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  1. The paypal link does work - you just have to turn off automatic renewal, which is pre-checked. For anyone else whose realised that they need to start supporting this place. (I've still not found my wallet though....)
  2. I can’t get the supporters paypal link to work. So I’ll still join - just once I’ve found my wallet. Gulp. Just use my watch these days…. Uh oh.
  3. Yeah, this thread has made me realise how much this place means to me. I'll join as a supporter asap.
  4. LaveDisco


    You just cost me a lot of money! Just snagged a white one for December. Will have to get by on preground coffee until then (first world problems). Thanks so much!
  5. LaveDisco


    If its in stock, think I'm doing it. Can probably flip it for a decent amount if I don't get my moneys worth....
  6. I’ve done it about 4 times, in lots of tries. Always the first chance, never the second. I think that says more about the number of chances I’ve had to practice rather than any inate skill.
  7. The counters are so precise that they’ll make for great watching during the inevitable GDQ speed runs. Feels amazing when you get one.
  8. Yeah, I saw the Switch screen as roughly the same as the OLED - Vita, but this is a huge jump up. Really pleased with the 7inch screen on the deck as well. It's so much bigger than the old Switch screen, and so gives me a lot more confidence that PC games will be readable etc.
  9. For me its the fact that they took the time to animate her hand going up to support herself so she can lean ever so slighty into the wall when you reach a head height one square gap. Uneeded, but brilliant. The biggest thing about this game is the polish. Look through the thread, no one is waiting for a patch, or assuming they'll fix something. It's out. And it's finished to a shine. As it should be. Far, far too rare these days.
  10. My enthusiasm for this really dimmed since playing the OLED switch. The screen is such a transformative upgrade that it seems a real backwards step to go to LCD. I know the moneys gone into horsepower instead, but after the Switch and my OLED C9 tv, I'm convinced OLED the biggest upgrade a gaming setup can get. I would recommend a PS4 and an OLED tv, than a PS5 and an LCD one. Does the topline model have a better screen - I'm getting the middle one - maybe that was a mistake.
  11. LaveDisco


    Falling into an espresso set up. I've seen the hype for the Niche, and I see I can order a black one for November from the website. I would prefer a white one. How long might I be waiting?
  12. The lag is really apparent to me. The shotgun has completed firing on Quake before the noise plays. I should try on my AirPod Pros.
  13. The increased linearity they added with Fusion was a blessing. Love it.
  14. ive used my oled switch on my old dock. Worked perfectly. So people can set up a second dock on an upstairs tv or whatever fine.
  15. Exactly - this is ‘proper’ on any metric of proper. A full on, AAA game - whatever that means, and in the way only Nintendo cares about
  16. I get people have different amounts of disposable income, but if you think this game ain’t worth £50, but ‘proper’ games are… then, frankly, your part of the problem.
  17. Honestly this screen is amazing. As the consoles ages it will inherently become more of a portable than a docked machine and this really takes it to the next level. It’s a better upgrade than a 1080p lcd screen would be. Even a 4K.
  18. I was so close to cancelling this order due to the deck, but it’s fantastic. It feels like such an upgrade. From build quality to picture. Brilliant.
  19. Rather than celebrating the fact that they've not changed the controller in 20 years, they should instead release a new one with gyro and haptics.
  20. Game have taken my money. Kicking myself for not swapping out my pre-order, so paying them £10 delivery. The con-artists.
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