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  1. Phill

    Nicolas Winding Refn‘s Drive

    I saw this last night, just seemed like a massive vanity project for Zane Lowe/Radio 1. The original soundtrack was an integral part of the film why change something that is as good as it gets. Looking at the backlash on Twitter it didn't seem to go down too well generally.
  2. Phill

    Battlefield 4

    I unlocked the SUAV last night after about 4 attempts at getting the kill in the bomber. Hiding and trying to take out enemies is a lot of fun. There is no chance of me unlocking the UCAV as I am just terrible in the jets. If anyone is around tonight for a game or two I will be online from about half 7.
  3. This is amazing. I reckon the project manager of the girls is off. Or Charles/Giles/Chiles
  4. The first week is always amazing. So much arguing and shouting.
  5. Phill

    The Walking Dead!

    Pretty strong start to the season, a few dodgy moments but hopefully the show will keep up the pace. Was the end credits scene on TV? I watched it on FOX/FX(??) last night, although I think I may have flicked onto something else before the credits finished.
  6. Phill

    Battlefield 4

    It was good fun last night, I am going to work on the DMR's next I think as I was playing around with the MK11 Mod 0 last night and it is quite good with an ACOG scope. I should hopefully be about tonight for a quick game, but if not I will be on for most of Thursday from 7ish. It would be good to get a big group all playing together.
  7. Phill

    Battlefield 4

    That emblem is amazing, make it a rllmuk one! I might be on a bit later just watching some of the Redbull Rampage
  8. Phill

    Battlefield 4

    What a faff this was to get it uploaded! I love this gun
  9. Phill

    Battlefield 4

    Nice one, I will have a look when I get home later on. Expect an incoming spam of videos if I get it working :-P It would be pretty useful if the PS4 did support uploads direct to YouTube though
  10. Phill

    Battlefield 4

    What formatting does the USB memory stick have to be? I might give it a go tonight.
  11. Phill

    Battlefield 4

    I will be about tonight after 7ish once I've put my son to bed. It will be good to play as a big group. I've been having some epic games over the weekend with the M4. I need to sort out this share center thing, can you upload direct to YouTube or does it have to be done through FB? I haven't logged in on mine because I can't remember my password and messing about transferring videos to a USB then to the PC seems faffy.
  12. Phill

    Battlefield 4

    Do you have to sign in with your facebook details to upload a video? I'm using the M4 gun build mentioned earlier and it is pretty good
  13. Phill

    Battlefield 4

    Just add a few of us from here and you should be fine as a new player. I have been playing Destiny for the last couple of days and despite spending a good few hours on it, I just can't get into it. Back to Battlefield it is!
  14. Phill

    Battlefield Hardline

    Those videos look great, just a shame about it being delayed. Although I suppose I'd rather wait if it means getting the game working properly from the start. Day one also!
  15. Phill

    Battlefield 4

    Good game tonight guys, the game is so much better playing in a party rather than with randoms.

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