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  1. So since Genichiro, I've: All went a lot smoother than Genichiro, but the last one took a while. It's interesting that after a boss that guaranteed that you had to master deflection, it's not giving you bosses where you almost have to take other approaches. I thought this was the worst From Soft game, and but it's one of the best. Hell, If it keeps this level of quality I would put it above everything but Dark Souls itself.
  2. it already is. Nothing comes close. It’s just nostalgia.
  3. I can’t watch seaspiracy until it is renamed conspirasea.
  4. No and no. And if you buy the DLC, and they take the game of gamepass you lose access till you buy it.
  5. The extra moves is the only thing that worries me. The simplicity is a strength
  6. I’ve been playing this through on gamepass despite having it on the switch. This is a game I’ll be playing in twenty years. It’s so good. hell yeah I’m in.
  7. It’s a story we will hear again and again thanks to COVID. it’s been hell, imagine all the coders working at home with young kids and the like. If it’s anything like my lockdown, I’ll be impressed if it even compiles. give them the time.
  8. So Genichiro has been a brick wall. Absolutely wrecking me to begin with but then I started to get a vague idea and I was inching forward, but it’s just brutal.. I’ve been on holiday so I’ve been able to throw some time at it, but I’ve just no idea if my skill ceiling is high enough to actually beat this game. Parrying is so far out of my comfort zone but I’m getting better inch by inch. Last night I felt like I understood the approach I needed to take. So today, on holiday, with no childcare responsibilities, I set myself the unrealistic goal of beating him within 50 deaths using a c
  9. Rogue Squadron on the GameCube. Best Star Wars game of all time, and not a stupid lightsaber in sight.
  10. The question is will I have finished sekiro before this comes out? Or will it have finished me?
  11. I figured they have to make the quality and app bad because otherwise who would have sky?
  12. this was really advice thanks! Butterfly grandma is down. And I’ve had a good explore around. Killed stairway mini boss general. And got myself to the Castle dojo shrine. So I can get wrecked by the blue samurai mini boss. Found my way to the castle roof, proper boss guy, but I’m clearly not ready for that yet. It’s just fabulous. I’m buzzing with every inch of progress I scrape. I’ve gone from thinking it’s their worst game, to one of their best. The thrill of knowing I might not be good enough to finish the game is something else. Not had that since dark souls
  13. I also bought this on your recommendation. Absolutely loved it. Jam packed with ideas. Thank you!
  14. So after finishing Demon Souls I spent good, hard earned money on Monster Hunter and Ghost of T to scratch that Dark Souls itch. I got half way through the tutorial of the former before I found myself re-downloading Sekiro. Can’t parry for shit, and bounced of it after nine hours at release. Hit ten hours this time and beaten horse riding man, and fire-bull. Can’t make much headway with butterfly grandma, 7-spear-man, or stairway general. It’s brilliant. And I see how majestic this design is. I’m def making progress with deflecting. Still might not
  15. I’m trying this game again and it still hasn’t gripped my like 2016. I think the lore/plot is a factor. In 2016 when a character starts to give guy a monologue of context and you just kill him and carry on was amazing. This is just reams of tedious codex’s about tedious factions. Just give me a man standing against hell.
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