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  1. Not been here in years and years. Just started looking around the forums again for the first time in uh, 6 or 7 years maybe. How you doing guys?
  2. Nagrub

    Titanfall 2

    I'm one of those guys hunting for a discount PSN code for this... Anyone got one spare?
  3. I've been really enjoying playing this. If anyone is having ideas of playing together then I believe you'd have to be on the same server and in the same faction. For what it's worth I'm on Ceres and am with NC (blue). Yeah, it's a bit rough round the edges. But for me the spectacle of the whole thing makes it up. I do feel like i'm getting more used to the controls now. When you're a part of a big invasion/defence and there's skirmishes everywhere over land and air, it all comes together. At first I was always getting stuck into the inevitable meat grinder that comes with every base capture, but have learned to hold back a bit and chill out, rather than needlessly throwing my life away again and again and again and again. Most of the time tend to play as a medic or heavy. One particularly memorable battle saw us fighting over a bridge high in the air to get to the enemy base, slowly pushing the stalemate back over about 45 minutes. The bridge had two levels, with tanks trading shots on the top and infantry fighting through the gantries below. All the while being strafed by planes from both side. Eventually the base was captured and with that momentum we rolled through 2 or 3 more in quick succession with everyone piling into the nearest APC as each fell. I'm yet to actually play with anyone I know, or really pay any attention to the squad mechanics. I can imagine it's alot of fun being in a squad you'd actually want to talk to, and have a plan about how to approach things. Unlocked the first aircraft the other day and spent a while having a go at that. Finding it really hard to actually land any shots on other aircraft, let alone accurately strafe the ground. From what I can see there isn't a way to hover and see the battlefield below, which makes spotting things to go for really tricky. I also spent about 100 certs on buying some decoy flares (for when some AA has a lock on etc), only to find that I had to choose between using that or my radar (which I've found to be essential in actually finding where any other aircraft is in a fight). Lock-on rockets seem to be the only reliable way to do any damage really then, but they're about 1000 credits i think, which I guess would be weeks of playtime.
  4. I played this for a bit the other night. Super confusing and pretty twitchy as people have said. I did get used to it after a while though. Is there a rllmuk outfit going?
  5. I added my PSN to the list. I_Like_Type Only just got my PS4, so no friends at all. Playing fairly causal, but well up for joining a fireteam here and there.
  6. Really loving this so far. With a young son and a ton of things to do every evening I'm only getting a couple of hours at most of an evening to play. Really enjoying the ps4 as a new console too. The lack of media support is a bit shit though. I think it's brilliant how you can pipe the audio out to the headphones - anyone else with a young kid will understand. I thought destiny's use of the controller light was smart; Getting more intense when you're flash light turns on etc. Nice touch. As I'm only level 5 it's going to be a while till I run up to the end of content that everyone is talking about, but I can see how it will dry up. I had kinds assumed they would roll out more stuff kind of like Spartan Ops did?
  7. I'm probably going to pick up a ps4 & Destiny bundle tomorrow. I've read a lot of the criticism and the reviews etc, but I enjoyed the few hours of the beta I got to play. With a young son I only get to play for maybe a hour a night if that, so I don't think I'll rinse through it all too quickly. Anyway. Was planning to trade all my 360 stuff at Game, as they say that they price match to other trade in prices in the area. Do they have the best deal? Is the destiny game bundled a digital download?
  8. My xbox must be from 2006-7. I've played a lot if gta and I think I've had two crashes. I'm sure you will be fine.
  9. Holding onto a whale's fin in endless ocean and smoking. For hours at a time. Man, that was relaxing.
  10. Released 6 pm on steam tonight I think.
  11. I've been lurking around the forum all day waiting for impressions! Regrettably, I'm waiting in the iOS version to launch as my laptop is borked. Will defiantly post my impressions on the iOS release. (iOS release is "soon"... Hmmm...)
  12. Really no bundled headset? That's crazy.
  13. There was a mini update of sorts on my 360 version which added some modifiers on the game start screen, rather than new content per-se. Know if that's there?
  14. Anyone know if the xcom port is just the 'original', or if it includes the addons aswell?
  15. Absolutely. The ios gunship game I mentioned in my previous post was exactly the same. Once you slap on a grainy filter, it's all in black and white and people are the size of bugs on screen it just looks chillingly realistic. I remember having a moment playing that in the COD and feeling 'oh, this is actually how easy it is to kill someone from a mile away with a telephoto lens'.
