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  1. That eurogamer review has got me tempted. Sounds great!
  2. This is all well and good for dogs, but what about humans? What do we play? This is political correctness gone mad. Once again, the white man is sidelined. I'm outraged at <company name> for doing this. I would never have a pet dog, and I'm certainly not buying it. #boycotnintendogs #brexitmeansbrexit
  3. This, sonic and Atari 50 are my Xmas games. I really want that special magical 7/10 game.
  4. How's the switch version of this? Or on Steam Deck? I'm tempted to pick it up as my xmas game - and it being portable, for holiday travel would be great.
  5. Actually, fuck the Avatar bashing - it's family scifi that's not based on a comic, and not a remake. I'm up for supporting that.
  6. Everyone should read the Eurogamer review - it's the most glowing review I've read in a long time. https://www.eurogamer.net/evil-west-review-an-absolute-blast
  7. you’ve just cost me £28. I’ve been fascinated by the dialogue around it - so it’s just out of curiosity really. One for under the Xmas tree I think.
  8. Just finished Episode 2, and it's hooked me. So much fun, and creepiness.
  9. Wait wait wait. I’ve just realised. I paid for this a year ago! I’ll no doubt have the big tax bill, but still! That and I’ve been Googling it and got super hyped. But like @AceGrace, I’m getting this put aside for a present. Gona feel properly like Xmas!
  10. Valve but Portal on Switch when they released the Deck, I think they'll be pretty happy to support PSVR2, more money, grow VR, weaken Oculus, win, win, win. (Might just be me being desperate to play it)
  11. It's not coming out till March I'm afraid.
  12. After hating my Switch copy of the Monkey Ball remaster, seeing that the GC version could work perfectly on the SteamDeck was jaw dropping for me. In my head, emulation is still only possible for 2D devices,
  13. Just got mine. This invite system is pretty damn good actually. I’ll now decide whether I’m keeping it, but if PSVR2 has Resi4 remake in VR then not I only will that be amazing, but what better way to make the differences between this and quest clearer. And I say that as someone who put the quest game in my GOTY list.
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