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  1. ooh cool didn’t realise they were here for launch.
  2. I’ve my preorder X ready to go. To replace my barely played Xbox one. But yeah, Xbox needs some exclusives quick. Or some big titles hitting game pass. They were relying on halo, but that fell apart when it looked so tired. People don’t mind something being on the past gen (see spider-man and Botw) but not to have a tent pole game is hole. It’s madness to pretend otherwise.
  3. Oh and my other justification, is when the PS4 Pro and One X released I skipped them, saving the money for 'real deal' - my launch PS4 sounds like death at the minute. Also, I'm not replacing my iPhone 7 plus phone at the minute either. I've realised having a phone that I don't worry about sanitising with gel it's actually a god send when I have to take the tube each day, and then work amongst two thousand coughing, ungrateful, teenagers.
  4. I'ld put away money for both and, I've two preorders. And with the current madness it seems more sensible to save it for an emergency, and feels very decadent when others are struggling, but, as a teacher, winter is going to be a miserable nightmare, and so I need something for my mental health. So retail therapy and spending money on gadgets I don't need is the way I'm going. (& should shit really hit the fan, I should be able to sell and make back most of my money if needed.)
  5. Three versions: Dark Souls: 360, PS3, Switch (v. v. tempted to get the PS4 version so I have all the trilogy on the same machine - basically as soon as a sale appears). Slay the Spire: Mac, Switch, iOS. 5 versions Super Mario Bros. Nes. - Wii VC, 3DS VC, Nes Classic, Switch Online Subscription, Game & Watch preorder. (I'm why nintendo do what they do) 8-bit Sonic the Hedgehog - Master System version as a kid, then again as an adult, GG version for 3DS virtual console, GG versions for Wii virtual consoles, Game Boy Micro version via import.
  6. Boggles my mind how bad the x looks horizontally, versus how good it looks vertically. When all it is a box.
  7. A film that humiliates the Vice President, and then the right hand man of the president, his personal lawyer, two weeks before his re-election is “punching down”? Oh come on. It also took q-anon, racist, lunatics and showed them being caring and kind - and exploited by the powerful.
  8. Well I thought it was important, powerful and moving. Yes they struggled with his fame, but his daughter was a revelation. it showed powerful shitheads to be shitheads. It showed exploited fools to be exploited fools. It showed the compassionate being compassionate. Guliani has no excuse when the Jewish lady handles her situation with such grace. It’s an important and powerful contrast.
  9. I've no idea, but you've just gotta be right, I honestly cannot believe MS would ship a 28W standby out of the door. It's insanity.
  10. 28W! Fuck, that's outrageous. Half an old-fashioned lightbulb, for 24-7. Say it sells only as well as the One (which has gotta be an underestimate), that's still 50 million consoles or 1.5GW of power just to boot a few seconds faster. Thats about 3 coal power stations doing nothing but speeding the boot of xbox ones! Compared 50m PS5s would require on 25MW, or 1/20, of one power station.
  11. I'm so impressed about this, from the trailer I was worried about the speed of the kart, but I've just unlocked 150 cc and it's almost too bloody nippy. Can't imagine what 200 cc is like. Sure, if you watch the kart itself, it's slow, but when your watching the screen it's a different world. The fact that they've made a physical kart feel like the normal game is a staggering achievement. The trickiery behind the power slide alone is fantastic. My 2.5 year old is loving it chasing after it, and genuinely thinks 'wee-gee' is alive.
  12. Anyone who thinks MS will prioritise frame rate after the rubbing Halo Infinite got are out of their mind. Sony will be in the exact same boat. Best case scenario will be options - and I honestly hate graphical options in games. I just want the developers to decide what's best for the system I have, and the game they are trying to design. I don't want the first few moments of every game being an internal evaluation of the graphical settings. That way digital foundry madness lies.
  13. I got a foreign currency transaction fee from my bank (£1.50) but that was it.
  14. I'm an overworked key worker. (I just meant all the times I wasn't travelling the london hellscape to risk my families lives over feck all, and so wasn't allowed out the house, I could play my new computer games)
  15. It's looking increasingly likely that we will be breaking circuits, or at best in local lockdown by the time these release. As depressing as that is, the cold winter months, locked in with a new console does manage to warm my spirits a little. No way I'm waiting till christmas on this one.
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