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  1. Cheers for calling me a mong just there, in support of your buddy. Fuck you for that.
  2. I have him blocked, and that quote reminds me why. Utterly pathetic.
  3. They hammered the rubbish AI in a preview, I don't expect them to go easy on it if nothing has changed since then.
  4. Pete Dodd is Famous Mortimer over on neoGaf, he's been the source of a few leaks. Often right, sometimes not.
  5. Sound Shapes ($9.99) and a few other things on sale (fuck off, Knack! ($51.30) at Amazon US this weekend.
  6. Nobody cares that this game has a cinematic aspect ratio.
  7. Don't think so, they'll be in the form of other Conduits, and as SP have only revealed some of the available powers for Delsin, they appear to be keeping the other enemy types under wraps for now. Either that, or there are no other enemies but DUP Dudes. You can poom! a dinosaur skeleton instead.
  8. Let the bodies hit the floor poom!
  9. I played this on my bus home and forgot to blink for about 30 minutes.
  10. Fucking hell, I possed this then realised GODZOOKI is that stupid baby dragon loon that's going to batter Angel for not liking stuff. OH GOD, I'M GOING TO PUNCH MY OWN FUCKING FACE IN
  11. Those enemies are like the original tempest enemies, they 'walk' around the edge of the grid, you can nip under their lifted leg and shoot them.
  12. I hope this sells well, then hopefully he'll make Goatup2 for Vita.
  13. TxK is on my Vita, but I'm not risking playing it tonight because I have an early start tomorrow. And Persona 4 is still stuck on my main screen.
  14. Man, I'm glad I watched the snowboarding and ski-jumping before I saw that Zavvi email just now. I clicked to buy a spare DAT S and they were SOLD OUT.
  15. It's a Llamasoft game, that always happens, They usually make visual sense when you have them in your hands, playing them.
  16. I really hope that does play like Mirror's Edge + Zombies
  17. At first I thought 'Oh no! Another FPS!' then that might even tempt me online
  18. I saved Yukiko, I'm redoing the castle using the tactics properly (and using a variety of attacks to register enemy weakness) and finding it a breeze, and I haven't decided who I want to date yet. Persona 4 is excellent, people. Even for JRPG numpties like me.
  19. I sent a message by not buying Dead Space 3 (because of the shitty microtransactions) and I won't be buying PVZ (because I'm not interested in an online only game).
  20. I've always complained about 'It', the fucking thing* stinks. * not the hand Thing.
  21. They already crossed the line when they made those peace-loving vegetables go to war.
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