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  1. LaveDisco

    Rhythm Heaven: The Best+

    @petrolgirls yep! They also had mario kart, and that weird Japanese drumming game.
  2. LaveDisco

    Rhythm Heaven: The Best+

    Found this in Soho. Just wonderful.
  3. LaveDisco

    What games did you complete? 2019 Edition

    4/19 - Gris - switch - absolutely stunning, meaningful and worthy. But also a little dull. 7/10.
  4. LaveDisco

    Hob - Out on Switch Thursday

    Bloody hell thats quite the compliment! guess I’m gonna have to buy this...
  5. A popular post on reddit appeared, teaching people how to play I think
  6. LaveDisco

    Gaming Podcasts

    Amazing. News.
  7. LaveDisco

    The Glacial Ennui of Single Player AAA Games

    In a desperate attempt to match multiplayer engagement times, AAA single player games are currently the exact opposite of 'All Killer, No Filler'. BoTW was superb in that it managed to make Filler, Killer. But on the whole, the Ubisoft Maps, Towers and Tasks approach to game design is both ubiquitous and dead in the water. Ironically, COD killed the single player experience, when it was needed more than ever.
  8. LaveDisco

    Baba Is You (PC, Switch) - 13th March

    This is great but I’ve hit a wall with lake 2 - turns. Edit - and solved it. Excellent.
  9. LaveDisco

    Is it just me, or is the dual shock still **** ?

    Saying the DS4 is the best Duel Shock, is the dictionary definition of 'damning with faint praise'. The PS4 is leagues ahead of the One this generation, but it's controller is still a poor substitute. . And both both pale in comparison to the grand Nintendo pro controller*. * which also costs a grand
  10. LaveDisco

    The Alan Partridge Thread

    I think the show is going to document the saving of Alan. I think we will all 'back him. The other host nicking his jokes. The guests undermining him. The on site presenter hating him. Meanwhile he's giving simon his big break, and actively willing him to succeed. He's being (for alan) a 'good egg'.
  11. LaveDisco

    PS+ March: Modern Warfare Remastered, The Witness

    Giving away Indie games has been a disaster for them. Massively devalues them. It is a massive factor in why they do better on switch. Frankly, for the continued health of interesting games, I hope they stick to two (or even one) 'big', 'proper' old games. That or go all in on a netflix style gamepass. This halfway house is terrible for everyone.
  12. LaveDisco

    What games did you complete? 2019 Edition

    Oooh, I'm going to do this. 2/19 - Super Mario Maker 3DS - 3DS - bizarrely picked this back up just before the reveal. The campaign is still the most underated Mario to date. Finished world's 17 - 18. Starting the post end-credit scontent. Just stellar. 9/10. 2/19 - The Mummy Demastered - Switch - came back to this, after stopping at launch due to a stupid boss difficulty spike. The game had been patched, making it far more welcoming, and I thoroughly enjoyed the rest of the game. Poor boss design though. Took far too much ammo to kill. Sometimes less is more. 7/10 1/19 - Pikuniku - Switch - simple, basic, slight, short - but all in the best possible way. Games are rarely as funny as people say they are, but the tone of this was an absolute delight. 8/10 1/19 Wolfenstein II - Switch - My 'xmas game'. Paid £50, rather than tuppance on my PS4, but that meant I could play it to my hearts content. Enjoyed it far more than I would have otherwise I think. Loved it's craziness, what it had to say, and I dearly miss the old-style single player games this is (I didn't have to unlock a single tower to see a map!). That papered over some cracks in the level design. 9/10.
  13. LaveDisco

    The joys of repetitive battle themes

    Wow. This is just the most succinct review I've ever experienced. Always pondered picking this up. But no more. Just awful.
  14. LaveDisco

    The Mummy Demastered - WayForward's Excellent Mummyvania

    Jumped back into this over the last couple of days after giving up on the difficulty spike that was the sewer alligator/dragon boss. The patch helps a ton. Hit one more difficulty spike with the scarab (just tedious to preserve health long enough to kill it.). But was otherwise plane sailing. Post patch it is a solid B of a game. Really enjoyed it. Didn’t outstay it’s welcome. But can’t defend it against any of the complaints in the thread. Best game of a film I never want to watch though.
  15. LaveDisco

    What reasons are left for keeping hold of a Wii U?

    It’s a Wii with a hdmi port. That alone makes it a must own.

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