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  1. See this is why Nintendo are right to never really discount their games. Titanfall 2 has one of the best single player campaigns of the generation. Nintendoesque in the way that it discards more ideas in a level than some developers base an entire game on. But because it has been discounted so much, so often - it is 'valueless' or 'worth £3.49'. No, it's one of the games of the generation, and worth your time.
  2. I take it all back. Fucking hell it looks like valve have found their heart again.
  3. I wonder how they are going to crowbar in the gambling mechanics that it their soul reason for existing now? Or do we get one last valve game because they can’t work out how to fit horrendous money making schemes into VR yet! even portal two had the gesture shop…
  4. They've a relative whose Alib needs to remain water tight.
  5. Wha?! I had just found out about the show, and had added it to my feed. I keep doing this!
  6. The shotgun is cooler than Super Shotgun. This is an objective fact.
  7. "Telll me who I am" on Netflix is a hard watch - but a fascinating one. Makes you do a lot of self reflection.
  8. I’m loving it still. Just coming to the end of the game, but finishing up some loose ends before heading to the end. It’s kept me from astral chain and Zelda
  9. Mine has arrived. It’s great. Love the sneaked in Zr and Zl. Just wish it had its own home button. Need to try it with Mario maker.
  10. Contra hard corps / probotector is incredible. Always thought contra was just too hard and unforgiving, but the Japanese version is really accessible. And the pacing is intense! what an opening. Unrelenting and intense. Never played anything from the time (or even recently) that had that kind of pace to it. pondering picking up the contra collection now whilst it is still on sale...
  11. I hope they add radio towers I can climb to unlock parts of the map! Maybe that could unlock algorithmic generated busy jobs to fill my time too!
  12. Me too! Thanks all!
  13. With the console wars long over, and looking at the SNES classic and Mega Drive mini next to each other, whilst the SNES is so pure and joyful and just a wonder, and as an adult I've fully embraced nintendo, I still can't help shake the feeling that the megadrive looks cool and powerful. That little 11 year old kid in me has still got an oar in the race it seems.
  14. Yeah the controllers are even bigger than I remember. They remind me of 'The Duke'.
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