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  1. Amazing! (Via Google Translate)
  2. Not gona lie, If Xbox rebrand as sega in Japan I will LOVE it.
  3. It's a forum favourite, but OutRun 2 is a classic example of less is more. Exactly as much game as I need. It's ridiculous that closest I can get for feel, is Forza Horizon. It's great, but it's just too huge.
  4. Play it on easy. I’ve not beaten it yet on normal yet, but I’m okay with that. Die at the finale - and it’s always my fault.
  5. I’ve started playing Into the Breach again. God damn, it’s a masterclass in efficiency. It’s a tiny but deep and riveting puzzle and you can master the hell out of it. How many units? 3 mate. Plenty. How bigs the map? Bloody tiny mate. Don’t even need a whole screen. Is there a tech tree? yep, and it’s minuscule. Works like a fuckin’ dream. It released at the same time as Wargrove - which I was so excited about. But is sprawling, slow and tedious. Both channeled Advanced Wars but ItB scraped all the fat off the brilliant first game, and Wargrove lent into the mistakes that started being added to the second and beyond and might as well be a lump of lard. So this is a thread about how less is always more. I need more games like Into the breach. I know Red Dead 2 would be amazing, but I don’t have time for that. I need small, lean, sirloin steaks. Anyone got any recommendations?
  6. Cool. It’s a spare for me. So just sell it if you don’t need it.
  7. Gona do another lap if that’s okay. Everyone’s villages are incredible!
  8. Also I have a plesiosaur skull if that’s the neck? I’ll bring it along.
  9. I’m hoping The queue if that’s okay! Thanks!
  10. As a mac user, I've never had chance to play with keyboard and mouse, cos ya know - no games etc. So I've given Stadia a go and I'm happily playing Dead War 4 (which is a cracking B-grade game that I thought they don't really make anymore. It feels like it should be on the Gamecube - and I use that as a strong compliment). Stadia is actually bloody great. The graphics are fine on my iMac, a bit blurry but don't pop or anything. And I haven't been bothered by lag (though it does stutter occasionally). No juggling hard drive space, or updates. Fantastic. I was totally against streaming games, but this could be a huge success. I mean it won't. Because a) google abandon everything they start and b) people have no faith in them to buy a library of games because google abandon everything they start. But then again google have addressed these issues by a) not bothered to release any games onto stadia and b) charge full whack for the 3 ancient games they have. All that said I might keep my sub for a while past the two months if there is something still to play. It's cool.
  11. Thanks so much. Your islands incredible. The arcade! ❤️
  12. that would be amazing if you don’t mind a visit.
  13. Does it have all the english language versions? Talking of English - Is there a version of the japanese amazon in English? I can't make head nor tail of it. I've been sitting with the english version pre-ordered since august.
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