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  1. Fantastic this. More games need to do retro-3D it's glorious. Allows the imagination in perfectly. Not really anything to discuss - so it will get far less internet presence that it deserves, but it is joyful.
  2. Hmm, tempted then. Analogue or digital gamepad? Never got the former working on my Mac. The little I've heard puts it right up mu street.
  3. I know this makes me 'that guy' but desperately want this on Switch. Looks brilliant. Maybe it will run alright on my Mac...
  4. Her Story was fantastic. Immediate purchase. Hopefully this might motivate them to update Her Story on the iPad to accept external keyboards. Madness otherwise.
  5. I went back to the old xbla versions and I actually much prefer the aspect ratio of the new version. A good compromise between wanting widescreen and keeping it the same. Also ive not noticed the frame rate issues. According to this thread I’m the worst. Doom deserves the care and attention M2 would give a retro game, but bloody hell if they still ain’t the best way to spend £4 on the switch I don’t know what is.
  6. I've Fire Emblem, Wolfenstein, and so many others on the back burner now, because I'm playing Doom. Again.
  7. Got one at £35 earlier in the year, but bought a second one at that price. Will make a great gift for someone.
  8. This isn’t meant to be an upgrade. This is to replace the 3DS. This is for parents to buy for their little kids who a) don’t get big tv access and b) don’t/can’t yet look after things. Like the 2DS. It’ll do gang busters.
  9. Well I watched this today and thought it was great. Surprisingly emotionally impactful (for me at least) and full of entertaining twists and turns that actually made sense. This threads full of negativity - but I would strongly recommend it.
  10. At first I was disappointed he never got his revenge via fighting Thanos, but in the end I really like that. It's what let him grow. Hulk experienced weakness and so could understand the 'weakness' in Banner. It gave them the common ground to come together into something better. Physically weaker, but as a whole, so much more. Then he beat Thanos by bringing everyone back. By needing people. Something Hulk couldn't have done, and neither could Banner. But together they did. Too many films has characters lose so they can grow, and then succeed at the same goal as before. It was refreshing to see this loss, change the goal.
  11. As a beginner, to get over my hump with the silent I found that turning down the majority of cards really helped. Makes you realise what you need at this stage to do well, not just 'because it's good'. By the middle of act 3 I was very rarely taking extra cards.
  12. Just completed my final of the three, the Silent. Now I can focus on taking the Ironclad through the Ascension ranks. What a game.
  13. LaveDisco


    Blindfolded Punch-Out Wii is the most impressive one of these I've ever seen! Just insane.
  14. The Lord of the Rings LCG is, I think, better in single player than multiplayer. Buying a chapter and designing a deck to beat it is really satisfying.
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