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  1. Forgot this was coming so soon. It's got a recommended from Eurogamer. Can not wait.
  2. I just bought Dark Souls 1 and 3 to give me the complete trilogy. Have them all on PS4/5. And have 1 on 360, PS3 & switch so no need whatsoever except… 1) It means I can play them upstairs on the S (&seamlessly downstairs on the x). 2) My Xbox can play games from 3 generations ago. These are my favourite games of all time, and this to me seems the most likely way I can play them in twenty years.
  3. I think the fact that a quarter of a century later people are still talking about it, proves it poses a great problem. it’s a trolly problem episode before yhe good place made that a thing. I watched it for the first time this year and it’s a good episode. It helps the no vote that the guess star is more charismatic and interesting than the two leads he came from. And it would have worked long term. if this was buffy and her and willow got zapped together, to form a female xander -a-like it would be a harder question for people. As it stands the weird middle age guy who dates at best a teenager, and Spock if Spock was repressing character rather than emotion makes it easier to leave them dead.
  4. Ive that one. Do you think it’ll work with the Xbox? It’s got a pc/ps3 switch, and its usb. doesn’t work with elite so I’m guessing not. Looks identical to the one in the picture so seems madness if it doesn’t.
  5. Now I'm on holiday I'm back into this again. It's like a good summer novel, matches the heat well too.
  6. For me it’s the “impatient for an indie game to come to consoles machine but then I’ll probably rebuy it for a console because it’ll be easier machine” but fuck me that’s worth it. i cannot wait.
  7. That was a great video. Thanks for sharing. What a step up in ambition! I'm so looking forward to this - and knowing I'lll almost certainly bounce off it, doesn't matter at all because of gamepass!
  8. So I’ve only ever had adds to my steam library via a Mac. So this is pretty exciting to me. I suspect stuff won’t run well though. I’m not trusting this proton layer for modern games. but if I can play those interesting indie games that pass me buy on PC? I’ll be in heaven.
  9. I've got my Reservation in. Q1 2022. 256Gb model. Fingers crossed it happens.
  10. Titanfall is an FPS made from the Nintendo playbook. And I mean that in the best possible way.
  11. Three things. 1) So Valve and the PC master race, release a switch that goes up to 600 quid, and is “only” 720p, to do that it’s massive, and will have a battery of a game gear. Whilst people were expecting a 4K switch. 2) this ticks all the boxes that geeks want, and I think that’s exactly why it’ll massively (& unfairly) fail. 3) I’ve a oled switch pro preordered (recklessly). This is afar more interesting preposition. I’ll be getting one instead. I only use steam on my Mac, this might open a few more doors. Especially for indies. It’s weird. I wanna give it a try.
  12. Watched this, and really enjoyed it. I feel like it’s saying something great, which I get, but can’t articulate. Sorry haven’t read past the last two pages, if this has already been said, but re: Bruce Lee - I really liked that scene.
  13. I’m convinced those wata people are hustlers. Sketchy guys circulating money around in a to establish themselves as the defacto deciders of the worth of games.
  14. That looked like the exact opposite of ‘epic’.
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