  16. So I finished this last night. Looking through the thread is interesting reading, but I probably don't have much more to say that hasn't already been said in the last twenty something pages. For my part I thought it was brilliant. It's maybe the only game I've ever played that made me actually consider my actions. I cant stop thinking about the game. On the white phosphorus section, I saw what it was doing and I didn't want to burn all the civilians who were hiding in the trench. That was grim. Generally I don't play military man-shooters because they're all so fucking generic and what they do just isn't that interesting to me. I wouldn't have even considered picking this up unless I knew that there was something special about it. Playing the white phosphorous section reminded me of a bit in one of the Call Of Duties/Medal Of Honors (honestly who can even remember which one) and raining death from above. I think its really interesting how this felt completely different to that. (was a nice touch to see walker's face reflected in the screen of the console you're using I thought) This part also reminded me of some gunship shooting game I downloaded on my iphone a while back which I had to stop playing and delete because it felt too real. Elements of the gameplay felt fairly cumbersome - all the hyped up sand etc for instance, and some frustrating sections here and there, but generally I found it pretty easy to overlook all that. Great game. More people should play.
  17. Dont read anything. Just bumble through and try to work some things out. This is how it's meant to be played. Painfully...
  18. Started a new game yesterday. Never completed it before but managed to get to Sens Fortress after doing pretty much everything in the game wrong. When I first started I had absolutely no idea what I was doing (still mostly don't), and pissed a lot of points up the wall and lost a lot of souls to multiple deaths. Going back to my old character I see that he's a mess - An idiot that never learnt how to parry, bumbling through the world with a raw halberd and no magical abilities (despite pointlessly ploughing a load of points into it), with no idea where to go in a world of horror and endless pain. Really surprised that he got as far as he did really. So a new game, a new hero. Not wasting points this time and using what little I've learned from the first time round. After storming the undead burg, I managed to get the black knight sword and ploughed all my stats into the prerequisite skills needed for it. Now I've got an awesome sword and feel like a badass. To my surprise I pretty much one shotted the first demon on the battlements with a diving attack and made a fool of the second black knight stabbing him in the back with his mate's sword. Obviously I've gotten so much better at the game than when I started, which is helping a lot, but I did feel before that I'd got a point in the game where I couldn't progress at all because everything was so much harder than me. Still refusing to get the drake's sword. It's an exploit and a cheat. I'd feel dirty using it.
  19. I think I was playing for maybe 5-10 hours before I killed that demon.
  20. Looking to bolster my games centre friend list from well, zero to some... Would love to play some games of battle of the bulge against anyone who's interested and also, for my sins downloaded real racing 3. Would be good to see some 'familiar' faces in there. I'm Nagrub btw.
  21. Got a link? would be interesting to read. Got this last night, but only had a chance to play through the tutorial really. Fantastic presentation. Super slick. The way the game play parallels real world events with surprise attacks, when reinforcements joined the battle etc is supurb. It feels slightly limited in the way that it's only the one map, with 2 scenarios and 2 enemy generals for each. But I'm sure that will go away when I get the chance to get stuck in.
  22. Downloaded a trial for battle academy. Think they made some strange choices on the art direction in the game maybe, every thing is very bright! do love the illustrations in the menu though. Really enjoyed it, but it does have a very, very steep price tag. I guess it's the kind of price I wouldn't really think twice about dropping on a pre owned 360 title or something, yet somehow it feels a bit different in a market where you don't often see things a over 3-4 quid. Thanks very much for the suggestions Duke. I'll check them out.
  23. I often find myself getting frustrated with games on iOS being so throw away and simplistic. Yes, I get that really is the nature of the medium, but there must be some games out there that which are more my cup of tea and have a bit of depth to them. Was wondering if you guys might have any suggestions. I enjoy playing strategy games (anything nice that takes advantage of my iPads lovely retina screen is a bonus). Recently I've been playing galaxy on fire II which I was enjoying, and looks pretty enough. But it has so many little things that annoy me and really detract from the game for me. Why can you only accept one mission at a time? Why do you not set turrets to fire automatically? Why is the whole game just quite, well, dull? When I picked it up I had hoped it would be a bit like Freelancer, but the whole thing just feels so needlessly simplified. Apparently someone is making a proper Space Hulk game which I'm uncomfortably excited about. I know of hunters which I layer a bit on my iPhone, but... Meh. Didn't get on with it so much. Just saw the spots about battle of the bulge? Any good?
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