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  1. I mean on one hand it looks great. But if your that blatant in your copying I just don’t believe you’ve enough talent to do a hard game well. from are unique because they make hard games both accessible and trustworthy. You trust them that they’ve balanced it so you can do it. how can I trust these guys?
  2. No metagame survives being free to play. Just gotta enjoy the gamegame, and ignore the skinner box coating. The raw game is good enough.
  3. This has got the chance to become a nerdy, progressive top gear meets pop-world - but one that believes in stuff. I hope they get a second season and start making it more their own thing.
  4. I've asked for a Quest 2 for mine! My PSVR is overheating my PS4, and I like the idea of being wire free.
  5. Fucking hell. Maybe the nineties wasn't 10 years ago after all.
  6. This seems useful: https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/digitalfoundry-sandisk-400gb-amazon-black-friday-2021 Pretty certain that's the 400Gb card I bought a few years ago (at 80 quid) - works like a charm.
  7. Likewise, I really, really enjoyed cybershadow, and I love difficult 2D platformers, but I tapped out near the end over it's difficulty. I suspect I would have persevered if I had it handheld.
  8. Absolutely agree. A very good xmas game.
  9. I really bounced off this hard at launch, but it's starting to get it's teeth in me. Got home late and super stressed, and just belting around the incredibly detailed world really changed my mood around. Great stuff!
  10. Well Crusin' Blast is making my GOTY list.
  11. Double post to bring to the new page.
  12. Thank you! Just got one!
  13. So I got the 360 on Nov 24th, 2007 2007 Crackdown 5 25 2008 COD4 MW 6092 2009 Fallout 3 8235 2010 Mass Effect 2 4320 2011 Dark Souls 2745 <- The greatest year in gaming. The GOAT was released. 2012 Skyrim 1710 <- I think bought a PS3 here, and played Dark Souls again, and Demon Souls again 2013 Spelunky 650 <- I think I got RROD here. 2014 None 0 <- I got a PS4 2015 Thief 205 <- I got a Xbox One 2016 Peggle 2 2181 2017 Battlefield 1 545 2018 Mutant Year Zero 626 2019 Overcooked 2 205
  14. I don't think we're being nostalgic to lement the narrowing of viable racing game sub-genres now. Same thing happened to 2D platformers until NSMB saved the genre. Eventually they'll be back.
  15. Sure, objectively, Ty Logan was a bit rubbish, but in that way that Simon Amstel, and Miquita were the first time they were on TV. He's clearly very inexperienced, but he was up for making a fool of himself, is clearly witty and the VR segment ran the line between mocking and enjoying perfectly. There's talent there. I can really imagine that if this gets enough episodes, he finds his voice and becomes a really good presenter/comedian. I suspect a lot of the people working on this will be getting their break, and if given backing and time, they'll become brilliant. So no doubt it'll get cancelled unfairly.
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