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  1. It’s all about scale, UI, proper mechanics and fun. An endless spreadsheets worth of crap in a big list? Garbage. Half a dozen things that have meaningful purpose? Great. Games don’t give enough credit to how important the UI is at being fun. “Case” in point - resident evils briefcase. Makes inventory management It’s own fun game. Makes you make interesting decisions. And drives crafting to make space. in Skyrim the limit to your carry capacity is deeply tedious - but in resident evil with its much smaller scale it’s a fun game.
  2. If I was a MS big wig, this is what I would do to right the horse. Dump everything after 3. The most popular of current phrases: Soft Reboot. We're back. It's Halo 1 but different. Start the Fight. Massive open world, hand crafted main campaign map, then procedurally generated outside of that. The campaign is one loop of the ring. It's teased throughout that there is a different Cortana, or something weird is going on. Turns out, pre-reboot humanity has been wiped out due to *mystery*, Pre-reboot Cortana, in a last ditch attempt to save humanity has found ring-people's-artifact that allows her to merge and explore alternate realities. Your one such reality. As is every other player of the game. Campaign ends with a tease of Halo 2 reboot (but different - the blue alien guy turns up etc,) and then the alternate timeline gubbins allows for them to explain and push multiplayer.
  3. I was thinking about this game yesterday. It’s a good example of how next-gen loading could change game design. Movie like cuts rather than massive pauses. Probably too optimistic - but you can hope.
  4. I think this game fails in ways, but it's acting on a whole new plane of what its attempting in linking player and narrative, so those failures are themselves really important. No-one has ever tried something like this. There is a minor throwaway line from Manny about how is favourite film is the one about the 'princess who rides the wolf'. Which is Princess Mononoke - which if you haven't seen it's on Netflix and brilliant. If you have...
  5. Man for a game about how things aren’t binary, seeing people tweeting (#teamX or #teamY) are spectacularly missing the point.
  6. Level 1-1 scrolls across the screen!
  7. Lovin' it so far. Unlocked the 3 new characters. All great.
  8. My switch says it unlocks today. Not that I keep trying to launch it or anything.
  9. dunno, but I’ve preordered the Japanese one (and a game gear micro) just in case they don’t. A fool and their money.
  10. Oh agreed. But at a cost of an important symbol. It would be like making a movie about two nationalities trying to take over the Red Cross during a war. Dramatic, but undermining an important institution. But if that’s the final point the film is trying to make - then could work. it has space to work they just need to go high, not free fall into some lower common denominator thriller nonsense.
  11. Feels a bit grotty. The ISS is a symbol of human co-operation. Unless that's the twist. But even so. You would hope astronauts are literally and figuratively, above it.
  12. Eurogamer is claiming it is microswitched. I just impulse purchased a NeoGeo Mini (£65 on amazon) as a desk toy for Working From Home (TM) and I actually love it. Def, getting this.
  13. He doesn’t work as a cameo at all because: A) he’s a fully formed character B) he’s a brilliant character actor and gets lost in the role he really needs to be in more stuff
  14. I preferred my games when I didn't;t need to do a cost benefit analysis of a 60 point table before knowing how to buy it.
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