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  1. I haven’t got this yet, but watched the trailer. Nintendo has really managed to nail their version of realism imo. That fucking Spocco centre, god I wish that was a real place, it’s a millennials wet dream. Would make an amazing VR space for those of us with limited imaginations.
  2. I don’t believe Game Freak are able to make 150 good new Pokémon anymore. Although I am definitely one of those people who thinks the original 151 are the best and will always be the best, so I am biased. Maybe instead of making new ones they could pick 150 off the best from the most recent Pokémon titles.
  3. Yes! I was just thinking this myself. Reduce the Pokémon down to 50 or less but make them all bangers. Give them all detailed behaviours and make learning/training just a few Pokémon interesting - not just capture and forget. Add Pokémon Snap to the main game - in a similar way to the safari park in Pokémon Red/Blue. I would like to see more of an action RPG battle system as well - but maybe this time your not fighting other Pokémon but some bad guys instead (so there’s no dog fighting analogy). idk just make it better GameFreak.
  4. My annoyance with enemy levels was the inconsistency between regular enemies in a dungeon and then a boss at the end that was way over powered. I think if the regular enemies had been a higher level, as an indication that the boss would be nails, I would prefer that. Then again that would take away those moments when you go “fuck I didn’t realise how weak I am” - which are good, but imo too regular. I agreed with a lot of that GMT video - after 50 hours of ER I had had my fill. I think this is probably more to my own personal preferences than necessarily the game being bad. To take the BotW example, I never minded finding another puzzle shrine as I love puzzles, but going into more catacombs in ER got boring for me a lot faster as I don’t enjoy combat quite as much. That said, I can’t complain too much as I was getting up before work to play and I haven’t done that for years.
  5. I came across this stream that Giant Bomb put out called Friday Night Forking. It’s a kind of a VJ, live stream, hypnotic and surreal musical variety show that’s frankly just incredible. Check it out here: Give it five mins of your time!
  6. That’s true, there is a lot of good character stuff, and watching some reviews I am looking back on it quite fondly now. Not sure I can put my finger on what my beef with the game was, maybe it was just too long in the end? I couldn’t face the third act in the end.
  7. Personally I thought it was good but not a masterpiece. My main gripe (other than the music) is that the tone and story is just a little bit too po faced to sustain such a long game. If you don’t mind those more traditional stylings then I think you’ll be fine. The real strength of the game for me was the variety of towns and the well written NPCs. There are also a lot of good (but fairly predictable) cut scenes and story beats.
  8. I was going to mention street pass, but the number of times I take my switch out of the house is minuscule (usually just for holiday travel). I also very rarely see Switches out on public transport (trains and tubes). It would be interesting to know how many users regularly leave the house with a switch. Mine just goes from dock to sofa to bog and back again.
  9. A successor is no doubt just round the corner now that I have acquired a switch oled. What features would you like to see? My wish list: - PS4 level graphics - no idea if this is achievable at the moment, Steam Deck looks like it just about gets there but it also quite a bit more spenny than I think Nintendo would like to go for - Fixed JoyCons/controls. Whilst I am sure Nintendo wouldn’t want to lose the additional functionality, I would personally prefer fixed controls and a pro controller for tv mode (which I rarely use anyway). The current joycon setup is a bit too flimsy for my vigorous gaming. - Waterproofing - no one would ever use it but it would make for a great bath time advert (possible crossover with flake) - Quick resume, imagine being able to dip into a round of Splatoon in between a big jrpg sessions. - oled screen - Clubhouse games as a free pre installed launch title. Would cost Nintendo fuck all and generate lots of goodwill
  10. Loved the ep with Ben from MinnMax, as coincidentally MinnMax is the only other games pod I listen to! I’d interested in some more transatlantic crossover.
  11. KRP


    Ngl I don’t like this ‘being top of the league’ stuff - far too early for it
  12. I made the mistake of playing Dragon Quest XI on my Xbox and it just wasn’t a good experience at all. JRPGs all need to be handheld so you can chip away at a moments notice and grind while you’ve got the tv on.
  13. I’m enjoying this - but the experience is soured by the fact that this could have just been an update to Splatoon 2. The narrow scope of the single player and the lack of any new multiplayer modes (yet) is really disappointing.
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