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  1. You're right, I've just checked. It's 143 billion. But my point still stands I think. And isn't the switch basically the Nvidia shield inside? Same Tegra chip or something? Dell/Alienwarel were planning this - but I don't know what happened to it.
  2. I'm really excited by the possibilities of this, but the average person will never in a million years, attach an Xbox controller to a phone by a piece of plastic.
  3. Agreed, Nintendo's biggest threat isn't the PS5 or even the Xbox Series S (which MS have made to more directly compete), it's biggest threat is Nintendo's success on mobile with gambling gatchas. God I hope that doesn't corrupt them further. Absolutely horrendous.
  4. I really like Nintendo's attitude. We forget they are a tiny, tiny company on the scale of things. And all their actions follow simple rules: * Everything released should make a profit. (No huge loss leaders, or giving away tonnes of games to flatten the market) * Satisfy a demand, but don't exhaust it. (If you exhaust a market it is done, if you are careful you can keep it going for years). * Believe in the value of things you make. * stay small and lean, so you can survive turbulance. They've seen their competitors (SEGA, Atari, etc) sink in the chao
  5. Saying 3D world is your "least favourite mario game", is like saying the Oxford Vaccine is your "least favourite Covid vaccine".
  6. So I watched this last night and I bloody loved it. Clearly made with such passion. Little Bill was fantastic, as was Anthony Carrigan (NoHo Hank from Barry). I'll was reading reddit posts about it and a couple of things came up that I liked, someone described is as a pre-9/11 film, and that really summarises it. It was 90 mins of optimism. This is going to get cheesy, and despite not nailing the landings execution, what it was saying was really got me at these binary, coup-facing, brexiting, lockdown enduring, covid times...
  7. I didn't realise I was on board for a Toast Cinematic Universe. But I am.
  8. And now out of stock. I survived!
  9. Actually: the S is back in stock: https://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/gaming/console-gaming/consoles/microsoft-xbox-series-s-512-gb-ssd-10205195-pdt.html (Stay strong)
  10. This keeps dragging me back in. Just got to chapter 5. I was playing Demon Souls (which is incredible), but I think that's too relentless for lockdown. This is really easy (so far), and simple and heartfelt, and that's kinda what I need.
  11. Lockdown really does a number on my common sense. For a mad second I really considered getting an S for the upstairs room I WFH in (I have an X downstairs). Which is wrong for so many reasons. Thankfully my self control lasted a few seconds longer than Curry's stock.
  12. I started this after finishing DS9. DS9 was so much better than I remember (I hated it at the time for stealing the concept from Babylon 5) and has held up really well. It does a lot of things better than B5, but god B5 has got heart. It's political, so timely, and (a few crass lines aside) 'woke'. It talks about themes and represents people of all different types so well (except Nazis - obv). It's atheistic in theme, but promotes the value of religion in people's lives, it has lots of religious characters, right wing characters (Garabaldi), communists (Ivanava).
  13. I’m nearing the end of season 3. Kid-me had damn good taste when he put this ahead of everything else on tv. It’s still brilliant. and your right - the make up for the aliens wouldn’t look out of place on discovery. It’s perfect.
  14. Me: Hey have you got any new games for my new console? MS: Nope. Me: .... MS: We've got these controllers we coloured after games you can play on other consoles? Me: You son of a bitch, I'm in.
  15. I’m buying it day one. It’s either going to be a solid B, or game of the year. and my moneys on the latter. They deserve it after resogun.
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