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  1. So the hype is building and whilst I was planning waiting for the next gen upgrade the realisation that It could be a Xmas gift has made me realise one -> series x or ps4 -> Ps5. Are they both free upgrades? Ild need to drop hints soon. I was planning xsx as that’s the “most powerful” but I feel a bit more doubtful now. Are they using adaptive triggers? Nothings been released I guess?
  2. Nintendo would win on their own. Then you've got fromsoftware. And you’ve capcom, Sony, and the runt of the litter you can never give up... SEGA. easy, easy, choice.
  3. Agred. And I'ld much rather pay £70 for a complete, triple AAA experience than £50-£60 for a game filled with microtransactions and season passes.
  4. Yeah, makes sense. And you're right, the SX and PS5 are huge upgrades over the base models. It's bloody brilliant.
  5. I really thought this place had taken the XSX to heart, I'm surprised the PS5 is currently slightly in the lead....
  6. None of those reasons create a need though. There is not a single game you can't play. Nothing you can't do, with an X (or even a base model). I love my XSX, but staying with the old consoles now, and keeping that money in your bank, especially during a global pandemic, is a really smart move and I'm not gona try and convince anyone otherwise.
  7. It's horizontal (yuk) now, and under the PS5, prefer it vertically, but my toddler would turn it into a vase without fail!
  8. Doesn't crash Perfectly Silent Quick Resume for up to two titles perfectly works
  9. But does it have a clock function with 35 hidden secrets? I think not! (I started putting money aside at the launch of the pro/one x - rather than buying those - and very glad I did)
  10. “Bought both next gen consoles”? I bought all three!
  11. I don’t think that’s weird. I thinks that’s the absolute standard. I’m totally the same.
  12. Oh i can ‘add to library’ gold and plus games that one would lose otherwise. Obvs. But if you download them the rules apply. My PS5 shelf is: * Astrobot - what a game! * Miles - abandoned the last game, but will the next gen drought get me through? * CoD (me and my partner will complete the campaign, play a little zombies then reclaim 150gb) * Dark Souls 3 (just finished and ready to be uninstalled) * Dark Souls: Remastered (hopefully my last impulse purchase for a while - I’ve already completed it 3 times...) * Demon Soul’s (currently playing - it’s ama
  13. So this might die, a death, but I'm gona do this, so I thought I would share. My backlog on my PS4, One and Switch is preposterous. The new gen is a chance to start again. If I'm not careful, Game Pass could create that same feeling as a ROM set. So many games, and I'm giving them none of my attention. And the SSDs are going to be increasingly constrained with time. But these problems kinda cancel out. Here's my plan. 1. Your new shiny SSD is 'the shelf' 2. You can buy and install whatever you want until your shelf is full.
  14. Finished Dark Souls 3 last night. So looking forward to starting this tonight. When I might get 20 or 30 mins to pla max, the speed it loads really, really helps.
  15. 1. Short stock 2. do my best. 3. Ruin it. 4. Profit. SEGA is a great shout. Rebranded special SEGA edition S, super smart. Love it. Get a great exclusive AAA game released every 6 months, and a great small arcade experience released every 3 months. (Size of games can shrink massively, when game pass is at play - no more pointless padding). Hold last gen ports back 3 months so people think of the X/S as exclusive. Publically come out against microtransactions/loot boxes, and other anti-consumer and child exploitation. Strip it from game
  16. I've the Elite V1 pad, and I think it's a much better pad, except the Dpad is awful and so, so, soooooo loud. So new pad for me.
  17. Totally this. This is like the coffee snob, they’ve become so obsessed with the technical elements of making the drink and used it to define the social aspects of their life at the cost of actually really enjoying the drink anymore. I love coffee, and due to lockdown, started investigating coffee machines. Hot damn, their is a community of crazies out there that really remind me of DF users.
  18. I agree, they’ve made people obsess about tiny details between editions and versions, and now those obsessives are validated by the process and so as their identities are being challenged the are being obsessive awful people. I really feel for them, but I don’t see a way out unless DF becomes a very different thing.
  19. I agree about the XBX, but my PS5 in a game cannot be heard over the TV, even the quietest volume (hope it stays that way!). Unless you’ve much better ears than me, it seems that quite some quite variability in their output.
  20. Cheers! But nope, didn’t do the optional boss of the Painted World either. All saved up for NG+.
  21. Dark Souls 3 - much smoother to play, and looks much better too (coming from base PS4). Really really good. Felt far more HDR-y but I don''t know if the PS5 has auto-HDR or not.
  22. Smashed it. Was consistantly, getting to the third phase of SKG, but running out of Estus ('only' have 11). Using embers for the extra health because - why not? this is the end! Then, just one last run before bed, I noticed a summon sign on the floor (there had been none all evening) and I, for my sins, took the help. And we scraped across the line. Kinda regret it, but I'll def do a NG+ run down the line, so I'll take him solo then. I really bounced off this first time round, 30hrs in, but now it's right up their with the first. In many ways b
  23. Missed that post, thanks. I took my reckless purchasing in another direction and got Dark Souls Remastered for £10.71, just so I can have the trilogy on my PS5. (I've bought that game on 360, PS3, Switch and PS4 now - and regret nothing)
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