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  1. That is very black mirror.
  2. Been absolutely rinsing Yakuza 7 so I haven't really had a chance to mess around with gp yet. Although I have installed about five games to try when I'm done. Bit annoyed I didn't go for something a bit shorter as my launch game tbh. On the plus side I am actually playing games now, rather than just reading/watching them, which makes a nice change.
  3. My Xbox somehow lost my Yakuza 7 save... FFS. I had just got to Yokoham and now I'm back in Kamurocho. Next gen starts here!
  4. I can't believe how massive and heavy it is, feels premium. Just about fits under the TV too! NB my gf came and said "what the hell is that! That is not staying there." - she thought the cardboard box was the console...
  5. Starting to get excited for my Series X now. I've got about five weeks off work from now until christmas and fuck all else to do but rinse game pass.
  6. Wtf lucky! As far as I know Game are still aiming to deliver on 10 November.
  7. Up and down like a yo-yo at the moment, what a rollercoaster! The PS5 controller does seem really cool, it's got that Wii remote aura around it where you just want to try it. Not sure it will be something that you notice once you get used to it though - I don't notice the HD rumble in the switch at all, although I gather that's not as effective as this new tech. For MS to wrestle back the spotlight another acquisition would be good.
  8. Super jinking run! Also when pes made their own music instead of paying some licence fees: We're going to play football, soccer! Football soccer!
  9. Why would it be gathering more dust on the floor than the cabinet? (Genuine question, I have no idea about this stuff)
  10. Unfortunately that's actually an unmovable fixture of the property. I was thinking it might be quite nice to have it more in the open as a display piece/objet d'art
  11. As we are back to sharing TV units, I'm in a bit of a pickle myself. Can't put anything behind the TV as there's no space to access the recess at the back and the unit itself is not open like most TV units. Think I might stick it where the money plant is:
  12. Going to go for Yakuza 7 first - sadly I think I'll be getting a frisson of pleasure from the fact that it's a timed exclusive. Then Outer Wilds, then Nier Automata.
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