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  1. I really bounced off this hard at launch, but it's starting to get it's teeth in me. Got home late and super stressed, and just belting around the incredibly detailed world really changed my mood around. Great stuff!
  2. Well Crusin' Blast is making my GOTY list.
  3. Double post to bring to the new page.
  4. So I got the 360 on Nov 24th, 2007 2007 Crackdown 5 25 2008 COD4 MW 6092 2009 Fallout 3 8235 2010 Mass Effect 2 4320 2011 Dark Souls 2745 <- The greatest year in gaming. The GOAT was released. 2012 Skyrim 1710 <- I think bought a PS3 here, and played Dark Souls again, and Demon Souls again 2013 Spelunky 650 <- I think I got RROD here. 2014 None 0 <- I got a PS4 2015 Thief 205 <- I got a Xbox One 2016 Peggle 2 2181 2017 Battlefield 1 545 2018 Mutant Year Zero 626 2019 Overcooked 2 205
  5. I don't think we're being nostalgic to lement the narrowing of viable racing game sub-genres now. Same thing happened to 2D platformers until NSMB saved the genre. Eventually they'll be back.
  6. Sure, objectively, Ty Logan was a bit rubbish, but in that way that Simon Amstel, and Miquita were the first time they were on TV. He's clearly very inexperienced, but he was up for making a fool of himself, is clearly witty and the VR segment ran the line between mocking and enjoying perfectly. There's talent there. I can really imagine that if this gets enough episodes, he finds his voice and becomes a really good presenter/comedian. I suspect a lot of the people working on this will be getting their break, and if given backing and time, they'll become brilliant. So no doubt it'll get cancelled unfairly.
  7. I would say a parent and their 9 year old kid is the target audience.
  8. In a way, it owes its success to us all not being on it.
  9. Not bad at all. I love that Rob's snuck some consolevania on the tele, and not just that, but with a recommendation for GOTY Cruis'n Blast. Which the wise know is everything Forza Horizon should be.
  10. Got an S, X and PS5. The ecosystem of the Series Consoles in amazing. It's the best console every for playing my heritage. And the controller of the PS5 is jut so good. The PS5 with Astrobot, Demon Souls, Returnal, Deathloop just really feels like a fantastic year of next gen. Rachet and Clank is pure 7/10 but shows what nextgen can do. We're only just getting close to that this year with MS now that Forza and Halo are launching. I think we've gained a lot from COVID hitting MS and it turning their focus backwards to support the past. That ground work will pay and pay. Both have more than paid for themselves this year. Especially during such a shitty year. I predict a hell of a lot of people here changing their tune towards the PS5s when it becomes easier to get - or a version that looks more socially acceptable gets released. Having both sides of the coin is grand.
  11. @Protocol Penguin - I've used new and old switch in both new and old dock. All works great.
  12. On E3M9 now and It’s giving Metroid a real run for which will end up my GOTY. The fact this thread is only two pages is devastating. So many people missing out on a game they would adore.
  13. I think the last thing halo needs is a forza style open world map of icons. But I love that they’re doing something different - 5 showed they need to (and 5 is much better than they get credit for). The ‘it’s not ubisoft’ comments are very reassuring. I’m not playing multiplayer yet. I want my first experience to be the campaign.
  14. Best racing game of the year. Just pure distilled fun.
  15. That looks fantastic! I see upthread they went as low as £55 - I would snap up a second for that.
  16. This is the first step towards the death of local. It’s works great. That and the climate will thanks those reward point hunters burning coal to downloading 50Gb games to play for ten minutes to unlock an achievement.
  17. This is a profound truth, that has resonated with my core. I’ve usually tried to explain what I want from a game by asking if the brake button is used to brake or have fun.
  18. Honestly - racing game of the year, it's got easily 1000th the content of Forza, but each minute of play is 100x more fun. It’s expensive and won’t last long, but going hell for leather. it’s the opening bit of Forza Horizon but cranked up to 11 and for the whole game. It's going to make my GOTY list, but Forza ain’t.
  19. It's agony to wait now till Feb.
  20. Quick notice for those who've got one, there's a slip of paper with a code for £3's worth of Gold Points. Mine got stuck inside the box so missed it to begin with.
  21. Honestly that’s one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen. It’s both super shocking how despite things like forza 4, trufflepigs etc existing, that’s the first time I’ve really seen the uk in a game, and secondly just quite how brutal and scathing it is. “Look. Here’s the uk. Look at it. It’s just awful. So shoot it. Shoot it all. “
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