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  1. I agree with you, but playing devils advocate, I remember snaking in Mario Kart DS. I could do it, & I would win, but god it was tedious. Sometimes high-level play is deathly dull. Nowadays If it's not patched out, you've either got to a) repeat the boring strat endlessly or b) be happy to lose or c) find a subset of people who all agree to 'play nice' or d) find a different game. For some reason, people addicted to certain games refuse to do any of them.
  2. On the flip side, In tabletop RPGs there were always the 'munchkins' who min/maxed the mechanics to make some internally inconsistent but immortal death machines who could destroy planets and the roleplayers who created single parents with issues, whose only weapon was a picture of a baseball bat they found in an argos catalogue. Those two types of players can ruin the game for each other, but both 'experiences' have their values. It's the GMs duty to articulate what the game is. In on-line games it's the developers.
  3. I spent £20 on the steam version and spent another £20 to get it portable without a seconds hesitation. It’s brilliant.
  4. (Just editing back in to keep track) 4/19 - Katana Zero - a reminder that pixel art can be truly stunning. Short and tight. Brilliant story, that ends on a disappointing cliffhanger, A reminder why it is worth throwing money away on games to give them a shot. Most memorable game I've completed all year. Highly, recommended. 9/10 5/19 Lone Sails - PS4 - great little game that I would have missed if not for the Computer Game Show Podcast. 7/10. 5/19 Celeste - Switch - I stopped playing at the hotel, thinking it was fine, but not the darling everyone said. Picked it back up, and it was everything everyone said and more. Bloody brilliant. 9/10.
  5. LaveDisco


    Halted on this at this at the start of Chapter five. Something about the Just made me wander away. Liked it, but couldn't see the whole bafta level appeal the game had. Which was weird seeing as indie 2D platforms are my darlings. But I've just come back to it, and competed it (minus strawberries, b-sides etc), and bloody hell if it isn't fantastic and just as good as people were saying.
  6. This is the natural evolution of the S/NES classic. The realisation there is a market for bespoke 'complete in box' aesthetic items. The boardgame/lego analogies are exactly right. The biggest risk factor is the staggered release of games. But as someone who still loves his GB Pocket, GBA micro, SP and DS lite, this looks like it could be great.
  7. Mario’s Maker A compelling morality tale, walking simulator. After retirement, an aged Miyamoto takes a final walk through the Nintendo HQ reflecting on a life well lived as the fantasy worlds he created come to life around him.
  8. The Red Queen returns. Gives huge speech about destiny and the prince that was promised. People are rallied, Fuck the Night's King, we have our King in the North! The King in the North! (Daenerys looks around worried). That they were all brought here for this battle. For this end. The huge army marches into view. And then army marches past down the kings road. They hold a council. They bicker and squabble. They can't afford to go to cersei's aid. She doesn't deserve their aid. Fuck her. But the people. Fuck the south. Daenerys send riders to follow, and hamper them. None return. The viewer watches these allies fall so far apart so quickly. It's harrowing and believable and devastating, Turning on themselves. Arya storms off. The northern families abandon the cause. Meanwhile Tyrion and Brann are else where discussing and realise there is a way to beat the NK.That the first men, upset the balance, but they can put it right. That the NK isn't evil. It's not that simple. Now they know what he wants, they can just give it to him! No one need die! The council meeting is getting worse. Daenerys demands for her Hand to talk sense, but in the chaos it is his brother who leaves to find him. Bronns there. He kills Tyrion, via crossbow, Brann looks to die in the cross fire but Jamie tries to save him. Pleads with Bron about how he doesn't need to be killed. But Bron doesn't believe him and won't make the same mistake Jamie did. Jamie lays down his life to try and save Brann, but they all die, and with it the chance of peace. Bronn looks devastated as he is walking down the Kings road.. He hears a noise and looks behind him. Varys does some speech about the wheel and the pursuit of power being a shit show. The dead walk into shot..
  9. Well I thought it was brilliant. Yes it has a simple formula - conversations going past the point that someone would say 'I think you should leave'. But it works wonders with it.
  10. Truth! Except, the Game Gear version is much inferior due to the smaller field of view. Always bugged me that the GG version gets the re-releases bar one Wii VC release.
  11. Imagine if they had slotted octopath traveller/bravely default combat in...
  12. I'm so looking forward to this! I never think to check iPlayer, so thanks!
  13. I've said it before, I'll say it again as It bears repeating. The kickstarter stretch goal, spin off, 8-bit game is one of the best platformers ever made.
  14. Yeah, I think you should leave, is the best sketch comedy I've seen in a long time. Wider appeal than Tim & Eric as well I'ld say.
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