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  1. KRP

    Which Dark Souls?

    I have got as far as the Capra Demon three times in about 7 years (most recently on the switch). On my last try I got the bastard down to his last slither of health by lobbing all my firebombs at him, at which point I took my eye off the ball and started celebrating only to be interrupted by his stupid jump attack killing me. Haven't gone back to it since.
  2. Anything by Jimothy Lacoste:
  3. I am! Up for some games SW-0055-4389-8800
  4. KRP

    Nintendo Switch

    Out of DK and Celeste, I'd pick Celeste by a country mile.
  5. I'm fucking shit at this game but I still love it. Trying to learn to play as young link after watching some guys on YouTube do crazy things with him. I have translated their play style into just spamming the fire arrows tbh. I've got a weekly game with my brother now, where he beats the shit out of my with Roy.
  6. Its sounds (may) grate.
  7. Imagine playing a video game based on dekay's logic.
  8. It's worse. Avoid.
  9. I seem to remember Game Freak/Pokémon Company/whoever, mentioning that they were inspired by seeing BotW and that they were trying to do something similarly convention breaking with this new game.
  10. I'm slightly disappointed as during the first few seconds of the introduction animation I managed to convince myself that we were getting a sequel to BOTW that was based on the Wind Waker. Now my mind has stopped racing I'm fairly up for this port. I never did finish the original, and from what I can remember the cast are a fair bit more eccentric and engaging than the usual Zelda NPCs.
  11. Lee Carvallo's Putting Challenge Online
  12. It's actually pretty consistent throughout. Although some of it is unsavoury.
  13. I'm regurgitating my post from the language learners thread, for anyone who wants to watch some German Netflix: Dogs of Berlin - a fairly hokey bent police versus organised crime thriller. It centres around the murder of a Turkish- German football (Mesut Ozil) and the fallout from that event. There are neo nazi and Turkish hip hop subplots. It's very watchable but probably wouldn't stand up to any seroisus scrutiny. An enjoyable ride. The Same Sky - a cold war drama, based on a real East German Operation "Romeo" whereby young ossie lads were sent to West Berlin to seduce older women working for the British and American governments. I really enjoyed seeing the old east and west Berlin sets. There are also some great tense undercover spy scenes and interesting diversions along the way. Parfum - this begins with the murder of beautiful women, and it quickly becomes clear that the murder appears to be linked to a close group of boarding school friends. I really enjoyed this even though it got real dark, real quick. Probably my favourite of the bunch despite the slow building bleakness. Content warning: All of the above have more nudity and domestic or "real"(?) violence than the average UK show.
  14. Is there a list of friend codes anywhere? Against my better judgement I purchased the online subscription, so I'm keen to try and get better at smash with some friendly people. I've played about 10 matches and only won one, so please do not be intimidated.
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