives that start in the soft blue light and stretch across the slowly brightening map are a treat, especially when you have some prog rock going. For me the main appeal, at the moment, is the aesthetic thrill of the graphics and the flow of the game, so it is a shame that the Radio station is so “Capital Radio” in tone and music choices. They need to hire the GTA radio team. I only played FH4 a bit last year, as I knew FH5 was round the corner, so I’m really quite bad at racing. I’ve watched this video a couple of times now and it’s really got me excited to try and improve my skills:
  6. KRP

    Apple Arcade

    Am i missing something with Grindstone? It’s highly rated everywhere but I have found that the game gets really repetitive really quickly and the only thing keeping me going is the art style and the fact it is a mindless time spender.
  7. Its the big breasted skimpy costume wearing school girls for me.
  8. I feel similarly to you, it took me so long to beat that last boss (3 hours i think) that I nearly threw the towel in. For me it was that second phase as well. i would suggest watching a YouTube to see how you can get through the second phase. some tips for the boss that might help (below), if you manage to get the evade moves into your muscle memory it might help with your reaction speed. Whether completing the game is worth this level of commitment is debatable, gameplay wise I don’t think you would be missing much by just watching it online. I do find these types of difficulty spike do tend to nag away at me, to the point frustration. I’m still miffed that I never got past the Capra Demon on DS.
  9. Also the tactile feel of using the scope in Halo via L3 always felt good to me because you were kind of punching in the zoom with L3. Competitively I think it was bit shit however.
  10. Using L3 as the action button in Doom 2016 worked perfectly, I thought. It enabled you to be a little more fluid when making an “action” because you don’t need to move your thumb to a button. And because it’s not needed for combat or anything you need to quickly react to, you never get annoyed with the potential fiddly-ness of using L3
  11. Got Ending 2 yesterday, completely unexpectedly as I was just exploring more than anything. I don’t really have the patience for loop games which completely wipe your progress or are too opaque, so the well integrated hint system here really helped me. Really enjoyed my initial run through, and I’m going to go back for seconds.
  12. KRP


    Just finished ODDTAXI. Actually blown away by how good it all was, the general Tokyo noir-ish vibes it manages to transmit are incredible. Got a kind of Cowboy Bebop feeling from the way the music is so well used. Really sad it’s over now
  13. God me too! Took me about three hours I think. Although once I learnt the tip for phase three did it first time. not sure if I could hack playing another Metroid if this was consisted an easy one (although tbh my only major spike was the last boss)
  14. KRP


    Tbf I did hear the Aaron ramsdale one, but I didn’t really twig that one as being offensive. the cunt one is not nice.
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