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  1. Dude, that's so harsh. Imagine spending 4 to 5 months of your companies time launching a title, learning the APIs etc. And then they did this to you. I would be far more emotional than they were! It's not like they just have change a line of code to read 'output: Steamdeck'
  2. I really liked that episode. It was wonderful And heartfelt. And did that wonderful thing that comedies can do where they tackle something deep without it having to be high drama. And I love the fact they basically just got a bunch of problematic marvel nerds to
  3. It's a rare sequel in that it makes the first film better. It's makes the big emotional scenes in the first film ring even deeper, because it says, yeah these characters are still dealing with this almost 40 years later, because they would be. Brilliant film.
  4. Just made it to the title screen in 4 hrs or so. No bugs that I spotted, and it seems a pretty good plot. It feels like it's just properly launched (just two years shy of release). I think it might actually scratch that 'big adventure' itch after Elden Ring, but without the difficulty - obvs.
  5. Yeah, my Series S is powering a 1080p LED I bought for my 360 back in 2009. Works fine. It's a great comparise to keep around as is has HDMI, and Scart, so it can run my retro stuff. What's really criminal is that I have a PS5 hooked up to it too...
  6. How can you tell if a TV is OLED? Don't worry it's owner will let you know. (#OLED>Everthing4EVAY2K+22)
  7. It's the perfect pair to that 1080p TV that's been moved to another room to make way for a 4K OLED in the living room. Now 4K OLED... that's the most significant, biggest gaming upgrade money can buy - to the extent that posts about it have become tedious. But it's still true. 4K OLED + Series S >>>> an older TV + Series X.
  8. Just finished this. It feels like I watched something incredible trivial and important simultaneously. Absolutely mesmerising, fantastic television.
  9. I get that but if you’re casual enough to want an S, then rotating through 2 big games and half a dozen small, is absolutely fine. It’ll only be an issue if COD can’t fit on it. But if MS buy activision I think they’ll ensure it does.
  10. So I've got a Miyoo Mini and I've been playing Picross 2 for Gameboy on it for 13hrs now, and it's fantastic. Have more of the switch/3DS games than I'll ever need, alongside genuine carts, but this is still my preferred way to play. Fit's neatly out of the way in my pocket, really clearly and pops on the screen, and just perfect for tube rides. 5/5. This is what I was planning on using my analogue pocket for, to the extent that I'm pondering cancelling.
  11. The trick with the S, is that the moment a Series X owner ponders getting a new controller (£60), or an expansion card (£200) for their X, they need to knock that shite on the head. Instead get a Series S and save yourself a tenner (at RRP, a hundred second hand). Set it up in your WFH office, or Bedroom. Use it as a RetroArch machine. Chuck it in your suitcase on a trip. Put in your front dungaree pocket. I've never needed something less, which I've enjoyed more. If that makes sense.
  12. I really enjoyed that episodes. My standards are low, but everyone is so lovely. It’s nice to be around them for 30 mins of nonsense. One thing annoyed me though.
  13. Bought this for Steamdeck yesterday and it didn't work. Tried it again this morning and it now does. (For at least the two mins I played it). I am down for this. #nevertooold
  14. That was by far the worst episode and the fact that I still enjoyed it shows they’ve nailed the characters. Light and breezy nonsense. Great stuff.
  15. UK, spew filled streets outside a Wetherspoons on a Sunday morning.
  16. THANK YOU! It's like you've scratched an itch that's been bugging me for weeks!
  17. Out of respect for the Queen, Smash Bros is disabling Up-Specials, and wavedashing plays the national anthem.
  18. The first half of GoT played with your expectations that plot armour and wish fulfilment didn’t work. If characters did something stupid they died. It made you believe in the difficulty of choices because there wasn’t a preposterous way out. This is like later GoT in that the rules of traditional media are back. He’s a main character so he can get away with shit like that battle. Even if it’s a fake out to play with our expectations- it takes us out of the world.
  19. IF you play about 4 or 5hrs a week, each year gives you 200 to 260hrs to play with, each decade maye 2500hrs. If your about 40 you've got about 7500hrs left. But for my last 500? Whatever just been released. Let's get an idea of where it's going after I'm out of games. If it was this year? I would try and finish Sekiro, Outer Wilds, and The Witness.
  20. As in the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt? Weird choice that I am here for.
  21. 300 pages, and I'm wondering if I reached the point to play the copy I got for xmas at release... I'm up for a narrative adventure.
  22. LaveDisco

    The Witness

    Returned to this on the SteamDeck, never finished it on PS4, for some reason I can't remember. But bloody hell it's great isn't it!
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